232 comments on “Meet Cookie and Chewy

    • Aren’t they all adorable? I’m sure you’d agree.
      Darn Scott, a headache? Have you taken anything for it yet? I hope you get to feeling better really soon. But am glad this post helped your headache.
      You get some rest so you feel better really soon.
      Hugs xxx

  1. Well that was fast! Cookie and Chewy sure settled in fast. Not that I thought they’d have any trouble with all the attention I knew you’d give them. And with that nice bedroom and the tree house and the closet full of clothes, they sure won’t miss their old home.

    I hadn’t realized it had been a year since you adopted Dink and Tink. I guess they can all celebrate their adoption month together, then.

    • They’ve settle in just fine and they all get along great! I couldn’t be happier! I’m so proud of all of them!
      The rest of the week they’ll get adjusted comfortably with us as we do lots of family things together, then next week or two they can all start packing so we can all head down to the beach for the next two seasons!

    • Hi Uncle Binky! Thank you for sending me here. I really like it a lot. Dink and Tink are sharing everything with us and our new Mom and Dad are really good to us!

    • Hi Uncle Binky! I like it here a lot, they have a tree house, and Dink said it’s mine too! He’s really fun to play with! And he can even eat more chocolate than I can!…Whoa! Awesome!
      Mom made some cookies today and we ate all those up, but forgot to save Dad some. She wasn’t mad though. Thank you for sending us here! πŸ™‚

      • You’re welcome, Chewy. I’m glad you like it down there, too. That tree fort looks super! Too bad you couldn’t take it with you.
        You should always share your treats with others, especially with mom and dad!

        • Dad said when we go to the Island he can build one down there too. I’ve never been to the beach before so mom showed us pictures….I can’t wait to go!

            • Whoa! That is so cool, I can’t wait to see where you guys live on the beach too! Can I sleep over at your house, Uncle Binky…and Chewy, Dink and Tink too?

            • Of course, as long as you get permission from mom or dad. We can have some beach camp-outs, too.

            • Of course they have my permission to stay with you, BInky! If I can trust them with a Wombie like you, then I can trust any of them…expect Twink of course! Besides, you’re on the large property across the road.

            • I build prototype rockets in the basement lab, and then test them on the beach so they fly out over the water. I’m sure you can help me.

            • Oh wow! That sounds really interesting…and very cool! I’d be glad to help anyway I can, Uncle Binky! And test flying them would be the best part of the experiment!

            • I’m sure you’ll be able to assist me this summer. But you do have to careful around rocket propellant.

            • I’ll be careful, Dad’s been teaching me a lot about fire safety, and other safety stuff too for when we go to the beach…we all have!

            • Yes, and to look out for one another at all times. And to never go in the water early in the morning, late in the evening, or on dark grayish days cause it make the water really dark and we can’t see into the water. Not to ever go in the water alone, and to always look out for one another.

            • We should be safe. Dink and Tink says that mom keeps a watchful eye on everyone. And mom says that whenever she goes in the water Dad watch her instead of his fishing poles. I hope there’s as much chocolate to eat as there are eyes that watch.

            • That sounds like everyone should be very safe, then.

              If you ever run out of chocolate, you just have to make the short trip to Winky’s Wonka Chocolate factory, where all the chocolate is plentiful and free.

    • I love my new little sister, Uncle Binky! She so sweet and enjoys trying on cloths like I do! She like to play hid and seek too! She has fun finding all the new hiding places! She asks a lot of questions too. And Chewy is a riot, she loves playing with almost everything and he even put the toys away before bedtime.

    • Finally, a little brother to play with! Thank you Uncle Binky! I love playing with Winky and Fraz, but it’s nice to have someone here when they have to go home! Wait till Winky and Fraz meet my new little brother. I bet they offer him all kinds of chocolate.
      Oh yeah, they’ll have to come over soon too so we can play fort int he backyard. Dad said he was going to put up a tree swing too with a real time from the truck! How cool is that!
      Thanks again, Uncle Binky! My life is so much better now, not that is wasn’t before, but geesh, I was the only boy around cos the dogs are girls too! Yaaaay!

      • I think you and Chewy should be able to share a lot of good times together. You two can get dirty and do boy things without annoying your sisters. And a tree swing sounds like a lot of fun! You’ll have to see who can swing the highest.

        • I think your are right, Uncle Binky! He’s only been here a day and we get along really good, and have lots of fun. I can’t wait for the swing to go up! I better help him too since he’s been so busy.

