44 comments on “Happy Turkey Day!

  1. that is a cute turkey. hope the hunter doesn’t see him! Sending you wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Have a Turkey sarnie for me too Deb 😉
    Oh and don’t forget to give me all those
    extra helpings of sprouts 🙂 Mmmmmm


    Andro xxx

    • No, I don’t allow the Knight to drink…he’s on guard duty. 😉 🙂
      Thanksgiving day was very nice for the whole family…thank you, Binky!

  3. Great cartoon. Deb

    Turkey day turkey day
    Most incredible turkey day
    Pluck their feathers, chop their necks
    Cook them up & eat like heck
    Look out here comes turkey day
    [sung to the tune of spiderman]

    • Hi Wendell! I thought you may have missed this one, but am glad you found it…and love it too!
      Thank you so much, my bother for commenting.
      I had a lovely holiday and hope you did too!
      God Bless!

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