28 comments on “Beach House Cabanas

    • You know what…your right Binky! The whole time I was painting them there was something strange familiar to me about them…duh! The places belong to you three! And I bet the view is looking at Fraz’s Island too! 🙂

    • Mine must be round the back then? 🙂
      Probably something creepy so it is out
      of the way 🙂

      Wouldn’t want to scare any beachcombers
      away now would we Binky? 🙂 lol


    • They have these little cabanas down the road from us here. Each one looks like a little house on the outside, and the inside is one room with a bathroom, a fridge, cook-top and a little table to eat at. And a super tiny closet. No dressers, nor is there space for them, and they start and 135,000.00. It’s un-real….they have less than 300 sq. ft.

      Thanks Prenin
      Love and hugs xx

    • Thank you very much Ti! I’m honored and humbled that you feel this way about my art and blog! 🙂
      I’m not one to have ever followed the rules with one of the….I break them just about every time, though I do accept you kind offer….thank you very, very much!
      Hugs xx

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