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  1. Ooh! I love the contrast in those colours, Deb. We’ve been having days of drippy rain, and like you, i’m not a fan of too much. But every now and again, i enjoy a gray day. You take care, okay 🙂

  2. Lovely poem and oh, so lovely pic, my friend … we had a lot of rain in AB … if it gets warm now, everything will green up in a hurry … can’t wait for that … we only have 100 frost free days … so spring and summer are short and passionate …

    • Finished the painting today. I wrote the poem a year ago, but thought it was well suited for my painting.
      Thank you, and thank you for commenting, Cat!
      Hugs xx

  3. Beautiful painting of gorgeous colors and tranquility, Deb, and your poem is wonderful, too. I love the rain, also, but too much is simply too much. It’s nice to have a little break with some sunshine! Hugs! xo

    • I was just telling Cat further up that I had wrote that poem a year ago…remembered it and used it for this painting. I’m in a rather tranquil moon today. My moods usually show in my work. I’m glad you like both, Lauren!
      Hugs xx

      • I’m glad you remembered it and enjoy your tranquil mood, Deb! I’m in the “spring cleaning” mood with a dash of blogging in between! 🙂 xoxo

      • I had to do my spring cleaning before I left to come here, the right away as soon as I got here…you enjoy, and the blogging too.
        Love and Hugs xx

  4. Deb, I despise the rain. Truly there is only one thing I hate worse, Snow. But you may bring your rain to my parade any day. This is really lovely, both the painting and the poem.


    • Not even a little bit, for the sake of it watering nature?. I know what you mean though, I feel that way about rain it there is too much of it.
      I’m very happy you are pleased with my painting and poem, Val!
      Thank you for commenting.
      Hugs xx


  6. You have certainly added a fine painting
    and wonderful poem too, how delightful my
    great friend. I like the colouring on this one
    and the fine drops of rain filtering through
    the clouds makes this painting a wickedly
    enjoyable masterpiece Deb 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • I never thought of adding that rain till the skies let out a another afternoon shower today, and at that moment, I knew what how this painting was meant to be.
      You always leave me the kindest comments, Andro…thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.
      Have a most wicked evening, my fine friend!
      Hugs ♥ XXx

      • Your work speaks for itself Deb and all I am doing is adding words that are already etched within your paintings, of which they are always excellently portrayed, it is a true gift that you have my great friend and are sharing it with us all, your friends 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

        • Aw, Andro! that is such a kind thing to tell me…Thank you!
          I do love sharing my work with all my friend. And Andro, you are one of my best friends here in WP…thank you always for your kind thoughts.
          Have a fine evening, my friend.
          Hugs ♥XXx

  7. The colors are very interesting in this one. A bit abstract I imagine? But I quite like it, and as Andro mentioned, the raindrops are a very nice and unusual touch.

    • Yes, you are right, it is bit of an abstract painting, an abstract landscape painting. I will have to tag it that way as well.
      The rain drops, well, you saw what I told Andro on how they came to be…glad it happened that way too.
      Thanks Binky for your thoughts and taking the time to comment this evening.
      Hugs xx

  8. Had a long busy weekend but what a lovely Monday i just have had..
    you poem made me smile and chuckle…specially the way you asked rain to take a hike 😆
    Now about the painting gorgeous+beautiful+brilliant( please make a new word)
    I have never seen rain and hope painted together so beautifully..loved the yellow in the painting…its like sun is sending secret messages to its friends and telling them he will see them soon 🙂
    Biggggggggg hug 🙂

    • There’s my Soma! Seeing you here this evening has made might whole day! And what a lovely comment you leave me about my poem and painting. New word…nah. When you leave your written words it is music to my ears, and a vision of beauty for my eyes!…it’s like seeing you!
      I’m glad you got a chuckle out of the poem. I needed a little break from the rain, though it was that last rain prior to finishing my painting that inspired me to add it to the painting….So it worked in my favor.
      Hey, thanks for sending me some sunshine, Soma!!
      Great big hugs!! xx

    • I love it…waters our God given nature. But a little break it nice in between. 🙂
      You have a very good week and a nice day today, my friend!
      Hugs xx

  9. Hi Deb, another good painting and poem! I love the sky when it appears as you’ve painted it on days when it rains heavily – it’s not very often as it is normally grey, but sometimes nature likes to surprise us!