            • Yeah, Dad’s always telling me to come on out in the garage and yard with him when he working so I can learn stuff. I guess it’s time I start manning up and doing what he says. I could learn how to fix all sorts of things around the house….then eat even more chocolate too!

            • Those kind of things are very good to learn. It’s always good to be able to fix things. One day you may even be able to help me with my rocket.

            • Today I learned how to clean out the pellet stove! He doesn’t let me do it though, but I watched and asked why for each thing he cleaned. He also gave me the number of the man where he gets the pellets and told me how much to order twice a year. Them mom got me a new note book so I can keep notes of all the important things I learn so I can order the pellets next year and Dad said he’d let me clean the stove next time. Mom always forgets how to do those things.

            • Those are all good things to learn. And it’s important to help out when you can, too. A helpful Wombie is a happy Wombie. You just have to be careful around stoves, of course. And rockets, too.

            • I’m not allowed to turn that stove on. Only clean it and order pellets next year is all. I’m not tall enough to pour the pellets in and the bag weighs more than I do. Well, I’m not sure what I weigh, but a bag of pellets weigh 40 lbs.

            • I bet you weigh that much by now! But it’s best to only do what you’re allowed to do, otherwise dad won’t be able to trust you.

    • Hi Uncle Binky! I was a little scared when they first got here, but that just cos I scare easy. But Cooke and Chewy are really gentle with me and I was liking them a whole lot in just few minutes.
      Chewy and Dink like to take me and Cici for walks too!…and that makes me really super happy!
      You’re the best Uncle Binky!

      • I hope Chewy and Cookie take it slow with you so you don’t get upset. I’m sure they will be taking you for walks soon, too. Four Wombies and two dogs should be able to have some adventures together.

    • Well how about that, Binky! You heard it all from the entire clan! Even the old man himself!
      We’re all happy and plan on having a great summer with them too!…I think they’ll like the beach. πŸ™‚ The first time I take the out to eat I’ll bring the to Fraz’s Pizzeria too!

      • Well I’m glad to hear that they’ve seem to have adapted so quickly and so well. I’m sure there will be some big summer adventures, at least some involving treasure hunting and a pirate ship a certain little Wombie has.

  2. Deb, this is absolutely adorable, everything about it, from their names to their rooms, the food on the shelves…just too cute! Sending hugs to you, my friend, and hope you’re doing well! xoxoxo

  3. They have fitted in really well too Deb, it must have
    been all the spam and wine gums that helped but then
    there is you to give them such a lovely welcome πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    What a wonderful post πŸ™‚ xxxx

    • Thanks Gray. They seem to be pretty happy here and of course I always make sure they have lots of treats and milkshakes! πŸ™‚
      Thank you! πŸ™‚

  4. Very cool (naturally)! Wombies always are, I think!
    Hmm… it’s been a l-o-n-g time since I’ve tried Spam (I might have to do so again at some point). Of course I might have to try the chocolate first.

        • She did? Well if she posted about it I missed it somehow. I’ll have to head over there, look for it and get her that link in on this posting too. Who else do I know adopted that I don’t know about?

          • They were on her sidebar when she had sidebars. Miss R/Rachel also adopted a pair. I think that’s about it for people you know.

            • Thanks for the reminder. I just zipped over to Wendy’s space and found the post. And I had commented on it back then too. I guess I just for got. None the less I now have both her’s and Miss R.’s links in on the post to their adopted Wombies.

  5. Dink,Tink,Cookie,Chewy all happy and having fun in Deb’s wonderland
    oh that woardrobe, i want one too…please adopt me πŸ™‚
    and now you have worlds biggest room full of winegums,chocolates and spams..fun fun anf more fun πŸ˜€

    • You are officially adopted. You will have to share one of the lower bunks with Tink or Cookie though. But that’s okay, the lower ones are a bit larger. πŸ™‚

    • You can have it, but Cooke and I will be happy to let you wear something you like! But you can find all the same clothes at Walmart. That’s were she gets all her Wombie clothes. Except our shoes. Those she has to get made special for us.

  6. Ohhhh they’re so cute. πŸ˜€
    Ahah Adopted Wombies make life better.
    Mine help me to take notes when I decide to read.
    (I’m writing a sort of thesis this year… harrrrd work).
    They’re a little bit shy but I’d like to make new paintings of them this year.
    LOVE all these pics, Deb. You’re awesome. And the bedroom… AHAHAH it’s perfect!

