67 comments on “Hurricane Sandy Aftermath for Hatteras Island, NC

    • Hi Carrie!
      Yes, we’re fine, most everyone on the island is, but there has been a lot of damage from the flooding. Some of those house you see set right on the beach, some are a bit further back behind dunes that the waves when over. On the other side is the sound, and when the wind came in from that side it pushed the sound onto the island…that’s when I got a lot of flooding, but no damage…thank God.
      Thanks for asking sweetie! Hope you doing well. xx

  1. One can certainly get a better picture from this
    fine array of photographs Deb, and what a mess
    Hurricane Sandy has left 😦

    I hope everything gets back to normal soon Deb 🙂

    Andro xxx

    • It’s already showing signs of improvement. The sun was out today, but the wind was still blowing some, so it helped dry things up a little.
      Hugs xxx

      • That is good news Deb 🙂
        Those photographs really
        showed the strength of that
        storm 😦 Glad you are okay 🙂

        Andro xxx

        • Yes, we’re fine, my friend, but I must admit, it was quite rattling at the peak of the storm…it just hammered and hammered.
          Mitch just told me he read that over 8.1 million people are out of power so far.
          Hugs xxx

          • Yes it was a very bad storm Deb
            I just hope that the emergency workers
            can restore the electricity sooner, as
            it must be rather cold at the moment 😦

            Andro xxx

            • For many it is. The storm was actually a combo of storm, which is what made it so bad. Back home I think we have snow from it.
              Hugs xxx

            • Yes the tropical and the cold air meeting makes
              it a very bad storm, so hopefully everything will be sorted out quickly, mind you the transport networks and systems will take ages with that kind of damage 😦

              Andro xxx

            • Yes, but I’m sure you are up now, my friend!
              You have an awesome day today…Have a Happy Halloween today!
              Hugs xxx

  2. Glad you made it OK. The Pelican looks exhausted! 🙂

    Hope the clean-up goes well, but the bridge looks like it’ll need some heavy work!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


    • I know, it was so cute though. 🙂
      I don’t want to think about he clean up right now. I’m going to bed and work on that issue tomorrow, and the next day.
      Thank you, Prenin, and for all your prayers too…up north still could use those prayers though.
      Love and hugs xx

    • Thank you, Angelia, we’re okay. Minimal damage, but the people up in Canada are getting hit with it…not sure if it’s passed there just yet, but the these hurricanes always leave an aftermath.
      Thanks Angelia! xx

  3. I’m glad you escaped the worst of it. Those pictures give a good idea of the flooding, but not the ferocity of the storm & the rain & the wind, I’m sure. Let’s hope it’s the last storm of the season!

    • These photo are the aftermath of it. I’m going to get into the Island press later and look for some with the storm when it’s peaking.
      I know you are in the path too, Binky!…Please keep yourself safe!

  4. I just realized yesterday that you were on the east coast and so wanted to come by and let you know i’m thinking of you and praying that the storm passes without doing any harm or damage to you and your family. I viewed your photos and they are so frightening! so much water and flooding, its sad that nature can be so destructive. Hoping you’ll be safe, dry and warm this halloween day dear Deb.
    Hugs, Nikki

  5. Wow Deb! Glad you and your place is ok – imagine there will be a lot of clean up. Hope all the neighbors pull together and help. That’s what happened here after we had a tornado rip through town last year. Working together really helps speed things up and bring a community closer.

    • Yes, America does get it’s share of bad weather. We’re fine though, Princess, but we’ll have to take the ferry out of here when we go home since the only road out of here has been washed out…lots of damage.

  6. The image is quite scary. I was just about to ask you are you fine but everyone else here had asked the same. I am glad you and your family are alright.

    • We’re doing fine…thank you! We’ll have to take the ferry off the island when we go home soon because the road is washed out again.

  7. We were blessed we are in south jersey but closer to Delaware it was bad and across the bridge in Philadephia, it was bad. But we will all recover, not quickly but they will! Thanks for sharing Deb, have a wonderful weekend!

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