74 comments on “A Ride on the Carousel

  1. I know that experience! At one time something just seems not good enough and probably years later, it just seems precious. This is quite a lovely painting, and yes, the child looks precious.
    Nice work!

    • Weird how that happen. I’ve been looking at some of my artwork from years ago and wonder why I was so critical of it. We are forever changing.
      Thanks Teecee! 🙂

    • I’m glad I finally got around to posting it. I hadn’t looked at it in years, and really have no idea why I was so critical of the work I did on it. I think is was making a fuss about her hand….so silly of me.
      Thanks Scott!

  2. Lovely drawing Deb. The highlights you’ve captured in her hair gives it a very realistic look.

    I think my email notifications are sorted now. I tried a couple of different plugins that didn’t work then I tried Feedburner, subscribed to it myself & posted a test comic & the notification came through OK. I took it upon myself to enter your email so you should have received a Feedburner email for you to click a link to activate your subscription. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you.

  3. You are really good with charcoal Deb
    actually you are very good with everything 🙂
    I hope that your Monday has started off
    really nicely, I spent ages clearing snow off
    the path and car this morning but managed
    to get back onto my street and park up so
    that is something as the roads are horrible 😦

    Geoff xxx

    • Thank you, Geoff!
      So far so good, I’m only half way though my first cup of coffee.
      Mitch is quite irked though since the cable bill will increase by 5 bucks next month.
      Sounds like you got quite a bit of snow. I’m glad you got is cleared out of you way though. It can be such a pain …literally. I hope you don’t need to drive anywhere today either, maybe in a day or two once is melted some or been tended too.
      I’m going after my second cup of coffee now. I’ll get you a tea to warm you up.
      Have a great day, Geoff, and stay warm.
      Hugs xxx

      • Yes I will have a cuppa thank you Deb 🙂
        Prices are always going up here too, like
        petrol for instance, that is almost £7 per
        gallon in the UK so what a joke that is 😦

        Have a nice rest of day Deb 🙂

        Geoff xxx

        • Oh Wow! You petrol is even higher than ours! So ridicules!
          Have a great day, my friend!…and don’t drive anywhere you don’t need to. 😉

  4. Oh Deb, very lovely. Going on the carousel, maybe a little bit afraid or shy, but knowing her parents or grandparents are there for her.

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