41 comments on “Milo

    • I think it might be because they are highly intelligent, where dogs are just full of love. If not that…I have no idea.

      Thank you for the comment on my painting, Tim! 🙂 xxx

  1. ooooooh isn’t this adorable Deb..great job hun.
    I am trying to catch up……been away so long.
    Thankyou for your lovely visits hun.
    Shall catch up as soon as I can
    hugs to you xxx

    • Hiya, Trace! Good to see you.
      Thank you for the comment on the painting. I’ll be over later to see what you’ve posted today.
      Oh, your more than welcome, but the pleasure is all mine to visit you.
      Missed you much. Love and hugs xxx

    • Haha! You may have solved the case of the missing hat. Maybe, it was he that did not like the way he looked in the hat either, got rid of the hat, and blamed the dog…. 😉
      Thanks Hon! xxx

  2. The dog was trying to do him a favor. He knew if he wore the hat everyone would be calling him the “Cat in the Hat” and laughing at him and making fun of him behind his back. Dogs are protective that way.

      • As Jethro Gibbs says on NCIS “You can sleep (rest) when you’re dead.”
        J/K. I am workin’ this mornin’ until noon but I will take off until Sunday’s sermon. I am thankful that I am still able to preach.
        I might be a lot weaker than before but life is still good and I’m enjoyin’ it.

  3. Poor Milo. I think a hat would look great on him. Lovely, Deb. I love the look on his face and the colours. Is he your cat?

    • Yes, I have a white cat named Milo…He’s very sweet and quiet.
      I’ll have to try a hat on him next time…or maybe on this one yet.
      Thank you, Hanne!

  4. He is a wonderfully, attractive cat and hats are so not with it these days. Actually, I think Mitch is the culprit!!

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