52 comments on “Mitch

  1. I think that some guys can wear pink and get away with it,
    mind you it is definitely not a colour that I would choose 😦

    This is a brilliant portrait Deb, well done you 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

      • Yes but he still looks fine in pink, this is a positive thought my great friend, burgundy or pink it is a colour that suits if you know what I mean? 🙂 Have a lovely day today Deb, here it is raining again but hey it is the UK 🙂 lol

        Andro XXx

      • So far the connection has been great (and Gatorhead is a in a dead zone for most things…ask Phil and Chester) and the speed is only a little slower than the high speed dsl I use at my friend’s house.

        • That great, Bo! Connection reliability and speed are so important! So does this mean you can use a device larger than your phone now to get on the internet too?!

          • I have two laptops and I could log on to this MiFi with up to 5 devices. My next major purchase will be an ipod so I can at least check things on the net while I am in Dr.s waitin’ rooms etc. No more down time. (Right now an Ipad is pretty much out of the question.)

            • That’s wonderful, Bo! Now we can all enjoy seeing more of you, my friend! You enjoy yourself now…I’m sure you are! Hugs xx

  2. Nice to meet you Mitch! 🙂 Excellent job painting your husband Deb, looks so detailed and full of life.
    Thanks for your comments Deb, it was so great to see you there again. Hope your week was off to a good start. Big hug, Nikki

    • Thank you, Gary, and for checking the reference photo too! 🙂

      Really, Gary, I had no idea it could leave an impression like that with you. Thank you for sharing those thoughts with me.
      I’m going to miss summer.
      Thanks for such a kind comment, Gary! Hugs xx

    • You can, all you have to do in get started and practice. 🙂
      Thank you for stopping in to comment, you most welcome here.
      Have a lovely evening.
      Bye bye. 🙂

    • That means a lot coming from you, Cha. You are the queen or watercolor portrait painting. If you got any tips for me, please don’t ever hesitate to share them with me. 🙂 xx

    • Also that wink was supposed to mean that I recognized who you had painted before I read your description about who you had painted…
      but after I posted this I was afraid it might read like I was implying it does not look like Mitch, which, of course it does… SO…
      wow! I’ve tired myself out! I think I need a nap!

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