21 comments on “Memorial Day

  1. everyday we breathe freah air of freedom
    everyday we get one more chance at life
    everyday we crib and whine about petty little things
    everyday we pick up new fight
    everyday we do all this and much much more
    cos somewhere someone gave up all the comfort
    protecting our rights
    protecting our lives

  2. Thanks for remembering our fallen troops, but i would like to extend that if i can…there are many who suffered deblitating injuries and now fight these things everyday. The reason i know, i am one of those who are totally disabled! Please send along your prayers for them also! I gratefully implore you to do so! Beautiful post DEB!

  3. What a wonderful tribute to our fallen troops! We should remember them more than one day as Binky pointed out. Ahhhh, Wendell has truly suffered, I”m praying!! Good post, Deb and much needed, to remind all of us! HUGS xx

  4. Thank you Deb for the very nice tribute to our Veterans, present, past, and future. They are truly the backbone of our wonderful country! They gave a lot that was asked of them so we could carry on this conversation here on wordpress!

  5. Lovely image and words. The heroes will always be remembered.

    One question, why 25 May is US memorial day? we have ours on November because it was the day of the biggest fight against The Dutch

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