62 comments on “Happy Easter

  1. Hi Deb, I just read your post and it has a similar sentiment to my own post for Easter (although mine does not have religious words). I believe the time is for family and reflection on all we have to be happy for. Happy Easter to you!!! xoxoxo

    • Thank you, Soma! I wish the very same for you!
      The link doesn’t work, but I thank you for the thoughtfulness, Soma!
      Happy Easter
      God Bless, with much love! xoxo

  2. Yes, indeed so very true Debbie, just like Christmas it is not about the presents 🙂
    Beautiful posting hun. I wish you a great Easter celebration with much love peace and happiness to you and your wonderful family.
    Ocean hugz xxx

  3. My Easter was quiet, but I enjoyed it! 🙂

    I had major problems with the Chrome browser so I switched to Firefox and everything is working properly again! 🙂

    Love and squishy hugs!


  4. I am a little late but I hope you had a very blessed Easter! Your message is so on point and I loved the image. Your heart always radiates a lot of energy and sunshine with everything you share, maybe I am just spoiled but you are wonderful my sister! God bless!

    • No worries. You were likely celebrating Resurrection Day over the weekend with you loved ones.
      Yes, right to the point. You know what our Lord says about many words… 🙂
      Of course you are spoiled. Your God’s child! 🙂

      Thank you, Wendell, you are most wonderful too, and have been blessed to meet you…next stop…heaven! 🙂
      God bless and have great week! 🙂

        • I think you and I have been trying to shed the same 10 pounds since Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just when we get a handle on it, Easter candy and treats coming out of the wood work. 🙂 🙂

            • I am just getting ready for my tea next so if I disappear you know why, don’t worry it will be a lettuce and cucumber sarnie forllowed by a glass of water and a dry wafer biscuit 🙂 Nooooo way 😉 lol xxx

            • I’m glad you said, “Noooo way,” that sounded awful. Have something yummy that you can taste, and that will fill you up. 🙂
              I got some lunch to get for myself as well being that it’s noon here, though I don’t yet know what I’ll choose.
              Enjoy your meal. 🙂

  5. Dropping by, Deb, to say hi, to a friend I know, who gives me coffee ‘n cakes… (that’s not t’only reason but it’s a good one.. 😉 ) …. hugs a plenty my lovely friend, hope you and yours (and the Wombies of course) are in fine fettle… hugs aplenty, xxxxPenxxxx

    • Today I have some English Shortbread cookies with a choice of tea or coffee for you, my dear friend. 🙂
      We are all doing well. A bit over-worked this week, but happy, and healthy. Hoping your doing well too, Lady Pen! 🙂
      Love and hugs xxx

      • Don’t you dare overwork, or else I’ll be over to see you and help out… (’tis a long trip so it’d take a while 😉 ) I’m fine my friend, and this cuppa and shortbread just hit the right spot… Ahhhh! lovely company, lovely food, what could be better?… hugs aplenty xPenx

        • I think I may be done this week. And I promise to take more rest breaks.
          I wish you and I lived near each other, Pen! Not for help with work. It’s just that your company would be divine, and our friendship, well, I’d treasure it as I do now! 🙂
          Love and hugs xxx

          • luv and hugs to you, Deb, our friendship means a lot to me too… It’s not often you feel that certain ‘click’ as if you both ‘gel’ type of thing.. (and I’m not thinking of Jelly now honest… ‘cos my minds not always on food… Just it seem like it … 🙂 …) *cough* xPenx

            • Speaking of jelly, I just happen to have a few jars of variety fruit preserves that would go great on these warm biscuits. And you know I want to share them with you. 🙂 🙂
              Thank you, Pen! Your the best. Have a great day
              Love and hugs xxx…
              ps…I’m trying to get caught up on blogging and have not forgot about you. 🙂

    • Monday as you know is a wrestling night. 😉 🙂
      Really?…Let me get those for you. Coming right up…almost ready…….There you go, just the way you like them. 🙂

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