26 comments on “Peaches

  1. You really captured the fuzzy texture of peaches with this one. And also the way the skin is almost translucent, with the yellow bleeding through.

  2. Nothing much beats a sweet juicy peach. I was all caught up with my blog reading 2 weeks ago. Then the drama of my job being made redundant happened & now I’m way behind again. I didn’t even get Wednesday’s comic posted.

  3. It was wonderful to drop in today, Deb, and see that you are watercoloring again. They are absolutely beautiful. I like the more monochromatic autumn scenes in the two previous posts very much!. These peaches do look delicious enough to pick up and eat. The color to them is great.

  4. Beautiful, Deb!
    I love all the subtle variation… and the contrast between warm and cool!
    I’m going to have that ‘Peaches’ song stuck in my head all day now, though.

  5. I spent all day two weeks ago tramping through the peach orchards of Eastern Washington with my mothers parents. My hands were sticky for days and I’m pretty sure my boots will smell like peaches forever. This reminded me so much of that day that I smelled the sun and tasted peach juice and so many good things. 🙂

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