50 comments on “The Thought

    • Thanks Autumn. Just something silly I put together for readers that can’t understand why they feel bad…It’s their thinking! 😉

    • I know, that is why I added that at the bottom.
      I need to get out of stinking thinking to sometimes, Scott…we all do. 🙂
      Hugs xx

  1. Deb, this is truly clever and your words are so right! It’s all about our way of thinking…I’ve fulfilled my share of sobbing, my friend, that’s for sure! Love, light and hugs! xo

    • I understand stand, Lauren. You have been through a lot, and still are going through a lot. But you know what, you’ve seemed to have found a better way to think about the situation to help. Your very strong!
      Love ya! and God Bless you always! xxx

  2. Zig Ziglar used to say that one of the biggest problems in th world is that there is to much “Stinking Thinking”. You an Zig both hit the nail on the head. Positive thinkin’ is matter of will. Your will is your “want to”. Anyone can be positive if they just want to.

    • I agree, Bo. It’s very important for people pay attention to the thoughts that enter the mind. People need to understand that the thoughts come before the feelings.

    • No, it wasn’t me, but I’m sure it’s about lot’s of people.
      I got the animated image on public domain.
      Thanks Madhu! 🙂

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