60 comments on “Evening Conversation: Flash in the Pan (150 words)

      • You are far too kind Deb,
        hey let’s have a few cookies
        and a cold choco milkshake
        I always enjoy those 🙂 🙂

        Andro xxx

        • Sounds good to me. I’ll pour you a double trouble triple ripple chocolate shake with a virgin cherry on top!…almost virgin….lol Now you go get me some cookie! 😉 🙂
          Hugs xxx

          • Wow I love those virgin cherries, hey I mean the fruits cheeky you will be getting me into trouble one of these nights 🙂 lol Here have another Wombie sized choco pancake and we won’t tell anyone about the virgins 🙂 lol

            Andro xxx

            • I knew you would…here’s a few more for later….and mums the word. 😉
              You think?
              Now the pancakes is delicious, my friend. I poured lots of choco syrup all over it, but I still want a cookie. 🙂
              Hugs xxx

            • You can have whatever you like Deb 🙂
              Just watch out for Fraz and Winky as
              they can sniff out a pancake at a hundred
              paces 🙂 lol

              Andro xxx

            • I saved them each a piece of it just in case they came by. But if you give me my cookie now I’ll eat the whole thing. 😉
              Hugs xxx

            • Yes I have added three extra large quadruple choc cookies next to the fridge, I hope you have enogh choco milkshake because i wouldn’t mind another glass or three 🙂 🙂

              Andro xxx

            • I’m pouring you one now! 🙂
              Finally, my cookie! 🙂 I wanted it because I’m going to watch Impact wrestling in 10 minute. Ah, just what I needed! 🙂
              Hugs xx

            • And I am going to watch a dvd probably a horror one, dracula perhaps as I am thirsty for some red stuff, sooooo I think a bit of strawberry juice will be nice for a change 🙂 I hope you enjoy your wrestling, well of course you will what a silly idea of mine 🙂 lol

              Andro xxx

            • I hope you enjoy your horror dvd…I know I would! 🙂 And the juice sounds refreshing for a change…I may do the same. but I only have colored water.
              You know I will! 😉 Thanks, my friend! I’ve had a lot of fun tonight…thanks for that! Hugs ♥ xxx

            • You’re welcome, now be careful with those wrestling moves, actually I would imagine that Mitch will be wondering what hold you will be getting him in next 🙂

              Have a fun evening Deb 🙂

              Andro xxx

            • Just a bit 🙂 lol
              Right it is time for my
              dvd and your wrestling
              so I will wish you a very
              nice evening of wicked
              moves, while I watch a
              vampire biting necks 🙂

              Thanks for the chat Deb
              I have enjoyed that 🙂 😉

              Andro xxx

            • One thing for sure is we’ll both be having fun this evening! 😉
              You have a good night, my fine friend, and thanks for a great time tonight!
              Hugs ♥ XXx

            • Good night, my friend!
              I’ll answer the other comment in the morning. My show is starting now.
              Night, night.
              Hugs xxx

            • Night, Night Deb
              and hurry up or you
              will miss your men
              in skimpy trunks 🙂 lol

              Andro xxx

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