61 comments on “Too Many, Too Fast

  1. Hello, Deb, greetings … haven’t heard from you in a while … you are always in thoughts … and Binky … much of the states is getting pummelled by snowstorms these days … hope you are okay?

    We are having a snowy day today as well here in AB, but the cold spell is over. So I call this a beautiful day … and a perfect day to visit blogger friends like you. I’m so happy to now you and your art, Deb. One day I would like to send you my baby daughter’s photo … and ask you to make a drawing of it. Maybe a pencil or coal drawing … similar to the drawing of you mumme. Please let me know, what you think, hmmm?

    • It’s still cold here too, but not snowing, and I don’t know if we’ll be getting anymore either…I hope not.

      I haven’t done a charcoal drawing in a few years now, and don’t feel I could do a portrait right now of her. But I do know someone that could. You may even know her. Her name is Cha, and she is a very good portrait watercolorists. I think she could help you. 🙂
      Here is her link: http://dontchawannadream.wordpress.com/

      If I ever get back into charcoal drawings again I will let you know, Cat!
      Love and hugs xxx

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