72 comments on “Ferrari Flamingo Gives Fraz a Ride

  1. Deb 🙂 I am in Love with the Flamingo …… His legs 🙂 🙂 his shoes – his sunglasses 🙂
    omgoodness 🙂 You are so Talented ………………… 🙂 I love You 🙂 xoxoxoxo C xx

      • Hiya 🙂 🙂 🙂 How was Your Day 🙂 🙂
        🙂 🙂 🙂
        That Flamingo is the sweetest – i wanna borrow his Shoes 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxo
        Love Love Love ….xo

        • Day was long and tiring. I could have really used Ferrari to help me get around faster today. 😉 🙂
          Love you, Pumpkin! xxx

          • me toooooooooooooooo super long day ————————–
            good stuff but learning to manage all of it
            i love your Santa and his Love Dove ……..
            🙂 I love your animals 🙂
            For Christmas i am gonna buy myslef Tiny the Elephant 🙂 xx i just recently saw your store 🙂
            so yeah – it’s amazing xxx
            you are xx
            i am doing renovations on my site but i will be around 🙂
            will check out more of your store in the am …..xo

            • Sometimes we need days like that so we can learn to manage things better…it’s all good!
              I’m glad you like my Santa.
              You are?…Bless your sweet heart, Pumpkin! I’m so glad you like, Tiny! I know she’s be very happy with you!…Your an angel heart!
              Your going to change things on your site?…I love doing that to mine…quite often. 🙂
              You have a really nice Tuesday now. I have to shop later.
              Love you, and sending you great big hugs! xoxoxo

            • I love Tiny …………and her name 🙂 xx
              yeah i am changing things up a bit – black is a good backround – makes things pop more – u know 🙂
              just some renovations – and some yoga ……….
              and a BIG NAP ……….
              yeah you’re right about managing energy –
              and time …..it’s all balance – Lily had her 2nd birthday yesterday – ! so much family stuff and music and animal stuff and LIFE 🙂 i love it 🙂
              LOVE YOU VERY MUCH
              i am gonna borrow the flamingo’s shoes today 🙂 lol
              see if he gives me more energy xoxoxoxoxo

            • You’ve been busy today…we both have. I think Ferrari needs a closet full of those tennis shoes.
              Aw, Lily is 2 now…what a cute age that is…so much mischief.
              I’m so glad you like the elephant Tiny, she was a lot of fun to paint too. And I haven’t not forgotten that you’d like to see me do more of her…I’ll see what I can do.
              Love you, Pumpkin. I hope your having sweet dreams right about now.
              Angel hugs till morning. xxoo

            • BUSY Day yes ……The Flamingo SHOES PLEASE ! 🙂
              in size 8 – all colours —– 🙂 that make you FLY ? LOL
              XXX i am way tired – but feel good about my day –
              Lily is mischief – yes ! My sister tells me not to “encourage her behaviour “! lol – her words 🙂
              Just about to go to zzzzzz…………..
              Love you xo Very much ………..Flamingo and Tiny will probably be in my dreams 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
              LOVE & GINORMOUS hugs til the am …….
              Godbless xo
              C xx

            • Lily sounds adorable! It’s wonderful to be around such a young child…such a blessing!
              This is such a busy time of year. It sure wears me out, but it’s a lot of fun!

            • !!!!!!! it wears me out too sweet Deb……… I just Got up …… Lily is adorable – she says grown up things already –
              “i like your sweater ” …..LOL ……….. that’s what she said last week – i almost fell over …… 🙂 in a very grown up wise voice she will say these things that bedazzle me ….
              To another Busy day —- 🙂 🙂 🙂 xxx
              There is sun here – but a really strong wind –
              I love You and didn’t dream of Tiny or Flamingo –
              I dreamt of a dark haired man – whom i have no idea whom it was – >>> rambling Cat …..lol
              Have a beautifulllllllllllll Day xxx 🙂
              Love xoxoxoxo

            • Dreaming of a dark-haired man…that’s strange. Maybe it will be someone you meet yet.
              I’ve been stretched to the limit today. I think I’m going to rest the rest of the evening.
              Night night, sweet, Pumpkin!

            • Maybe love ? who knows 🙂
              Have you had a long day x ? hope you sleep well /////
              Night Night xx sweet Deb Angel Heart xx
              rest up xoxoxoxoxo
              huge huggs xoxoxox
              C xx

  2. Your cartoon style is great, Deb. Love details like those shoelaces. You’ve made me smile so much. 🙂

    • Aw, you smiling is what makes doing these worth it every time…Glad you like it, Hanne!
      Thanks Hanne!…Have great evening! 🙂

  3. Fraz must be glued to the saddle
    on this one Deb, or has he mastered
    the galloping Ferrari Flamingo already? 🙂
    😉 lol Way to go Fraz 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • Him and Ferrari seem to have it all under control, even for top speed! 🙂
      Fraz don’t want a seat belt. 😉
      lol…Glad you like it, Andro!

    • I’m am not better! You can do them off consistently, I can only do it now and then. If I cold do them as often as you and Frazzy I’d start a comic blog…maybe someday though.
      Fraz is hanging on…he’s got the chocolate! 🙂

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