    • You’re right, most rainy days are just grey and blah, but every now and then, I like I had here, we are given a very special sky to enjoy along with it….glad you like it, Tom!
      Thank you for commenting!
      Hugs xx

  10. I love the painting and the poem, Deb 🙂 The colors in the painting are just beautiful! I hope the rain goes away here for me, it’s been around to long 😉 Though the warm rain is nice, and where does whining get me 🙂 lol !!!! Have a wonderful day. hugs xx

    • Sometimes it just over wears it’s welcome. You’re not whining! 🙂 …just expressing your thoughts.
      Glad you like the painting and poem, Autumn! Thanks for visiting and commenting!
      Have a great day today…and week!
      Hugs xx

    • I love the rain too…and finally got a little break from it too. 🙂
      Glad you like the painting, Krystiana!
      Hugs xx

  11. Very nicely done, Deb!
    (I think we share similar thoughts on rain)!
    There’s something about the textures in this image… almost seems ‘non-digital’ to me in its painterly feel… not sure how you do it!

    • Yes, rain is great, we need it, the land needs it, but enough is enough sometimes. 🙂 Use your and oil paint blender, Sig. It’s gives it a more natural blend to it.
      Thank you for your, as always, kind comment, Sig!
      Hugs xx

  12. I have such difficulty trying to simulate rain in my art, but with your paintings, I can practically feel each raindrop hitting me. Good job!

  13. …and you make my grass grow too fast and I have to cut it 3 times a week! AAA! 😀
    Great poem Debbie and beautiful painting. I too, love the rain. I have a simple and long dreamed of fantasy of a romantic moment with my one and only in the rain. Perhaps soon…

    • Yes, it does that too! 🙂
      Perhaps sooner than you think. 😉 Until then, I will enjoy your beautiful poetry of these visions of yours.
      Thank you for the comment about my painting and poem, Scott!
      Have a great day!
      Hugs xx

  14. Deb, love the painting and I am laughing only that I have a CD playing in the background of Native Drums and its just got to the Rain Dance! hehe…. and its still raining out side. I just said here I stand need to play a Rain Dance! 🙂 … Loved the poem… and without the rain we cant have the crops.. But like you say… Not all at once.. Hugs to you .x Sue x

    • How very cool of you to be playing the CD of the Native Drums as you happen to be looking at this painting…how perfect. You know, I had realized this morning that the rain has been coming in a very timely manner watering the plants in the morning, then again in the evening, while providing filtered sunshine in the afternoons. It’s it like Gods perfect plan for all the trees, flowers and plants.
      I’m glad you like this painting, Sue! Thank you for commenting!…and always nice to see you!
      Hugs xx

      • Deb I may get behind from time to time with Work and looking after my little Granddaughter, but I get there eventually and agree Deb, same here.. we had Sun this morning now rain.. But its heavy when it comes.. And My Drums are still beating in the background as I have an afternoon of Catch up on Blogs.. 🙂 Its making my fingers type that bit faster 😉 xx

        • I completely understand, Sue. We can’t spend all our time blogging…life calls to tend to. Oh, and what a pleasure call you are getting right now…your granddaughter. 🙂 Don’t you worry, I know you always get here when you can….and you always catch up on my posts. Wow, that must be some rain dance drum music! I love ya! Hugs xx

            • I have the notion to look for that CD when I take a short trip back inland in a few weeks, Sue…thanks for sharing the info for me. Love and Hugs xx

  15. Amaing colour catching Deb..I was wondering about the rain from your other drawing..the lurking storm 🙂 and here it is lol…
    Kisses Traceyxx

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