45 comments on “Beach Baby

    • I told you once you were un-spammed enough times that the WP system would remember that your not spam anymore….things just take time. Patience. 😉
      What if it’s fixed?…Nothing, just means you can comment now without any trouble. but a few may still fall in there now and then, but not to worry. 🙂

    • I spend a lot of time on the beach in the summer, and am always in awe of the sea and the whole beach setting, but as far a people go, the child is always the one that brings me a smile….and giggles.:)
      Thanks Teecee!

  1. This one is excellent Deb,
    and it brings a warmer feel
    to this chilling Winter too 🙂

    Enjoy your Wrestling Deb 🙂

    Geoff xxx

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