66 comments on “Smeagol of Lord of the Rings

    • That’s the thing, Teecee, I don’t know. Of course he crossed my mind, then I just stated drawing his big ole eyes, then added the rest and came up with this. So kept it.
      Thanks Teecee! 🙂

  1. Cringy, creepy alright … never watch movies … sometimes we have to cringe in order to be able to relax again … where are you, my friend Deb … you never come to visit anymore … 😦 Love, cat.

    • These type of drawing and painting are not for everyone. Thanks Cat
      I just thought you haven’t posted. I don’t get any notification anymore…not is quite a while. I’ll come over to your space to see if I need to sign up again.
      Love you, Cat! 🙂 xxx

  2. a great likeness deb lord of the rings a fantastic film and the hobbit is definately worth a watch hope your day today is a good one mine has brightened up immensley xjen

    • Thanks Bo!
      This is a digital painting, or drawing. I gave you the link to the paint program I use under your first comment way up above.

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