36 comments on “A Place in the Country

  1. This is excellent. I like the interpretation. I see much more light in yours. I especially like the negative space you used to create the columns. Great painting, Deb. ❤ {HUGZ} Red. xxx

    • Thank you Red. Vijay has a the technique that I’m looking to do, but have a bit of trouble sometimes for not loosen up. Looking at his artwork with be a great help.
      Mine may be lighter because I still have a mild fear of too much contrast forgetting at times how the watercolors always dry lighter than once applied. I’ll get where I want to go with steady practice. 🙂
      Thanks you for your feedback on this one, Red. xo

      • Oh, Deb, do not misunderstand. The light is not a bad thing. I love the color of the mountain in the center. Its lightness has an ethereal quality to it. It makes for a different mood than Vijay’s.

        Yours is lovely ❤

        • Oh that little patch of green the center I wanted light so it would look like another plane much further away. Thank you for this feedback, Red…I certainly appreciate it! 🙂

    • At this time in my life the area of watercolor paper is plenty big enough for me. Sometime too big so I do miniatures at times…but that’s to save money on paper mostly.
      Thanks Prenin!
      Love and hugs xx

  2. Hey Deb, i need to find me a place in the country…I need the peace and relaxation, you want to rent that place out to me and my wife. promise we will not trash it!!! Beautiful Deb, just simply beautiful! It just relaxes the spirit! Much joy and love to you always my sister!

    • Oh Wendell, there are so many beautiful and relaxing places to choose from and you choose my painting. That is a very sweet compliment.
      God bless you and your wife always, Wendell! xo

    • I seen it at Vijay Patil’s blog. The links are in the posting under the painting. I likes it well enough to try my hand at is as well. Thanks for coming in to comment, Jen…good to see you.

  3. I find watercolor has unique artistic way.
    The color always feel like fun.

    By the way…you are om fire Deb!! I can barely keep up with your posts 😉

    • They are fun, Novorz, and relaxing. You should try it sometime.
      Yes, I’ve been painting up a storm lately, the desire just keeps coming, so I’m going with it as long as it will last. I just finish a miniature 4″x6″ painting of my husband. I’m going to post is shortly…thanks Novroz, and for all your support! 🙂 xo

    • Your just an all around nature girl…same here. 🙂 Thanks for the lovely comment, Lauren…I’m glad you like my painting! 🙂 Hugs right back to you! xoxoxo

  4. I like this one and of course your interpretation of the
    other artists work are wonderful, and we can all learn
    a little more as with the bricks and roof, though yours
    were fine before, it is just a difference in styles 🙂

    Another great piece of Art Deb 🙂

    Andro XXx

    • This one was a great learning experience for me since I enjoy the looser appearance of watercolor painting. My goal is to learn to leave more white showing to bring things out even more.
      Thanks Honey! Hugs ♥ xoxo

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