65 comments on “Shoreline Stroll

    • Yes, it does make sense Kathryn. Parts of the painting are just straight strokes and then there is a bit on ink as well…that’s what you seeing.
      Thanks Kathryn! xo

  1. Serenity in it’s best form, Deb! (although, mountains are peaceful,too) 🙂 Lovely and I can almost hear the waves whispering~Hugs to you and have a great Monday tomorrow! xoxo

  2. Oh this is so exciting,i bet there is a beautiful place between those two rocky hills where one can find some space just to themselves..sit and watch the waves tease the shores….
    beautiful warm colours Deb loved it 🙂

    • Well I guess they will have to find away around them because Bearman and I think they’d be too lazy to climb them. 🙂 😉
      Thanks Soma! Hugs xx

  3. It looks a rather windy and cold day
    for a stroll on the beach but you have
    captured the mood perfectly Deb 🙂

    Have a really nice day today 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Same here! 😉
      I’m intend to try this painting over again, as many times as it takes to get it just the way I want. But who knows, maybe this one will be better than future efforts since I just let my hand do what it wanted.
      Nice to have you back with us, Scott! Hugs xx

      • Something about that one though just seems perfect as it is. The style of the people and everything else just seems to fit perfectly together.
        But only the artists mind knows exactly what was intended, so I look forward to seeing what you do with it. Hugs back to you too

        • I had bigger plans for the sky, but the brush sort of got away from me. I also would like to get it where the mountain could blend it better with the sky to make it look further away. And the sand to have more a fade toward the mountains so that it would look further away from the people. But with water color you have to have a plan of action. But, sometimes things work out well when I just let my hand and water do what it wants…like in this one.
          Thanks Scott! Hugs back to you too! xo

  4. I’ve always really liked the look of washes combined with darker outlines / contours, etc, but even more-so recently… beautiful, Deb (I sure wish I had your skill with water color – that stuff just seems to refuse to work with me… I guess I just need a few million more hours worth of practice or so).
    (I’m very sorry about the sparse comments, too, Deb – I’m just so far behind at this point it’s RIDICULOUS – I’ve been having a wonderful time looking through your brilliant work, though!)

    • You just keep at it and don’t be so judgmental of your work.
      Don’t you give the catching up thing for around here another thought. I know how it is to get way behind. I’m more than pleased with all the comments you’ve left me today!
      Just so glad your back! 🙂 xo

  5. I just came back to have
    another look at this one Deb 🙂 🙂

    Hope you are having a
    scream of an evening 😉 lol

    Androgoth XXx

  6. Wow looks so peaceful. Awesome job! Love how you’re good at everything… watercolor, charcoal, digital painting, oil pastels… So impressive.
    I get to meet American people at work and it’s always a pleasure to talk instead of writing. I don’t know if this makes sense but I just love how you are Americans. It would be so great to meet everybody from wordpress one day. A big wordpress party.

    • Did you know that most of the people that comment here on my blog are not from America? Most of them are from Canada and England. They come from everywhere but those are the majority.
      Thanks Cha! 🙂

    • Yes, I mostly only do digital when I’m out of art supplies or just messing around.
      Glad you like this one, Carol…I enjoyed painting it!

    • I don’t like crowed beaches either, Sabina, which is one of the reason why I come here to go to the beach…but not on weekends.

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