123 comments on “Settled Once and For All

  1. Holy Moly canoly !!!!!!!!!! What Incredible Lovelyness 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 ……………. Can we all live there 🙂 Daisy and Violet say Thank You for including them – and sorry they haven’t been on Wombania for a while – it’s been crazy crazy good – and my sister – i am waiting for baby Jude news – looks like she is going to deliver early ……………… Thank You so much – what a lovely surprise – that’s One of the most beautiful things about You Deb – When You do it Upppppppppp – You do it Upppppp- and You know how to throw a party like no other 🙂 Love xo and beauty and Fun xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Amazing Art 🙂 xx amazing You xx

    • There’s always room in here for you, Daisy, and Violet, Cat! Just pack’em up and come on down! 🙂 But first you see your sister through her pregnancy with baby Jude….We’ll be waiting! 🙂

      Aw, thanks, Cat! I do the best I can to make things nice for my Wombies.
      Party, oh yes, when we’re at the beach, every day is a party! and Binky, Winky, Twink and Fraz all have places down here too! 🙂

    • You have to open up two images in a paint program and but them nest to each other the way you want. Then paint in the rest on top of it.
      With the wombies I had to re-paint the guard rail over the Wombies so they we behind it.
      With the last image I had to paint in the piling under the Wombie’s bedroom house, put in stairs, and add grass in paint.
      Most of it is just trial and error and I keep fussing around with it till it look the way I want.

    • All Wombies play nice together, though they do get a bit mischievous at times.
      Thanks Judy, their all very happy….and so are we! 🙂

    • They’re comfy alright, right down to Canadian blankets.

      “Adopt more?” Well, I never thought I would have anymore after Dink and Tink, so one never really knows. 😉 🙂

    • Your more than welcome to sleep wih the Wombies, Rosy, but you might be more comfortable in the camper with us after and hour or so. 😉 😉

  2. Nice digs! I hesitate to even show this to Victor and Victoria yet. They’ll hatch a plan involving a Canadian vacation immediately. School isn’t out for another two months.

    Think I’ll surprise them with your photos of their friends and cool summer spot after Spring break.

    Oh, don’t suppose there’s a launching pad? In case of any Wombie vacation visitor’s rocket shenanigans… not naming names here heheheheh.
    We will ALL want to see that 🙂

    You’re such a good Wombie Mommy.

    • Well if they hatch a plan to head for Canada they won’t find us there. Canada is where all our Wombies come from. We are in the Outer Banks of NC.

      You just give yourself a nice little summer break by sending Victor and Victoria down here. They’ll have a summer blast…and Fraz, Dink, Chewy and Shadow can take Victor pirating. 🙂

      There is a launching pad across the road, where Binky’s beach house is. We watch him take off in his rockets all the time…some go up really nice, but then just stop and fall to the ocean. It’s really quite entertaining!… I think Binky’s use to that though…it’s part of being a rocket scientist.

      I try to be, I’m sort of out numbered now. 😉 🙂

  3. Hey i can see my bed in there…woohoo
    i am coming yay what a day when all of us Will meet it Will be a chocolate marshmellow heaven
    Deb you and Mitch are the Best 🙂

    • I don’t know, certainly not a Wombie or Wombie lover.

      Yeah, I got tired of changing the bed situation…thanks Marina! 🙂

  4. Wow, Deb, what a busy time you’re having…so much work and preparation but worth it in t’end for those gorgeous Wombies… (Pen says as she’s packing her bag, ) now where ferzackerley did you say this was?… (Pen was dreaming of warmth, chocolate and cuddling up to Fraz …)… If I turn right (or was it left) at Bermuda… I’m sure I won’t get lost. Oops, overshot and landed in the Appalachians.. My oh my, this is turning out to be an adventure and a half… Now was it turn right (or left ) from here?.. 😉 xPenx

    • Outer Banks of North Carolina!
      You stay right where you are. Call me, and we’ll all come pick you up!.
      On the way back we’ll be stopping at WOMBANIA!!!
      Love and hugs xxx

  5. We are going to have to send Claret and Bruno up for a sleep over. You have oodles of room for them! Way to go, Mitch! At least someone can find something useful on that esite. 😉 xxx

  6. Mitch certainly knows how to please those Wombies 🙂
    He has done a brilliant job and so have you with this excellent
    offering Deb 🙂 I really like those bunks 🙂 xxxx

  7. Deb, you and Mitch are so accommodating and loving! I love the entire set up and it’s so good you’re prepared, just in case other Wombies come your way! Awesome, my friend! You have a big heart and I am full of smiles! xo 🙂

    • It’s helps to be a little nuts too! 🙂
      I’m glad you like it, Lauren!
      Aw, you always say such kind things to me, Lauren. I love ya.
      Have a wonderful Easter weekend too…you and your family!
      Sending you love and hugs xoxo

  8. Ahahah awesome, Deb!!! You’re so nice. Seriously, Coco and Vanille are thrilled. They can’t wait to visit the United States. 😀 Of course, all their friends are very welcome here too. I don’t have lots of beds but I’ll find a solution!! Ahahha
    Happy Easter!!!

  9. Deb?? May I ask a silly question?

    Are you really adopting wombats…..in real life?

    BTW I love the new room! The colours and the furniture looks awesome!

    • No, not wombats, but I do adopt Wombies! 🙂 You know, they’re Binky, Winky, Twink and Fraz’s relatives. 🙂
      The room has been great!…thanks Shree! 🙂

  10. lol awesome Debby. Great job their on the house.. that is an amish house. Very beautiful and great craftmanship!!
    Have a great week hun, hugz xxx

  11. They look so cute and cozy all in their new beds. I love how you did that, looks great.
    I recognized the Bay blankets right away, I’m sure your wombies will love them.

  12. OK I get it you run a B&B for wombies… I’ll have to come and try it… I’ll order my wombie outfit on Ebay first… I bet your second name is Teresa after the intrior designer of-course. Super week my friend 🙂

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