27 comments on “Flash in the Pan: Parboiled

    • May I suggest the combo…it’s sort of makes an organ spaghetti…of course there would be sauce too. 🙂
      Thank you, Soma! 🙂

  1. I think I’ll take the vegetarian option Deb, … In fact I’ll just chew on this un-cooked carrot!! 😉 … You’ve got quite a talent for tale-telling my friend, and rising well to the flash in the pan challenge… Great read…. hugs aplenty from a carrot chomping, bran eating, medicine swilling, woolly headed. xPenx

    • I usually prefer veggies most often too. They seem to be much easier to digest. I imagine the veggies would be over the rest of the Chef’s menu too. 🙂

      I do hope your beginning to feel a little better each day, Pen. One day, you will wake up and feel so much better….Hot tea for you, my friend!

  2. With all do respect, Deb, I’m avoiding your restaurant, too! 🙂 Great story and good thing tonight’s not spaghetti night! 🙂 Sending hugs! xxx

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