25 comments on “Movie Night

  1. This is awesome Deb,
    love the vampy Cat with
    fangs of wickedness 😉
    Are you sure this isn’t
    our Frazzy in disguise? 😉

    Andro xxx

  2. My akismet problem’s fixed & I can comment again. They did a good job getting onto it for me. Can you check your Spam filter please Deb as I’m sure there will be a few of my previous comments in there. Every time I left a comment the past few days it would disappear & go to Akismet.

  3. I found This quote for you xo
    “Give good advice, help, and love to those who need them, and they will do the same for you”
    You give great advice Deb xxx love wise
    thank You –
    I hope you know you make a big difference in my life xo


    His eyes like the rays of the sun
    Burning fiery red against his pale skin
    They draw me closer, full of danger
    Yet I can’t turn away

    His long fangs are razor blades
    Ready to sink into my neck
    He edges closer
    And I catch my breath
    Yet I can’t turn away

    I freeze like a deer in headlights
    I am trapped
    He is the vampire
    And I am his prey
    Yet I can’t turn away

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