99 comments on “Captain Fraz and the Pirates

  1. Deb, i’m a sucker for a ducky. Does that sound wrong? 🙂 And your ducky is a real cutie. Plus i love the way that elegant parrot is on Captain Fraz’s hat. And that green dragon sure looks happy steering. Wonderful scene you have here 🙂

    • No, it does not sound wrong. I love a ducky too…their cute.
      Yes, Fraz has his own Parrot. I think it’s name is Polly or Crackers….or feeds it crackers. 🙂
      Yes, he took over the wheel to get Fraz back to his island.
      Thanks, Kathryn! xo

  2. This is adorable, Deb, love the colors and characters and chocolate, spam and wine? Well, maybe not, but as long as Captain Fraz does, all is right in the world! Hugs! xx

    • All the chocolate, spam and wine gums are in Fraz’s Captain Quarters, where he will eat later prior to getting of his ship.
      I think Fraz looks happy with his set-up.
      Thanks Lauren! Hugs xx

  3. This is absolutely great Deb 🙂 🙂 . Fantastic crew too. I’d love to think of their adventures. I imagine they must be full of chocolate-chasing sharks, lost or hidden maps and unexpected encounters.

  4. I agree with Ian … you should write (and illustrate) children’s books, Deb … So precious 🙂 Love, cat.

    • I’ll think about it…no promises though. I’ve got swimming, sun-bathing and fishing to do this summer. 🙂
      Thanks Cat….I’m really glad you like it! Love and Hugs xx

    • He’s doing pretty good though. Their not far from Fraz’s Island now. 🙂 But it’s really hard for him to eat Fraz’s chocolate so that’s good.

  5. I’m rich, I’m rich, I’m rich!!
    And it’s my ship, too! And I’m captain!!
    And I was just wishing for a dragon, too!
    Well have a big party after I bury my treasure and get back to my island!

    • Yes, you are rich, Fraz. Now you can get so many of the things you’ve been hoping for. A new car, Laptop, wagon, I-Pad, or Pod, Latest cell phone…top of the line. and of course all the chocolate you could eat in a life-time.
      And now that your Captain, everyone has to do what you tell them to do.
      Now you bury that treasure really, really good. There are other pirates out there looking for treasure of their own and wouldn’t mind taking yours. Make sure you make a map too.
      Yay, a party!!

      • I guess I better not bury all my treasure, then. I’ve got things to buy! I wonder where pirates shop?

        I’ll try not to be too bossy, but everyone better have fun at my party! Or else! Or else they won’t get any more chocolate.

        And I’ve got my treasure map under my hat, but do’t tell anyone!!

      • No, not all of it. That would be like putting all your eggs in one basket. So yes, do shop for the things you have been wanting for yourself and others.
        Actually, pirates shop at all the same kind of stores others go to. They do need groceries of their liking. But, you will find when you go over to the main islands (Hatteras and Ocracoke Island) varies places to shop for your needs….but you’ll have to use your internet on your cell phone to order electronics. I did supply you with an internet connection on you current cell phone that I placed behind the tree on your island. Okay, that’s enough, my morning coffee is ready.

      • I guess we’ll take the pirate ship over to the main islands, then. And we can all go on a shpping spree! Yay! And for anything else we need, I guess there’s always eBay!

        And then we can all have a big BBQ on my island!

        • You will be able to get all your food supplies there for you BBQ. Lots of pirate things too!…that part will be fun. But yes, ebay will have to be a popular sport for the rest.
          So where is Andro today?…Have seen him check out your Ship yet. I hope he goes to the BBQ. He always brings great supplies.

      • I think he’ll be over once his F1 race is over. Maybe I should have told him there’s a big screen TV and lots of party food in his cabin!

    • No spam, Val? Fraz loves spam. Though he seems to eat the chocolate and win gums much more.
      Fraz would love to have you come visit him on his island.

      Glad you like it, Val!…thank you!
      Hugs xx

  6. Well if it’s gonna be children’s books that stuff in the xxx jug better be lemonade or sugar free punch. Excuse the pun but it is “artful” the way you worked in the burnt orange, orange , yellows and ambers so smoothly on the ship.

    • I think Fraz found that bottle floating in the sea….I think it might be empty. You’d have to ask him though.
      Thanks, Carl! I’m glad you like the painting! xo

      • Of course! What was I thinking. It would make perfect sense that you would take your Genie along! Hands off? Oh yeah, that right, if someone else frees the Genie then their the Genies new masters. Better keep the Genie safe. BTW, what is your Genie’s name?

  7. Love the picture Debs and Ian and Carl are right: You could branch out into writing children’s stories!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


      • Binky has been encouraging me to draw at least one Wombie. With you and Andro as competition, and all of Cha’s lovely renditions, I am very much out of my league.

      • No, no, no your not. You just draw or paint whatever you want. The Wombies don’t have to look exactly like them…just a representation of them. If you look at Fraz in this posting he does not really look like Fraz, but does represent him. You just go for it Red…it’s fun!
        Love and Hugs xx

      • It’s supposed to be for fun, Red, so you shouldn’t worry about it. If you don’t want to draw a Wombie, that’s perfectly fine, but if you do feel the inspiration to do a drawing one day a lot of us would like to see it.

  8. Oh My God Deb i can’t stop laughing..this is so funny
    you are super fabulous
    look at Fraz,with wooden leg and hook,and eye patch..he looks like that One eyed Willie
    and oh we have dianosaur too..oh i would love to be on this ship,what fun
    Marvelous and super fun painting and story
    this is such a delightful read 🙂
    love ya 🙂

    • Yes, he wanted to be a pirate and have his own pirate ship…so I gave him the works. But I can now think about a 1/2 dozen more things I would have liked to add to the image. So we must use our imagination and think of things inside of his Captain’s Quarters.
      Haha. Glad you enjoyed the story, Soma…and the painting!
      Love ya too! Hugs xx

    • Oh Marina, you must really go back to the posting and click on the Wombania link I provided. There you will find the real Fraz and all the rest of the Wombies…..it’s fun there.
      Glad you like the painting, Marina!…thank you.
      Hugs xx

  9. OMG!!! This is so cooool, Deb.
    I LOVE it. But Fraz with a wooden leg? I hope it’s just part of the costume. lol
    You did an amazing job with the colors too. 🙂

    • Well, he fight sharks for his chocolate but then lets them have it. So the wooden leg could be very real from an attack…you’ll have to ask Fraz.
      Glad you like it, and thanks for the twitter mention!
      Love and Hugs xx

  10. There is nothing like a good Pirate story and if I know little
    Fraz he will be enjoying every single minute of his new adventures,
    actually there is bound to be hidden treasures ooooooh arrrrrr 🙂 😉

    I hope that bottle of Triple ‘X’ isn’t anything naughty? 😉 lol

    Great painting Deb 🙂


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      • Well you better get on it. The next time I see your room I want to see if filled with all the things you’ve been wanting that Chris couldn’t get you. And Fraz, you could give him a bunch of Gold too…it’d be worth it. Chris is a good man!
        Hugs xx

        • Yes, but if it’s too much money you could always get him a chocolate one. That way, if he don’t like it you can always eat it. You can loose. But cash is always good too.

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