54 comments on “Carrot Thief

  1. Omg Deb this hare has been on Interpole most wanted list for quite some time now…hope they nab him on time.
    Yesterday Lauren met alien rooster and today you caught the one on the most wanted list
    what does this mean girls??? Whats happening here…

    • I think it means, “The farm has opened all their pens and their all on the loose!” 🙂
      Thanks Soma! Hugs xx

  2. Shifty looking little git!!! LoL!!! 🙂

    I like the recipe for jugged hare that starts: “First catch your hare”… 🙂

    Love and squishy hugs!


            • It is my sweet Deb
              what a great Friday so far …………
              so much love everywhere ——-inside the heart ———– boom boom boom goes my heart 🙂 so happy – thank You for always making me smile ……
              and inspiring me to believe more and more xoxoxo
              Thank You xo

            • Love Love Love xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
              re reading Soma’s post on You and traveling through the lovely links 🙂
              have a beautifullllllllllllllllll Day xoxoxoxoxoxoi

            • Your so sweet. Drop a word or two or smile so I know you’ve been there.
              You have a beautiful day too! Hugs a plenty! xoox

            • I was everywhere !!
              I like the Gum one a ton 🙂 xx
              and your doggies 🙂 and the llama !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              and the cute bird – Fluffy -he felt fluffy- he was sweet 🙂
              i love all you do and create Deb ……..
              here is a little love for you

              Once upon a time
              There was a woman
              and her name was Debbie
              she had a heart of gold and a sensitive soul
              and made all those around her feel like happy children !
              she drew and painted and created and created
              the best thing i ever felt her do is leave a ton of love: wherever she went !!!!!!!!!
              and that is what i saw and felt …..
              for a Lovely friend named Deb.


    • Well, since he already is about to grab it, I guess he can have it…but just the one! 🙂
      Thanks Sabina! Hugs xx

    • That’s what I thought! Thanks Tom!
      Running behind again, my friend! I’ve got 3 posts of comments on my own blog to catch up on yet!
      Hugs xx

    • Binky say if it was a wine gum he beat him too it, but none the less, I guess your right…”He needs to keep an eye on them.” 🙂 Hugs xx

  3. You’re right Deb he does look a bit shifty in
    this one Deb but a great painting nonetheless 🙂

    Have a wicked evening now 😉

    Androgoth XXx

    • Well actually, so far, it doesn’t, but I do have these pesky birds that pick at the tomatoes.
      Thanks Krystiana! Hugs xx

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