86 comments on “Scarecrow

  1. Your Scarecrow drawing anilities are just as good
    as everything else you put your artistic talents to, how
    wonderfully wicked of you Deb 😉 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • If it wasn’t a painting but and outside scarecrow it would have never survived her. 😉
      Maybe you could try a few of your comics in watercolor sometime…might be fun. 🙂

  2. Very nice that you have your work a lot of imagination Deb I really like this your design 😉
    Happy Halloween to you too Deb 🙂
    Hug of friendship,

  3. Wow Deb that scarecrow is awesome! It’s a great talent you have to be able to paint so wonderfully and realisticly, that scarecrow is just perfect.
    Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

    Big hug, Nikki

  4. The scarecrow is kinda cute Aunty Deb 🙂
    You know…my Mommy loves scarecrow so much, but only the scarecrow in Batman movie, he is her favorite actor

    • Wow, I’m really behind….I don’t remember what I was doing on the Nov. 1 but last night was good, and tonight will be better…Monday night Raw! 🙂
      Hugs ♥ XXx

  5. I will have to send out a search party for you Deb,
    don’t worry the Zombies are well trained and some
    of the Vampires don’t even bite so you should be
    safe 🙂 Now where are those pancakes you just made? 🙂

    Have a wonderful rest of evening Deb 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • I’ve been so busy here at home this week. And next week we go back home for winter, so I have more to do yet.
      Now we have a Nor’easter coming just as we’re in the middle of clean up here from Hurricane Sandy. That is my update, but it’s all good. The Zombies are watching the door for me, so know concerns of unwanted visitors.
      I have a 3 foot platter of pancakes here with about 100 pancake on them that I ran off from Twink pancake maker. So that ought to be enough for you and The Wombies if they come in today.
      Thanks for stopping in. I don’t know if I’ll be getting a post out anytime soon, but it’s always hard to make a claim like that. I’m also finding it hard to find time to comment on blogs right now, so I’ll have to play catch up later.
      Hugs ♥ XXx

      • The main thing is that you are okay Deb,
        I was beginning to wonder if your power
        was off but hey no rush on commenting
        or posting either, we all have things to be
        getting on with away from the computer 🙂

        Have a nice evening and hopefully a less
        hassled week, it’s always a busy time moving
        back home so take your time and be safe 🙂

        Andro xxx

        • Everything is fine…just busy. Plus I got a project I’m working on.
          Not eat up some of those pancakes while there still hot! 🙂

          • I have a hundred reasons to eat up 🙂 Mmmm… What a lovely treat Deb and thank you, oh by
            the way are we having any toasted marshmallows
            later, I always enjoy those 🙂

            Andro xxx

    • We’re okay, Bo, Got the mess cleaned up around our place, but the rest of the island is still in the hurts in some areas.
      Thank you for your prayers…many around here could still use them.

  6. I hope your day has not been tooooooooo busy Deb
    remember you need to keep in a relaxed mood for the
    wrestling bouts 😉 I am getting to know this Scarecrow
    of yours rather well now, hey I am joking and plenty of
    time for another painting or ten 😉 🙂

    Andro xxx

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