237 comments on “Fraz On His New Sled

  1. Beautiful and fun. Love this one, Deb :-). And a great excuse for Fraz to drink lots of hot cocoa later.

    • He doesn’t need one. He got really good at this, Carl! Yay!I guess maybe for safety reasons though it wouldn’t be a bad idea. 🙂

          • Yeah, that is the best thing for added safety!

            I tried to get rid of the first comment, but it takes the second one with it.

            • No, we’ll need even more for the pack team of dogs. They earn their keep and scare off the Zombies. 🙂

            • we could always train some new wolves up,
              they are never too shy when it comes down
              to biting the odd bottom or ten 😉 lol

              Androgoth XXx

            • Or maybe some Hobgoblins? 🙂 It’s up to you Deb whatever you fancy is good enough for The Wombiteers of Transylwombania and The Famous Five 🙂

              Androgoth XXx

            • How about both! I think we should pair the hobgoblin with the Zombie to make it more interesting to watch, while we ride and eat pancakes at the same time! 😉

            • Why is it that you always
              have such wicked ideas? 😉
              Are you really a Vampiress
              just waiting for your first bite
              of the neck of delights or in
              need of another chocolate
              milkshake with all the trappings
              of a ghoulish night out 🙂 🙂

              After your midnight I mean 🙂

              Androgoth XXx

            • Okay that’s good, now have another
              extra large pancake with juicy fangberry
              topping and a bag of wine gums 🙂


            • Mmmmm, fangberry toppings, one of my favorites mixed with wine gums! Ooh-Wee, the are just too good to not share!

            • Yes definitely and with a choco-strawberry milkshake chaser who would want to miss that treat? 🙂 🙂

              Androgoth XXx

            • Certainly not me! I love those…Bet I could drink two in a row. I bet you and Fraz could drink two without taking a breath even! 😉

            • I think that me and Fraz could
              drink three of those Deb 🙂 😉 lol

              Androgoth XXx

            • Yes I was going to say five but
              i didn’t want Deb thinking that we
              were being too greedy 🙂

              Hey it is almost 03.20 here and so
              i will have to call by later this morning
              to hand out your share of the pancakes
              and wine gums I got from the skeletons
              mystery outing 🙂 They are nice one’s 🙂


            • How nice of you to come by in the wee hours of the night. I will have to make sure I leave some late night snacks out for you for the late visits. 🙂 😉

            • You are very welcome Deb 🙂
              Is it a smackdown evening? 😉

              Androgoth XXx

            • You will be licking your lips
              for ketchup next 🙂 Hope it is
              a great night for you Deb 😉

              Androgoth XXx

            • Strange, I was getting a taste for some French Fries and ketchup last night. 😉 Ha! it was another great night!
              Hope your enjoying your races today out in Germany, Andro!
              Hugs ♥ XXx

  2. WOOOOHOOO!!! GET IT ON!!! ROFL!!! 🙂

    Lovely picture Debs! 🙂

    I used to sledge in winter when I was a kid, but there was a river at the bottom so we had to aim for the bridge or need rescuing by the fire brigade!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


    • I guess it the aim was off is when they got called. At least you got to swim a bit….brrrr!
      Thanks for commenting…I’m glad you like it!
      Love and hugs to you, xx

  3. Oh Fraz is super lucky to have you Deb..you have filled their lives with so much fun..
    Yay to the new sled..comeon Fraz you can do it..
    have tons of chocolate shakes before and after and you will be fine 🙂

  4. That looks kind of steep to me but for
    Brave Frazzy it is definitely not steep
    enough 🙂 🙂

    This is a great painting of Fraz
    and another fine addition to your
    world of Art 🙂 Excellent work 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Maybe next time he’ll try a straight down shot. I be he could do it too! 😉
      Thanks Andro! You always leave such nice comments! 🙂 Hugs ♥ XXx

      • Well it is because you always present such
        nice work, all of your paintings are special no
        matter what the subject matter so of course
        you deserve some lovely comments 🙂 🙂

        Have a very nice evening Deb 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

        • That may be, but your comments are among the best! ;-)…and I thank you for that, my friend!
          I have seen you all day long, and have been talking about you at Wendy’s site, here too. You’re hears must have been ringing today. 🙂
          Hugs ♥ XXx

          • Yes I wondered who was tugging on my ears Deb 😉 lol How very wicked of you, but still very nice to know that you have been adding positivity on your travels 🙂 Hey I hope Fraz enjoyed his pancakes 🙂

