93 comments on “Chris Land of Wombania

  1. That is pretty much the same expression my in-laws had when they met me. It does seem like the expression you would have if a bunch of wombats moved in with you.

    • This must be one of those comments that you said could be going to spam…I just found it. Sorry I forgot to look in there after telling you I would….my bad for sure.

      I don’t know, Bo, I was perfectly delighted when Dink and TInk moved in with me, and when the other wombies visit, it’s always so much fun! 🙂 😉

      Thanks Bo! xo

  2. Chris always says he never looked liked that before he met us. I don’t really believe him, however. He seems to be constantly perplexed, but I have no idea why.

  3. You have certainly made Chris’ day with this one Deb
    and I am sure that he will be proud to gaze upon thise
    wonderful masterpiece 🙂 🙂

    Have a wicked evening and
    watch out for low flying pancakes 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • Maybe, but he’s never been married. He’s been invaded though. but he likes it really, he’s just confused is all. Maybe he should lay down and take a nap.

  4. Is it me or Chris looks eggstatic at that news….eggstatic is when you are as happy as an egg who doesnt know whether it will boiled or scrambled…….
    Chris fear not Fraz knows how to take care…he has nunchucks and strawberry candles…just the thing for cousins…
    Deb you are a genius..what a happy face…and a lovely illustration too!!

  5. Well, he definitely looks a bit surprised and since you did an awesome job with this expression, will there be a more relaxed or happy photo after he’s more acquainted with the Wombies? Hugs, Deb, xoxox

    • Terrified would be a better description. The Wombies have been with Chris since day one, and he has become more use the them, and even likes the little fuzballs fellas. 🙂
      Thanks Lauren! Hugs xoxo

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