53 comments on “Happy Friday

    • Aw, thanks so much, Scott. You always say the kindest things about my art. I’m really glad you like it,
      You have a great weekend!
      Hugs xxx

  1. Beautiful pic, Deb … makes me dream of spring … sigh, not till May for me … Ouestion: Where did Andro/ Geoff disappear to?

  2. It was raining, sleeting and snowing here and very cold, but after seeing your minds view, all i could think about is spring, and it took the cold away, as also your watercolor made the sun shine within. You are always so wonderful, thanks for the blessing Deb! Much love always dear sister!

    • It was really cold and wet here yesterday too. I’m glad it warmed up your thoughts, Wendell!
      You are always so kind to me, my dear brother!
      Love and hugs xxx

  3. I just wanted to call in for another look at this painting Deb, you have done a fantastic job with the colours, I love how the lighter colours blend towards the centre and then that dark outer edge adds to the thrilling results. You are such a talented artist 🙂

    • Well I’m glad you did. It’s always nice to see you, my friend! It was just so cold when I got up, and warmer thoughts produced another piece of artwork…thank you, my friend!

  4. This is a very nice image, and I really like the way you’ve vignetted it. It really focuses it. Almost as if you’re squinting your eyes, just waking up perhaps.

  5. Happy belated Friday, Deb, I don’t know how I missed this, but it’s just beautiful! Hope you are having a great week, too! Hugs! xo

    btw, are you on facebook? I have a new poetry fb page under Lauren Scott, if you are and if not, that’s fine, just wanted you to know…xo

  6. That’s a stunning image Deb
    wish you a very happy cosy inspiring february
    have missed you a lot
    huge warm hugs to my darling Cassie and Cici
    please tell them they are worlds most beautiful woof

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