98 comments on “Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

  1. WOWZERS ………… XO ………..!!!!!


  2. That is very nice. You’ve really captured the way the light beam penetrates the fog and is disapated by it. A really nice effect!

    • Carrie! Thank you so much!
      Is there anyway I can talk you into creating a guestbook page? I have so many blog to visit and don’t always have time to read the posts if they are long…as yours are long. I still want to stop in to say hi though and a guestbook would be great!

  3. Oh Deb this is so beautiful have to agree with the first comment..it really looks like a photographs…what a lovely work…
    A light house always a perfect example to how an awakened one with its light can show and inspire others…
    beautiful 🙂
    Hugs n love 🙂

    • I think what helps give it that look is the blending and the airbrush tool.
      You and your comments inspire me, Soma! 🙂
      Thank you so much for such a lovely comment!

  4. I need to learn how to ink and draw digitally, The effect of the light beam is realistic. My comp/tech says to learn it but to keep my productions as they are with their below pro manufactured appearance as that is where part of the appeal lies. All I have is pen, paper, ruler and gimp eraser clean up and scan.

    • If you have a pc then you have a paint program built into your computer called “Microsoft Paint.”
      I have to agree with your comp/tech though. I like your comics as they are.
      Hugs, xx

  5. May the ‘Light’ for ever shine from your Brush and your digital art board… I don’t even know how to do digital art LOL.. Only the Brush and Paint and Pastels 🙂 but I am always Impressed Deb.. Hugs to you.. Sending you a warm hug, this Very Wet and Wild Windy day here ~ Love to you xx

    • Aw…that was so very kind of you, Sue!
      I know you can paint digitally. If I can, anyone can. I had started painting digitally when I ran out of art supplies. There’s lots on site out there that offer them for free…google it.
      Love you too!
      Hugs ♥ xx

    • I agree, they’re were put here to guide our ships by following the light, as it is so with the symbolism spiritually.
      Thank you for coming in today, Val, and the lovely comment!
      Hugs, xx

  6. That reminds me. I need to get a haircut. I love lighthouses. It reminds me of the gospel song. After all, “if it wasn’t for the lighthouse, where would this ship be?” We should all serve as lighthouses, guiding others away from danger and to safety.

    • Ah…the barber pole. Yes, I know what you mean. It makes me thinking of them.
      I agree, Bo. We all need to do are part part helping other out of danger to safety. Whether literally or spiritually.
      Hugs, xx

    • You mean you’ve not known of this lighthouse?
      I love this lighthouse…one of the tallest.
      Thank you, Krystiana!
      Hugs ♥

  7. Debbie, it’s so beautiful. You can imagine what happened when I first saw it 🙂
    Also, I’ve always had a thing for light houses. I live in Michigan so we’re surrounded by shoreline with many. I once drove half of it with the goal of stopping at every light house. I should do it again and get photos 🙂

    • I know, I thought of you when I posted. I know how you love these black and whites so.
      Yes, do take the time to do that drive again with your camera. Lighthouse are awesome to draw or paint. Everyone seems to love them too!…including me!
      Love ♥ Hugs ♥ xx

  8. This is definitely one of your best offerings Deb, and being that it is b & w makes it all the better, well for me anyway as I prefer the b & w over the colour versions 🙂 Have a lovely rest of evening Deb 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • I think I remember you telling me you preferred the B/W over the color versions…I’ll have to keep that in mind.
      Thank you for the lovely comment, Andro!
      Have a wonderful, wicked day!

      • Yes and I like all of your art works Deb,
        you have a real talent and sharing your
        brilliance here in WP just echoes my own
        thoughts on your work, being that every
        person that visits your Space feels exactly
        the same way 🙂 Have fun now Deb 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

          • You are welcome my great friend 🙂
            With practice comes perfection and
            you have certainly reached the heights
            and acheived… Be well Deb and do
            have a delightfully enjoyable evening 🙂

            Androgoth XXx

            • Thank you, Andro!
              In about a month I’m hoping to get more art supplies so I can practice my watercolor and pastels. I’m not as good with those as the digital, but you have always seemed to like my efforts.
              Thanks for the most wonderful visits today, Andro!….the pleasure was all mine!
              Hugs ♥ XXx

            • Yes I do enjoy your water colours, but then again I like all of your disciplines and so you spoil us with so many of your wonderful techniques 🙂

              Have a super rest of evening Deb 🙂 😉

              Androgoth XXx

      • When I woke this morning there was a comment on my Ocracoke Lighthouse that I had done in watercolors. Her kinds words…as you know how she is…well, she just got me inspired to do more. So I thought when I got more supplies I would dabble up a few….You know how she is…a sweetheart!
        And you have done the same…I think since you have introduced me to it, I will have some cheese and jam on toast this evening as a snack.
        You have a super night too!
        Hugs ♥ XXx

  9. So nice, Deb!
    Kind of nostalgic for me, too, because lighthouses were among the first things I tried to ‘seriously draw’. I haven’t done one in quite a while, though – probably because I did SO many in the past!
    Really, really cool!

    • I know just what you mean. I must have done about 10 of this lighthouse, from graphite’s, charcoal, watercolors, and digital.
      Maybe you could find a lighthouse you’ve never done to spark your interest. Maybe the one that was closest to Abe Lincoln….that’s any idea.
      Thanks you for the nice comment about it, Bob!…much appreciated!
      Hugs, xx

  10. The very first time I visited your blog, Debbie, there was a drawing of this very same lighthouse. You are getting quite good with this digital drawing. This is very good!

    • You are right, Leslie. When we first met I was drawing them quite a bit. I put the link in for the old one in the post if you want to have another look at them.
      Thanks for the comment on this one, Leslie!
      Hugs, xx

  11. Ahh! I LOVE it! I have a special fondness (ie crazy obsession) for lighthouses!

    P.S. I’m posting using my old address, but am still at Blogger, but there’s no option for that here in the commenting section. 😦

    • Go to your Gravatar page which is the link below. The go to your setting and put your link to your new blog in.
      When you make a comment on someone wordpress blog you have a choice of putting in your site address manually. Use your new one, or use your gravatar link, which is the link below.
      That way we all can find you.

  12. I like the ‘old’ feel that I get from looking at this painting, Deb… I can ‘sense’ a tale of mystery and intrigue around it for some reason – possibly even spooky! All of your paintings fire a spark of inspiration within me, Deb! 🙂

    • I bet if that old lighthouse could talk, it could tell us a lot of interesting stories.
      Thanks, Tom
      Hugs xx

  13. This is beautiful. If I wanted to use this a cover for a program cover would you be ok with that? I could give you full credit for the work. I am not sure yet but did not want to use unless we have permission. I can provide my email and we can discuss.

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