            Androgoth XXx

            • Yes, that was Wendy and I, and we were taking about you (here), if you like to see what we had to say. 🙂

              Fraz always enjoys his pancakes, especially when your around! 🙂
              Hugs ♥ XXx

            • Hey Fraz enjoys his pancakes whenever any of us are around, especially The Famous Five 🙂 lol

              Androgoth XXx

            • Here have a marshmellow with lemon and lime dip, don’t worry the lemon and lime is really yummy and the marshmellows are extra sweet 🙂

              Androgoth XXx

            • Yes those lemons and limes can give one the icky feeling but not when I add them, oh noooo, when I add an ingredient everyone and their pet hyenas will like them 🙂 🙂

              Have a lovely evening Deb and thank you for your kind thoughts on Wendy’s Space 🙂

              Androgoth XXx

            • Gulp, just swallowed the last bite!
              You’re most welcome, my fine friend!
              You have a great nice too, and thanks for all the fun tonight!
              Hugs ♥ XXx

            • Hey just enjoy every minute of every day
              Deb and remember my Pancakes are always
              ready for you whenever you fancy some 🙂

              Now all you need to think of is what topping
              you want to add to it, and hey presto you will
              have a delightful evening with ALL us Wombies 🙂

              Androgoth XXx

            • Yes I will do an andro Special
              and that is a three tier pancake
              with chocolate ice cream in
              between each one with added
              yummy snacks 🙂 😉

              You will absolutely swoon for them 😉

              Androgoth XXx

            • I had forgotten about your
              slap and tickle night Deb 🙂 😉

              Have a wonderful evening
              and watch out for a Full Nelson 😦

              Androgoth XXx

      • Yes Deb thinks we should go down another one,
        but maybe too steep for us though we will still enjoy it 🙂


        • It’s not too steep for you guys, and just think of how hungry you’ll get…more room for the chocolate, marshmallows, pancakes, spam and wine gums. 😉

          • Now you’re talking Deb,
            bring on those steep hills
            and Fraz and me will be
            down them and eating a
            pancake or twenty when
            we have enjoyed our day
            out on the slopes 🙂

            Androgoth XXx

            • I think she will be eager to try it out
              on the Warp Factor 10 setting, it is all
              go on the Pancake eating these days
              so it will need that extra uuuumph 🙂

              Androgoth XXx

            • And flour too! 😉
              Wow! the Warp Factor 10 setting! Of course, how could i have forgot about that one. She’ll be popping them out by the 100’s, mabe 100’s

            • I bet she’ll do it! She loves pushing the buttons and only has to do it once in the morning as it’s set for the day! 😉

            • We’ll have to get a pancake funnel in order to keep up with the productivity of the pancake machine! 🙂 😉

            • Yes bad idea, let’s use the Skeletons instead, but don’t rattle their bones too much on the corners or we might be in trouble 😦

              Androgoth XXx

            • Okay, we’ll use the Skeleton at the front of the team with the wolves behind them that way they’ll run really really fast trying to get away from the Wolves that want to lick their bones. 🙂 😉

            • Yes another excellent thought Deb 🙂
              Those Wolves will be snapping at their
              butts and keeping them on the run 🙂
              While we sit back and enjoy our snack 🙂

              Have a wicked wrestling night Deb, it is
              time for my morning tea and Van Helsing 😉

              Androgoth XXx

            • Yes, and we’ll get to the top of the hill in no time flat!

              Wrestling start is 5 minutes!
              I did so have so much fun tonight, Andro!…thank you, and you enjoy Van Helsing and your tea. 🙂
              Hugs a plenty! ♥ XXx

            • Thank you Deb we always have lots of fun 🙂 😉
              Now go and grab your favourite wrestler, a bear
              hug will teach him some manners I think 🙂 lol

              Androgoth XXx

  5. Pasted the test with flying colours! 🙂 Awesome Deb.

    Thanks for your visit hun, always good to hear from you.
    Hope you are well and enjoying your summer!
    Hugs Traceyxx

    • I’ve been having all kinds of fun! Although the mosquito’s had a banquet on my legs last evening. I guess their having their summer fun too!
      Thanks Tracy, Hugs xx

      I’ve never seen Fraz take a test that he did not pass.:-) 😉

    • I don’t know, if one of those gobbins or Zombies get in the way I suppose it’s possible, but not likely. :-);-)

    • The one that pet hauled back up by Andro Zomibes that think they are chasing some crazy food we offered them. 🙂
      Sure will be glad when you get back and post something again, Sig…miss ya! 🙂

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