51 comments on “For Andro: In The Darkness of the Night

    • A bit on the spooky side, but this is just the sort of thing I think my friend, Andro would like.
      Thank you, Wendell 🙂 Hugs xx

    • Thanks MC! I wanted to do something special just of him….I’m really glad you like it too! 🙂
      Hugs a plenty! xoxo

    • Thank you, MC. I’m glad you loved it! Andro just stopped in and he seemed to like it quite a bit!
      Have a lovely evening! Hugs xx

        • He did! 🙂
          I’m about to have a little fruit (cantelope) then relax and watch the tube for a while.
          You have a good one too! 🙂
          Hugs xx

          • Awww that’s so cool! 🙂 Oh that sounds LOVELY I’m having a nice Dr. Pepper, I love my Dr. Pepper… haha!

            Enjoy relaxing and watching the tube 🙂

            xo M.C.

            • I rarely drink soda, but when I do Dr. Pepper is what I drink…most of the time.
              Thanks sweetie! I’ve had a long day of heat and humidity today, so resting sounds very inviting. 🙂
              Hugs to you, my friend, and tomorrow I will be coming by to see what’s new at your place. 🙂

            • Really? I love how it’s like this SNAP when you drink it and it tastes GREAT!

              It was hot today, horrible… I hear you. Enjoy your rest. Huggs to you too honey! I’ll be around… I’m addicted after all 🙂

              See ya.

  1. My goodness this is such a beautiful tribute to Andro’s dark write ups.
    Deb, you are just the sweetest and the cutest…big hugs to this lovely soul.
    Hey are those girls in tiny nothing, are they dancing?…Oh wait they are not girls…Blame Andro for the wicked thoughts 😆
    Hugs to you both, my lovely friends 🙂

    • Thank you, Soma! 🙂 Forgive my tardiness in replying…been behind lately!
      Hey, you can’t blame that on Andro!…Lol 🙂 😉
      Love and hugs back to you, my friend! xoxo

  2. What a truly wonderful surprise Deb and thank you
    for this lovely gift, the painting is really great and your
    poem adds a nice eerie feel to the atmosphere 🙂 😉

    I really like this one and again,
    thank you for this excellent present 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it, my friend…both are yours for the taking!
      I did change a word “their,” to “there,” just moments ago.
      Thank you for stopping in and leaving me so many wonderful comments!
      Have a wicked evening!
      Hugs ♥ XXx

      • Thank you for this really amazing gift,
        I am honoured that you did this painting
        and poetry for me my great friend 🙂 🙂

        I really do like this one Deb it’s wicked 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

        • You are most welcome, my friend!…always! 🙂 😉
          Thank you too for all the support you give me here, Andro!…it is greatly appreciated!
          Hugs ♥ XXx

          • You deserve many more wonderful comments, as you always add such a delightful array of artistically excellent paintings 🙂 🙂

            Have a sweet evening Deb 🙂

            Androgoth XXx

            • Well that could be my fault since I have fallen so behind on visiting others with having so much to do lately. 😦 But thank you for your kind thoughts, Andro! :-)You are truly the best! 🙂
              You have a nice evening too! 🙂
              Hugs ♥ XXx

            • Hey you have a lovely rest of evening Deb and don’t worry about falling behind as we all do that, blimey I am the worst one for getting too far behind commenting on everyone’s Spaces 😦

              We do our best and that is all that anyone can do 🙂

              Androgoth XXx

            • Thank you, Andro!
              I intend too, there is another wrestling program on this evening in an hour called <a href="http://www.impactwrestling.com/&quot; title="Impact Wrestling” target=”_blank”>Impact Wrestling with Hulk Hogan as the manager of the show.
              I know your right, I just do my best and then it is what it is. 🙂 😉
              Hugs ♥ XXx

            • Thank you for the link and I will take a look at that later Deb 🙂
              I have just added your gift to my leading page so I hope that it
              is to your liking my great friend 🙂

              Hey and enjoy your Wrestling too it sounds wicked 😉

              Androgoth XXx

            • I just saw it there, and left you a comment! You are just too awesome for words to describe, Andro! You are wicked! 🙂 😉
              I’ve watched that one a few times, and it’s a second to WWE on Mondays, and Fridays, but I do enjoy it!
              Thanks you again, my friend!
              Hugs ♥ XXx

  3. Deb, I love your painting and your poem is perfectly eerie to complement! I saw that Andro loved it, too, and I had no doubt. You never cease to amaze us with your versatility! Love and hugs to you and have a great weekend! 🙂 xoxo

    • Yes, he did seem to like it, Lauren!
      Thank you for such a kind comment, my friend!
      You have a great weekend too!
      Hugs xx

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