66 comments on “Autumn Tree

            • Cat, I know you love me and will never stop or leave me…you told me that once and I trust you completely. Love you bunches, pumpkin! Muwah! xoxo

            • muah Deb – i know you know i know 🙂 U know ?
              does that make sense ? 🙂 lol …….
              i missed Wombania today ………
              will see you soon …………….
              i need a big long nap ……………….. xoxoxoxoxo
              C U xoxoxoxoxoxo

            • It make perfect sense to me, sweetie!
              You have yourself a nice nap and may the peace of the Lord rest in your heart.
              I’ll be watching my wrestling shortly so I won’t be one line after 8pm
              See you soon!
              Hugs a plenty! xoxo

            • Sounds Good …..
              I am re watching “Like Crazy ” tonight ……
              totally romantic movie
              i watched it now 3 times !!!!!!!!!! lol
              i love the whole love story …….
              it’s so endearing – and the soundtrack is dreamy ….
              Have a great Night xo
              enjoy the wrestling xx
              One day – i will for sure watch it …….xxx

    • Yes, I’ve had it on my mind. Most had trees on my mind, and just adore the Fall trees the most.
      Cici and Casse are doing just fine. Cassie is a bit gets a bit frightened when it rains and thunders, but all is well.
      Thanks Kathryn! Hugs xx

    • No, not yet, I’ve just been thinking about the fall colors on trees…they’re more interesting to paint.
      Thank you, Eddie! xo

    • I know just what you mean. It’s such a short season out here in this part of America too…so I got to get a jump start.
      Thanks Lauren! Hugs xoxoxo

  1. A very nice autumn tree. I like the way you’ve got the low light coming in. Maybe sunrise. If this heat continues, autumn will be like summer, and winter like autumn.

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