24 comments on “Remembering 911

  1. I will remember always the way people jumped to their deaths as the flames and smoke boiled from the buildings before they crumbled and fell one after the other.

    May we NEVER forget…

    Love and hugs.


  2. Seems to me too many people forget(except New Yorkers) how shocked we were. Then speechless. And then angry. As open as this society is you would expect stuff blowing up all over the place every weekend. We are a pretty “together” country after all.

  3. This horrible tragedy will never be forgotten, Deb. Thinking about it still brings sadness for those directly involved. Your poem and painting are lovely tributes. Hugs! xoxo

  4. Yes I remember it like yesterday Deb
    and it is something that will never be
    forgotten, such a terrible waste of life
    my great friend…

    😦 😦

    Androgoth XXx

  5. Even though I live in Canada, I had an American flag in my front window for weeks to show my support for our neighboring country in peril. This was a terrible day and I will never forget it. Beautiful and poignant poem Deb. The painting also captured the sheer terror that day.

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