84 comments on “Artist Painting in Plein Air

  1. I love this!! I truly do and it surprised me. I am a devoted fan of Thomas Kinkade’s works, except for his paintings that were done in a style called Plein Air!! Nothing at all like this lovely painting!

  2. Good morning Deb,you are a fantastic with your watercolrs i really like my friend.
    Thanks for your visit and comment.
    Have a great day my friend.

    • Good morning to you too, Soul (on another day)
      I’m glad you like the painting, Soul, I did enjoy painting and drawing it!
      You have a great day too, my friend!
      Hugs xo

  3. Deb jestem szczęśliwa ,że znalazłam twój blog —-kocham go ,kocham twoje prace,są takie delikatne,dowcipne….naj….naj..mogłabym tu napisać cały poemat o tym,…..

  4. My thoughts went down Binky’s path with this one, Deb. I imagined her painting someone painting someone painting someone – and so on! With each of your paintings, Deb, a story comes to mind immediately! Another nice painting, may I add?!

    • That’s funny, Tom! You know though, those kind of paintings are really cool!
      I’m glad a story does come to mind for you with my work though…thank you, Tom! xo

    • I understand. The first time I heard that term, ‘Plein Air,’ a few years ago, I had to look it up.
      Glad you like the painting, Lauren…thank you. Hugs xoxo

  5. Beautiful, Deb!
    Do you like to work outdoors? My wife does… I struggle with it, though. I have enough trouble inside… outside I usually wind up with an insect or a bit of vegetation stuck right in the middle of my image!

    • Yes, it is mine. I enjoy ink and watercolor painting.
      I bet the French word was refreshing to you for a change. 😉 🙂
      Thanks Cha! ox

    • I’m not erasing it because it makes me smile. 🙂 😛
      I knew you knew what it would be. Just as long as you know I was not painting in Plein air, but he artist in the painting. 😉 😉
      Thanks Soma…hugs xo 🙂

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