52 comments on “Little Mexican Dude

    • Glad you like it, Soma! It was lot of fun to paint!
      Happy Friday to you, and have a great weekend! 🙂
      Love and big hugs! xxx

  1. Hope no one cuts his ears off because his hat will fall over his nose and suffocate him.
    I love your characters. You really should consider doing a comic strip.

    • Now that could be a good possibility. 🙂
      Glad you like it!

      I’m not ready for that yet, I lack continual funny line, and the skill to re-draw the same character over again, and in different positions. But I appreciate your encouragement, Bo!

  2. Now he is one cool dude, Deb, and I laughed so much on seeing him on ‘ WordPress Reader’ that I dashed straight over to comment…. Now.. ‘I wanna his hat’… he he… ’tis just what I need in this weather,,, hopefully my nose isn’t as red though… 😉 xPenx
    *have a wonderful week-end my friend*

    • I think he has a read nose from snorting one too many…lol Maybe that’s why his eyes are hidden. 🙂
      None the less, I’m so glad you dashed over here right away. I love your company!
      If you squat with his sombrero on it will cover you up for an afternoon siesta! 🙂 …stay warm, spring is fooling us at the moment!
      Have a wonderful weekend too, my friend!
      Love and hugs xxx

        • They’ve been known to imbibe from time to time. Who can blame them, it’s hot in Mexico.
          Sure have yourself drink, Pen, it’s the weekend!…not too much though. Hic, hic…I better quick while I’m ahead myself! 😆
          Yes, think of warm places. Hey, maybe you can write a poems about thinking warm while it’s cold…throw in a sombrero! L(

          • Deb, we’re ankle deep in the white stuff,… I’ve just been attacking the Yew tree with a rake to clear the branches of snow so the birds can feed on the table underneath…. Now I shall hug t’ radiators…and sip hot drinks… (mayhap topped up with a bit of Brandy).. hugs to you on this white-out Saturday.. xx

            • You got snow?!! Oh my, It was cold enough here yesterday to snow, but at least is didn’t become a reality for us.
              How very thoughtful of you to tend to the trees like that so the birds can feed. And I’m sure the trees appreciated that added weight lifted off of them as well.
              You keep warm sipping your hot drinks and stay close to the radiators….and put on your slippers too.
              But before you leave I would like to offer you a hot cuppa tea, right out of the oven biscuits, and jams of your liking.
              Stay warm and hope for a warm sun to come out! 🙂

    • Glad you like it, Lauren! I really has some fun painting it…makes me want to do more of these!
      Thank you, my friend. and you have a super great weekend! 😉 🙂
      Love and hugs to you! xoxo

    • Oh you! You always say the nicest things about my work…thank you for that!
      I’m so glad my this little Dude has brought joy to your day, Wendell!
      Have a blessed weekend…and have lots of fun! 🙂

    • I posted sort of late yesterday…It’s Saturday here too now. 🙂
      Thanks…glad you like little Mexican Dude!
      You have a great weekend too, Tom!

  3. He must bump into everyone
    with that hat on 🙂 lol Mind you he
    is definitely wicked and well done
    for adding yet another fine piece
    of your artistry 🙂 xxxx

  4. Though I can’t see his eyes, he looks like he is smiling so much. Wish you a happy day too, Deb. 🙂

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