69 comments on “Bazooka Bubble Gum

    • Now that sounds like fun. Do you think you’d win? 🙂 I don’t think I could, my jaw would get tired…lol
      Thanks for the comment on my painting and poem, Scott!
      Hugs xx

  1. ha ha ha ha this is hilarious
    omg Deb what a fun poetry…
    am sure in morning gum will taste even better taking it out from the bedpost 😆
    loved loved loved the poetry….

    hey you know what you blogs not only make my worries dissapear but i am so inspired after every visit so you totally deserve this super banner for your blog(for blogs that enrich,inspire and entertain)

    • Hey Cici you do know you are the cutest woof in the world and most popular too…and i just love you so thought why not give you a big hug a big kiss and a certificate

      you dont need this but i had to give you something to let you know i love you 🙂

      • Well, my mommy tells me that…so does daddy. You and lots of people that meet me for the very first time. Yay!!… I’m the cutest doggie in the whole world!
        Thank you for the present too, Aunty Soma. If someone ever says I’m not cute I have proof that I am!
        Thanks you…I love you Aunty!
        Doggie Hugs and kisses…Photobucket

    • So glad you like the poem, Soma! I had fun writing it, and painting the pic too.
      You are so sweet to tell me all that about me and my space. And gifting me with a beautiful images of a “No Stress Zone!”
      You’re the sweetest friend, Soma…I love ya!
      Thanks you for everything!
      Hugs xx

  2. Cassie can’t thank you enough for the love you showered me with the other day,you are just the sweetest and guess what i have something for you as well
    big big big hug and this-

    • Thank you, Aunty Soma! Momma always says I’m the sweetest not I have it in writing too.
      She’ll put all these gifts you gave the three of us on the gifts page….we each have our own.
      Love you, Aunty Soma!
      Doggie Hugs and kisses…Photobucket

  3. Great artwork and great memories.
    Reminds me of that old song, “Does your chewin’ gum lose it’s flavor on the bed post overnight?”

  4. Lord that stuff was awful. That piece of cardboard in the baseball pack they called gum was even worse and you could not make any bubbles with it anyway. Like the poem though.Transported me back 50 years.

    • Don’t know what gum you are referring too, Carl. Bazooka was delicious and every kid I ever knew loved it, and was most popular when I was growing up.
      Glad you like the poems. Have a stick of trident. 🙂 😉
      Hugs xx

    • It certainly was…I use to get some with my weekly allowance. I could get 2 for a penny. The comics were great. Hey the comic alone was good enough reason to get the gum. I tried chewing up two pieces at once…haha. Man was my jaw sore.
      Thanks Jeremy!
      Hugs xx

  5. BTW- The only good part of gettin’ a haircut when I was a kid was the Bazooka Bubble Gum the barber gave me after I had been scalped. i think it was kind of an apology.

    • Lol…Well, because you likely would…so would I. All it takes is one great big bubble and Boom, it’s in the hair! 🙂
      Hugs xx

    • Mine too, Wendell. I haven’t chewed bubble gum in ages. I chew sugarless now. But when I did…it was so much fun.
      Hugs xx

  6. Nice work, Deb!
    I’ve never tasted this Bazooka Bubble Gum… 😦
    I’ve always thought Malabar was American and I’ve just learned it’s actually a French brand. I think it’s pretty much the same as Bazooka. We have also “Hollywood Chewing Gum” lol French too.

    • I’ve tasted others that tried to be like Bazooka over the last 50 years and have never come across a one that is a match.
      Thanks Cha! Hugs xx

  7. That was a Fun Post and poem Deb.. now I remember that Pink gum… that I would blow bubbles with.. arrrgh… until my jaw ached… thank you for jogging a Dreamwalkers memory .. going back now..

    • Oh I love it!…thank you, Sue! That song really makes me laugh! I remember too how my jaw would get sore from chewing it!…lol. hey, they were 2 for a penny back then.
      Love you, Hugs xx

  8. Yes we all ate this Bazooka Bubble Gum when we were kid’s but I haven’t seen any around for years do they still make it? This posting is thought provoking Deb, and now I am thinking about all the other sweets of that time 🙂 How wicked…

    Have a fun weekend you 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx

    • Forgive me for taking so long to reply. I lost my connection for the last two days due to a bad storm.

      Yes, we all of our age group did enjoy this gum for one reason or other, but it doesn’t seem to be around anywhere I’ve looked either.
      Now you got me thinking of other candies of that time too, Andro! Hey, do you remember how big the malted milk balls use to be? And I could get 2 for a penny. Man, I could fill up a bag of 50 for .25 cents.
      Have a great Sunday, Andro!
      Hugs ♥ XXx

      • Those were the days Deb and yes everything was literally much bigger then, I remember the Mars Bars and Cream Eggs they are so small now, I like those midget gems also and being that they are so yummy I bet Fraz and the rest of the Wombies would enjoy them 🙂 Have a fun time remembering all those sweets of yesteryear, like those sherbot fountains and flying saucers, gob stoppers, caramac chocolate and chewing gum lollies 🙂 lmao

        Androgoth XXx

        • Yes, they were. All candy bar were of full size. The little ones you find in a party bag were not even thought of yet. If you wanted a lot of bars you had to get them all full size.
          If was fun to remember for a while now wasn’t it.
          Have an excellent evening, my friend!
          Hugs ♥ XXx

    • Oh it was. I don’t think there was a kid in America that wasn’t chewing…and adults stepping in it…lol
      Hugs xx

  9. Lol…I love it…you make me want to chew a gum 🙂
    It’s been long since my last gum. I hope I don’t step on a chewed gum tomorrow morning 😉

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