77 comments on “See…I do get cold in the house

  1. Would you just look at that…lol…paws at front and all ready for the snapshot 🙂 Cici looks adorable Deb! Do you knit the jumpers..?
    Have a great day hun..hugs Traceyxx

    • No, my mommy didn’t knit the sweater, she bought it at the store. She waits for them to go on sale and stock up on a few for me.
      Yes, she really wanted me to sit pretty so I said, “okay, hurry up mommy, I want to go play!”

      Thank you for visiting me, Aunty Tracy!
      Woofy hugs

    • Hi Aunty Cat!
      I’m a girl yes, but a tomdog. Maybe cos I’m still only a puppy…16 months old now. Let’s have fun at Wombania soon…k?

      I wuv you, Aunty Cat! Woofy hugs!

      • AWW SO CUTE ……
        I CAN HEAR YOU 🙂 XO

        • I don’t talk, but I know how to type words wit my paws….I know the words. And you can hear me because my voice travels…just ask mommy.
          Doggie Hugs! xoxo

      • All doggie need love, Aunty Cat. You should give your doggie extra huggies today too! And go pet all the doggies in the Humane Society pwison.

    • Hi Aunty Hanne!
      No, it’s not fun getting cold so easy. It goes against my rough and tough personality. Mommy doesn’t keep it too cold in the house really, I just get cold easy, but she keeps me warm…I dread that up coming hair cut though…that’s for my own good too…but brrr.

  2. I think you look adorable in your sweater, Cici. Pink is a very flattering color. I used to give my girls hair cuts at home. I kept it short all year long since they liked to wander in the woods & I had to pick or brush stuff out of their hairs all the time. I agree everyone needs a cuddle!

    • Thank you, Aunty Faythe! I like my sweater. Not all of them though, some I don’t like the way they fit me, but this one is my favorite, and it’s pink!…Yay!
      Mommy give me a real short hair cut for the summer months, but lets it grow out to help keep me warm when we go home in the fall and winter.

      I sure hope you are getting better and better everyday, Aunty Fayte. I don’t like it when you are hurting.

      Woofy hugs!

    • Thank you for visiting my post, Aunty Lauren. Mommy told me all about your big doggie, Copper. I bet him and I would have fun as long as he didn’t step on me…ouch.
      I’m glad you like my picture. I sat real still for mommy even though I wanted to play instead. It hard for me to sit still once I got playing on my mind.
      Doggie Hugs

      • I’m sure Copper wouldn’t step on you (intentionally) :), but he may give you a real BIG kiss! He’s very lovable and just a big softy! I know you two would have lots of fun! xx

        • No, it would be on porpuss but it would hurt a little. I bet he’d knock me over with a kiss. If he’d lay down I would climb on his head and lick he head and ears till he fell asleep. And my licks are like butterfly kisses cos my tongue is so tiny.
          Doggie hugs!…Photobucket

            • I know, and I would love his kisses because I wuv to be wuved. He’d like mine too, but it might tickle a little.:-)
              Doggie hugs and kisses for Copper…where is Copper. I want Copper to come here to and say hi to me. 😉

  3. aaagh… I love the sound of that aunty Tracey lol….so cute, ta Deb.
    I am sure Cici looks adorable no matter what you put on her 🙂
    Nighty nite
    hugs sleepy auntyTracey:P

    • Night night, Aunty Tracy! I’ll tell mommy you posted too! I know she would send her love to you too! xoxo from mommy and Doggie hugs from me. 🙂

  4. Cici, i’ve MISSED YOU, you cutie pie tomdog, you…The sweater is a keeper, by the way. I’m sure you’ll rock your cropped hairdo because you are a pooch for all seasons. Ah Cici, welcome back to blogging. The place hasn’t been the same without you 🙂

    • I missed you too, Aunty Kathryn! Mommy keeps doing art and stuff and hasn’t given me a chance to get on the computer. So when she wanted to take my picture I said I’d sit still if I could do a post so I could talk to everybody…okay, type to everybody.
      Mommy says I’d be cute even if I was bald…Bald!? I better not ever be bald…way too cold! I’m tough but cold is not for me.
      I told her if I’d blog her blog would get more traffic. Because cute ranks higher than art! Right, Aunty Kathryn. I know it’s true.
      I feel chilly now so I’m going to go dig on mommy shirt so she’ll know to put a blanky on her lap so I can get under it..she has the A/C turn on again.
      Great big Doogie Hugs to you, Aunty Kathryn!…Photobucket

        • I wuv a nice soft blanky, they make me feel all warm and hugged Cassies?…I goofed up Aunty Kathryn and told Aunty Valentine how that goes…Look at the comment I made to her.
          Thanks for visiting me, Aunty Kathryn!
          Doggie Hugs…Photobucket

  5. There is nothing like a cuddle when its chilly,
    actually cuddling is good anytime so grab one
    whenever you can and enjoy it 🙂 🙂 Have fun 🙂

    Uncle Andro XXx

    • Hi Uncle Andro! I like to cuddle…it keeps me warm and makes me fell safe when I forget I’m rough and tough, but once I get my cuddles I’m brave and fearless again! I like it when you come visit me, Uncle Andro cos you make me happy!
      Thanks for coming to visit!
      Doggie Hugs…Photobucket

  6. That’s a nice sweater, Cici! Maybe you could get a little battery-powered electric sweater to keep you extra warm. Or maybe you could get a little doggy trailer with a heater in it!

    • Yeah, that’s what I need! I need to be kept warm all the time so I can go about my business. Do you think Fraz’s Genie could get me my own doggie trailer? Send Fraz over here so we can dis-gust it if you dunt know.


