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Wine Bottle

Wine Bottle

Watercolor painting of a wine bottle

2″ x 3″ in size, known as an ATC (artist trading card)


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  1. Not bad at all! Lovely painting. It takes carefulness and skill to get water colour paintings to look this smooth. Enjoy your thing!

  2. Lovely piece though!!! 😉

    Love and hugs!


  3. Your painting has an antique look to it, at least from my eyes and I love it! Love wine, too! Hee,hee! xoxo

    • That the look I was looking for…thanks Lauren!
      Yes, wine is pretty good from time to time. 😉 Love and hugs xx

  4. I like this one. Another one of your wet ones? I like how deep the colors are.

  5. Lovely, Deb… Is it red wine? [hinted from the beautiful background!]

  6. -słodkie czy wytrawne…..

  7. Hmmmm wine 🙂 Love the background. You did a really great job, Deb!!

  8. Good work honey, I’ll have a sip or two.

  9. Androgoth

     /  September 26, 2012

    All we need now is two glasses, shall I pour
    or are you taking care of that one Deb? 🙂 😉

    I like this painting 🙂

    Andro XXx

  10. Hmm that is a good year i will have it 🙂
    I specially like how the portion below the bottle looks like it has been out for some time and sweating….beautiful

  11. Very nicely done, Deb! This looks great! And I’m not even that big a wine guy, so that’s saying something!!!

  12. Let the spirits flow!

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