43 comments on “No Tell Motel

  1. ah so that is what NTM on the hoarding meant…
    I went there one night
    no soul in sight
    i shouted hey any one there
    i would like to get a room what’s the fare
    soon there were howling n hiss n creaks
    Strange looking things ghosts or freaks
    Deb its scary there i must add
    that i came out alive,boy am so glad

    sorry the painting was so tempting
    Beautiful the colours and shades
    and that name gives it that edge
    loved it that:)

    • “i shouted hey any one there.” They had to be quite because they, “Can’t Tell,” at the “No Tell, Motel.” 🙂
      Love the poems…perfect for a motel that’s tucked in the woods.
      When my hubby gave it that name. I just had to use it!
      Thanks Soma! xo

  2. OMG this is just so funny, your hubby has a great sense of humor, too 🙂 Wow, and the colors are just amazing it does look like a nice little place like Binky says 🙂 lol Hugs

    • I think the title makes the whole painting. I mean if I had just named it something “Country Motel,” is would have struck people completely different.
      Thanks Autumn! Hugs xx

  3. Looking good Debs – and his nibs has quite a sense of humour! LoL!!! 🙂

    As long as Norman Bates isn’t living there… 😉

    Love and hugs!


    • Thanks Prenin!
      Yes, he has a tendency to pop out a funny one now and then. He did that once before when I needed help naming one of my other painting, here, when I said, This is me walking the beach if your weren’t with me to walk the beach anymore. And just like this title, I just had to use the one he came up with for that one too…cracked me up. 🙂
      Love and Hugs xx

  4. Perfect choice of names, Deb, it adds a bit of mystery for this peaceful little get-a-way! Your hubby did good! 🙂 And your painting is beautiful. I love the soft pastels! Hugs and Happy Friday! xoxo

  5. I lovethis, Deb. The heavy shadows make this so moody and it reminds me of some of the homes Hopper painted. The looseness and fact that you did not define everything makes me imagine!

    • That is exactly what I’m working on doing more…not so much defining. One thing I learned is, “If I’m going to define everything then I better get it perfect.” Well pish posh to that. I’m truly learning that sometimes with watercolors…”less is more.” 🙂
      Thank you for commenting so generously, Leslie! xo

  6. I am pleased that you added ‘No tell Motel’ and not ‘Bates Motel’ 😦 lol

    Have a scream
    of a weekend Deb 😉 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

    • Gottcha 🙂
      Oh no, not a Bates Motel where there is blood curling screaming, but where there are secrets to be told.
      I will have a great weekend, and you better do the same!
      Hugs x3 XXx

      • Thank you Deb and I have just added Cici to my side bar 🙂 I hope that it is okay? 🙂 I added a speech bubble regarding her new clothes 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

        • I saw it, and love it, Andro! She is going to rave about that in the morning. As I am so please with it myself. I didn’t make the sweater for her though…just so you know. But I did get is special just for her tiny little body. 🙂 You’re the best, my friend!…thank you!
          Hugs a plenty ♥ XXx

        • I saw it there, I saw it too, Mommy tried to keep me from looking at other stuff too though. How come Uncle Andro. I want to look too! How come she can and I can’t?
          Thank you for putting it up there. I like what you wrote in it too. I’m going to ask Mommy if she will put it in her sidebar too. Does she have to ask you first?. I’ll ask her that too.
          I heard your watching soccer today. I wish I could watch too, then you could kick a ball past me and I would growl while I ran after it and bring it back to you, but fight you for it….hehe, that how I play.
          Doggie Hugs….Photobucket

          • Yes we can play ball anytime, and the rougher the better, well as long as you don’t get too growly 🙂 Just playing I know 🙂 Yes take the picture and add it to your own side bar, after all it is yours but I am pleased that you let me use it on my Space 🙂

            Have a wonderful day at the beach now 🙂

            Androgoth XXx

            • Oh boy, I’ll tell Mommy right away! I can’t wait to see it there! Hey, I want an image of your or of something to represent your space too. Do you have one you like that my mommy can use that you like best, maybe your face like I saw on your blog when mommy let me go over there to look. I’m gonna let her let me spend time over there too. I’m good at talking her into stuff.
              I love to play ball and fight you to keep the ball, and I have to growl so you forget I’m little. I like to play tug of war too…make me feel in charge if I can win.
              We don’t go to the beach today. Mommy has to go to the store and do some laundry. Besides, she says on the weekend there are tourists at the beach.
              Doggie Hugs….Photobucket

            • Yes there are always those tourists spoiling the fun, but never mind you can go when they are all at work 🙂 Yes there will be a picture on my Space somewhere that you can use and thank you for asking me 🙂 Have a fun time tugging with your toys, I wouldn’t mind if you won either 🙂 Right I need a sandwich before I get too hungry 🙂

              Uncle Andro XXx

            • Yeah, there way more room when their not around.
              I’ll tell mommy to go find one she likes then. Maybe she’ll let me pick one out. Yay!
              I can win sometimes….I’m pretty good at tug of war.
              If must be suppertime where you live. It’s lunchtime hear…almost, but I hate my breakfast late today so I’m full. Go eat and then have one of those Wombie Zombie, double chocolate blasted, Carmel Crunches!…those are good. And mommy told Winky last night to save you one over at their place</a> too. Talk to you later, Uncle Andro! I had lots of fun talking to you today, and thank you for everything!
              Doggie Hugs…
              I’ll miss you though….Photobucket

            • Yes I have just been over to Wombania
              and seen your mummys lovely comments,
              I always enjoy choco times 🙂

              Have some fun now, it’s nearly my tea time 🙂

              Uncle Andro XXx

            • I tell Mommy to stop helping me here so she can go over there to see what you said.
              Enjoy your tea Uncle Andro!
              Doggie Hugs!
              I’m going over there to Wombania too!…


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