  7. Oh I knew you are a tomdog, i love you so much Cici you are the cutest woof in the planet ..no in the solar system…Just the cutest and the kooooooothiest
    and in that pink sweater you look like a princess Cici.of course you want to be cuddled //I so want to cudddle you
    Sending tons and tons of cuddles
    cutiiiiiiiiie I looooooooove you

    • Oh boy, one of my most favorite Auntie’s in the whole world came to see me today!…Yay! You and mommy are the only ones that call me kooochie woochie names. I wuv it too! I know it sweet talk and I respond very well to sweet talk….it helps me be obedient.
      I am a princess Aunty, and Fraz is a prince, but we are not married…that’s yucky and for boring adultiest peoples.
      Yes, yes, cuddle me with bear hugs, and you even left a gift for me to put on my gift page for me to go get a hug from you when I need one…well, I’ll remember you wuv me too.
      I wuv you too Aunty!
      Doggie hugs!….Photobucket

    • Hi Aunty Valentine.
      Mommy say’s I can’t call you Aunty Val with out your permission because I have to show wespect.
      Yeah, poo ole wittle me, so itty bitty and cold. I needed this post so get all the warm wuv. But I don’t want mommy to get hot…it’s makes her get hot flashes and that make her go crazy. So we comwise with each other.
      Doggie Hugs….Photobucket

        • She knows, but she still likes it cool on account that she don’t like the heat. It’s not that mommy keep the A/C to cool, it’s just that I need it to be about 80 degrees or so to be comfy. And 80 is too hot for daddy too.
          I don’t like to cuddle Cassie, I like to play with her and beat her up…she like a mommy dog. She lets me have it though when she’s had enough to my rough-housing. Mommy is the best cuddler in the house, then daddy.
          Here’s some doggie love for you, Aunty Valentine!….Photobucket

  8. Cici, my little guy is about your size. I keep it warm enough in the house he only has to wear his sweater when we ride in the truck. The two of you would have a great time together. His name is Beau Chien. It is French for “handsome dog”.

    Be sweet and cuddle up ❤

    • Mommy keeps it pretty comfortable…76 degrees, but I like it much warmer than that. I wear sweater in the truck too. I Would like to meet Beau Chien someday…I’m a tomdog so we’d have fun.
      I weigh 2 lbs and 4 oz at my last weigh in. I try to stay at 2.5 lbs though, but I can’t turn my nose up to a meal to stay at that weight. How much does your baby weigh?
      Thanks for visiting me, Auntie Red!. My moms says you are really smart!…and a teacher too!
      Doggie Hugs…Photobucket

      • My little guy weighed 2 pounds 6 ounces when we went to the vet the last time. I am betting he is close to three pounds now. But he cons the children into letting him have breads and chicken. He eats special little dog food and gets a treat when he wants one or really wants to chew something!

        He looks a lot like the dog you have licking the screen, except his ears stand up all the time. Mommy can show you his picture at my place. He is loads of fun and is very good at play catch and fetch. he loves to jump on the trampoline!

        Be sweet for Mommy. We will see if we can manage to meet so you can play together, soon.

        Auntie Red.

        • Hi Aunty Red!

          I’ve weighed 2 pounds 6 ounces before, it kinds goes up and down a bit sometimes. Some people think 2 pounds 6 ounces is the same as 2 and a half pounds but it’s not…is less. I have to eat special dog food too. It’s prescription food for gastrointestinal so I don’t get sick anymore.
          I love to play, and I can be yappy too, mostly when daddy stands up to put his hat on, or anytime I think he is going to go somewhere. He hates it when I do that cos I won’t stop it. I think because when he goes out he don’t come back in minute like mommy does.
          He looks like the doggie I use to give kisses with?…What kind of doggie is he, Aunty Red?
          I’d sure like to meet him someday, I love to play with other dogs a lot if they like to play too! Cassie don’t play so much, she’s like a mommy dog and just watches over me.
          I’m sweet to mommy, I’m sweet really all the time, except when I bark…I wish I didn’t do that though.
          I hope to get to meet you, Aunty Red, I know my mommy would like that too. She thinks your very smart and are like a mom Sometimes when she needs to know something she can find a solution on you site a lot.
          Doggie hugs!…Photobucket

          • Beau is a Chihuahua. He is white with brown spots and the most amazing green eyes. I do not live that far from your Mommy, and I am sure we can find a way for you and Beau to play together. I am glad I can hep your Mommy. When she needs me, I will be here.

            And do not worry about the barking. Little dogs bark more because they are smaller and need to show they are not scared of people and bigger dogs. As you get a little older, you will learn to growl in a sweet way, like Cassie does to you when she tells you to go to sleep. You can talk that way to Mommy and Daddy, too. I bet if you show Mommy how to growl, she would talk to you in doggie. In the process, you may even learn to sing! ❤

            Be good, Little One,
            Auntie Red.

  9. Cici you do look a cutie in your pink!… I hope that you keep warm.. Its been a coldish June here… rain and more rain… but we cant complain.. Rain makes the garden grow… Hugs to you xx

    • Thank you Aunty Sue! I love pink so people know I’m a girl. I kind of act like a boy sometime so I need the pink to help me out sometimes. I stay warm, mommy makes sure I’m okay all the time. I like the rain too, it grows the food that mommy needs to eat to stay healthy just so she can take care of me!
      Doggie Hugs…Photobucket

  10. You are sooooooooo cute Cici!!
    I hope you get your hair cut soon 🙂
    You are not the only one who likes to be cuddled, even my coldblooded baby loves to be cuddled.

    I hate reblogging too!! I wish there is a way to stop it.
    hugs and kisses to you cici

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