    • Wombie painting are always great to have and share. And I love the ones you do. You always do such a great job! It sounds like you got your hand full right now though with your thesis though, but when you can do them I’ll be sure to enjoy them! Good luck with your thesis too!
      Glad you like the photos! πŸ™‚

  7. Welcome Cookie and Chewy! Can hardly wait to tell Victor and Victoria about their new friends. You know, we have to get all of the Wombies together on Wombie Day for a party. Hmmmm how will we hide some nibbles of chocolate and wine gums for ourselves?
    Maybe Andro can help distract them with hot chocolate while we big kids hide in a pillow fort to have out own nosh.

    Wonderful picture Deb! Adore your Wombie cottage. Big Hugs to Cookie, Chewy, Tink and Dink from their Reno cousins, Victor and Victoria.

    • Wombie day is the best day of the year for Wombies. Tink, Dink, Cookie and Chewy will be glad to meet Victor and Victoria!
      Andro will surely think of something, he always does…He’s brilliant that way!
      The cottage is their tree house, but they will need another one once that get back to the island this spring.

      • So happy to meet you Cookie. You are always welcome at our house. There are plenty of sweets and treats and Victor and Victoria will love to play with new friends. Lizzie Borden, their Persian cat layabout companion, is a bit old for their shenanigans. Lizzie does love to curl up with Wombies in front of the fireplace at night though πŸ™‚

        • You too, Rachael, and since I learned that Victoria and Victor are my cousins and you adopted them I think that makes you my Aunt…well sort of anyway. Right?
          Mom has two cat here that live in the yard, we feed them everyday, but they can’t come in because of this tiny dog mom has named Cici. She is less thta 3 lbs, most of the time about 2.5, so she’d be cat food to those kitties. We have two dogs, the other one’s name is Cassie, Mom has had her a year. She ran away from a really abusive owner and was found by the lady that gave her to my mom. She’s a very scared dog most of the time. She has to sit by mom all the time.
          You know my older brother and sister Dink and Tink right? They go to Wombania alot, well Dink does. I started going just the other day…I brought treats for mom to Fraz, Winky and everybody else. It was the first time I had ever baked before…I’m kinda young, but I learn fast.
          Chewy is my brother that I know best, he cam here to my new mom and dad’s with me. I know him best.
          What Chewy? Okay, okay, I’ll shut up so you can talk to her…geesh!
          Nice talking to you, Rachael.

      • Chewy it’s wonderful to meet you. We’re hoping for an invite to the Beach House this summer. Have lots of SPAM saved up for a BBQ! Victor enjoys the bacon flavored SPAM while Victoria enjoys the Jalapeno flavored variety. The fine folks who make SPAM are beginning to make as many flavors as there are in a bag of Wine Gums. Mmmmmmm. we all hope to see you soon.

        • Dang, I didn’t think she ever be quiet so I cold talk to you! Girls, they’re always gabbing!
          My mom told me about the beach house and said she is the one that opens it up for the spring and summer since she gets their first for the seasons. She stocks everything up and freshens things up.
          She also said the Binky has two beach houses, so you may get at least two invites. One beach house looks small but its not. It only looks that way to keep the tax man away. The other one is really big. But the patio needs needs to be fixed…haha, mom goofed.
          Anyway, both houses reproduce any food that gets scanned and it remembers it too. So all Binky has to do is push a button and more is made so the houses never run out…cool huh?
          I love BBQ and glad you saved up for it with lots of spam, Binky can scan lots, then lots can be made. See, the more, the better.
          I’ve never tried the Jalapeno one before and neither has Cookie, but I bet we like it…sounds hot though.

          What Cookie? What do you mean I talk just as much as you. I do not! You talk all the time. Huh?…You do too!
          I got to go Rachael…Mom is calling me!

        • I see you got got an ear full from both of them Rach’s. That do this to me all the time. Today I went and hid in the tree house for a little peace and quite…till Dink and Chewy found me there…lol
          Thanks for the visit, Rach!
          Have a good one!..and one for me too!

  8. I bagsy one of the bottom bunks Deb, ‘cos I hate heights… and look at that wardrobe full of clothes…Hmm…I was looking for a shirt that colour… may I erm?….(Pen sneaks out with her booty before anyone can answer)… Lovely heart-warming blog,,… and so glad to have met the whole crowd of wombies…. hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend.. xPenx

    • Hi Pen, so good to see you in my space again. I guess things have changed quite a bit around here since you’ve been here.
      Oh, you can borrow clothes from Tink and Cookie. In fact, I welcome it…their clothes needs thinning out. πŸ˜‰
      I you have a great day, and weekend, my friend!…and welcome back too! πŸ™‚ xxx

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