38 comments on “The Weekend Consequences

  1. ha ha ha ya right she would need a determination and will of steel to stay away from all the chocolates of the world…what a fun post Deb

    pssst a secret- if you hide all the chocolates inside a plain vanila something( horrifying thought i know) taste buds are good secret keepers, body wont know

    my god i need some chocolate right now after reading this
    oh i so love it when you do these fun story paitings….what a lovely way to start a week
    wish you a lovely week Deb
    love ya 🙂

    • You know, I think right about now I’d like some chocolate too…I better run over to Wombania! 🙂
      Thanks for such a fun and generous comment, Soma!
      I love ya!
      Hugs xx

  2. Nice one Deb!!
    My dear Gran would say ” A little bit of what you fancy does you Good” I always follow that advice my friend.
    Loved your Drawing. And hope you have a great week.
    Love Sue xxx

    • I agree, total deprivation is not the answer…a little bit in moderation is what I always say. 🙂
      Thanks Sue! Love and Hugs xx

  3. twice a year? How bout twice a day?!!! I can’t survive without my daily chocolate intake! [in fact I can easily skip food but NEVER desert, any kind of desert!]
    Love the chimp!

  4. I took this decision of cutting down every stuff that would make me grow horizontally and to some extent I did keep up with it. But the funny part is that now all I think about is of them 😛 And after I saw your friday’s post, I had a dream that night of me sitting exactly like Krista and having a bowl of chocolates. Ahhhh, now that was like being in heaven.. Hehee 🙂 I am glad it was just a dream and I did not try in real. I then would have had to dream myself like Krista (after the weekend).
    Nice one!!

    • Instead of cutting it out altogether, try just giving into the craving, but in moderation. We can’t look perfect for ever. 🙂 😉
      Thanks Ti! xo

  5. Here is a better solution, switch to dark chocolate (above 60% cocoa) only eat one (two max) squares per day. Now you have chocolate under control. Want to be even better? Eat your chocolate with a glass of red wine and fruit!

    • Most of us do, Tom! I certainly wouldn’t be doing all she claimed to do.
      Really, why do all the exercise when we could be relaxing a some delicious chocolate melting in our mouth. :- 😉
      Thanks Tom! Hugs xx

  6. Yes a good skipping exercise should
    burn off those extra calories, poor Krista
    will need to get cracking before the next
    weekend of chocolates, pancakes and
    Winkyburgers 🙂 lol

    Great Before and After paintings Deb 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Yes, if she wants to keep up with the rest of us with our weekend pleasures she will have to work hard…or else, bwahahaha, I don’t even want to think about how big she could get…but we’ll see. 🙂 😉
      Thanks Andro!
      Hugs ♥ XXx

      • You are welcome Deb it is always a pleasure calling into your space and seeing what delights are on offer 🙂 😉 You are a wonderful Artist 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

  7. I had a large block of chocolate yesterday. The 1st one in ages. By bedtime last night there was none left. If it ain’t in the house I don’t crave it. If it’s in the house I can’t leave it alone. I still workout 5 days a week so it’ll burn off, I hope…

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