92 comments on “Snaggletooth

  1. Awwww Cassie you’re so cute… with and without teeth!!!! I love you just the same!
    I’m glad you found such a perfect family!!!
    (Deb, I’m so happy, my exams are OVER!!! I can relax and sleep and breathe… and paint… and… ahhhh lol)

    • Thank you, Aunt Cha! I don’t care how I look. I feel better! I’m very happy here…Mommy and daddy helped me feel better.
      Doggie Hugs!

    • Your exams are done!! This is wonderful. I bet you are so happy that’s all over with. You enjoy your time off painting of whatever else you want to do…You deserve it!! And I can’t wait to see more paintings now!
      Love and Hugs, xx

  2. awwww…. She is so adorable.. snaggletooth or not.. And I am sure she will go from strenght to strenght now she can eat better… Must have been pretty painful for the little Might.. Hugs to you all.. xx

    • I wuv them a lot. I’m glad they took me in as their own. I have a family and better health too.
      Is that certificate for me!?…little ole me!?. Thank you so much, Aunty Soma! I will put it with all the other wonderful gifts you leave to me!
      I wuv you! Hugs, xx

    • Aw, Soma! Thank you for all the love you show my Cassie! She deserves all the love she can get.
      Love and Hugs, my friend! xx

  3. Poor Cassie, how can your teeth were like that?
    I am happy to hear that it has been sorted out, you are lucky to have the Adams. Enjoy your meal 🙂

    • No one ever took care of my teeth. They never got brushed and they had never been cleaned before. So mommy had the full works done for me. My gums are a little sore still, but I feel way better then with all those tooth aches.
      I do enjoy my meals and will enjoy dinner tonight and my treat afterwards too!
      Thank you for coming in cousin Kroten!
      Doggie and Turtle hugs!

  4. Ooooh my goodness, what a sweethart. I just wanna reach out and pet her..give a big cuddle too.
    Especially that top picture Deb.. now how do you stand your ground Deb?:)
    Is Cassie a boy? thats wonderful that you both adopted him..I didn’t know it was only 8weeks ago.
    Poor thing must have been in alot of pain. So happy he or she is doing so much bettter.

    Happy weekend dear Deb
    hugs Txx

    • Cassie is a she, and as sweet as any dog could be. She was in lots of pain, but it’s all gone now. Just the soreness for the gums healing, but that gets better all the time.
      Have a great weekend, Tracy!
      Hugs, xx

    • Getting them out was the easy part. except for the sharp thing. The part that took all my courage was living with the pain for so long.
      Thank you, Aunt Hanne!
      Doggie Hugs

  5. 12 teeth? Poor Cassie! I guess you’re better off now that they’re gone, but it probably wasn’t the most fun you’ve ever had. I guess you were asleep the whole time, but still. Hopefully you’re better than new now. And you look quite content in that last photo.

    • I feel much better now, Uncle Binky! Even though my gums still have to heal from where the rotten teeth were it feels so much better than when they were there aching all of the time. I can eat better already. There is only one treat of mine that I can’t have yet, but by the end of next week mommy says I’ll be able to eat it up like a pro.
      I’m just glad mommy and daddy saved me. I would have hated to go the rest of my life like that.
      Doggie hugs!

    • She is way better off now with them bad teeth gone now, Binky! They were so bad the poison from them could have gone right to her heart. I have no doubts that she is feeling much better even with the gums still healing.
      Thanks Binky!
      Hugs, xx

  6. Boy Cassie that sure is a lot of teeth to lose. Our previous Poodle Misty was a rescue dog & she had to have some bad teeth removed but not that many. You sure are a brave girl & I’m glad you have a family that will love & care for you like you deserve. Love & hugs from Dixie & Angus to you too

    • I know, it was a lot of teeth. But I don’t miss them painful things. Too bad someone didn’t take care of my teeth in the past. I would have been easy to brush my teeth because I’m a very cooperative little girl. But Uncle Tony! I’m much happier now.
      Love and Hugs, to Dixie and Angus too!

  7. Glad to see that she can eat more comfortably! It’s always so nerve-wracking when some kind of work needs to be done… She makes me miss my doggies! Hugs for Cassie! x

  8. lots of healing hugs, Cassie! You are much like a older yorkie I resuced from an abusive home. She was older than You I think… I had to take her right from the home to the vetman so they could throughly check her out & get her up to date with sticky shots too. I think she had 12 or 13 teeth pulled. but was so much better after her mouth healed. unfortunatly for her the posion was in her system to long & she had heart problems & epilespsy. she got medicine for that. and when my grandmom heard about her story she wanted us to bring her up to her house ( a 4 hour drive) for her to love forever, as soon as she was healthy enough to travel. she lived out her life in comfort & lots of love. My other 2 would of been bossy to her, even tho she was bigger she was meek. lot of love to you !!

    • I’m glad I’m not sick, at least I don’t think I am. I feel pretty darn good right now. I’m sorry that other doggie had to suffer like that. That could have been me too if mommy and daddy didn’t save me.

  9. Yes you are a little
    cutie you are Cassie 🙂
    Keep getting better
    every day pooch 🙂

    Uncle Andro XXx

    • Hi Uncle Andro!
      I am getting better, and feel so much better with those bad teeth gone. I like it here with my new mom and dad.
      Have a nice day, Uncle Andro!
      Doggie Hugs xxx

  10. Hi Deb, wow so many teeth at once! Was she in any pain after ward? Did you have to give her any pain medicine? Glad you are a good animal person, some people just don’t care and let it go! I also have 2 dogs, and I have it worked out that when one has to go in for something like a shot, than I know both have to go in at the same time…. much easier. And with both going in for the same thing, the Vet sometimes gives me a break on the price… lol. That way we all win…. a win win situation.

    • Yes, 12 teeth. No one ever took care of her teeth before…poor little dear. I’m sure she was quite sore after they were pulled, but within two days she seemed to have felt better than when they were in her mouth. She had a lot of pain when she still had the teeth. People that don’t want to take care of an animal right should not have them. They need to be cared for and checked regularly. They can’t tell us when they are hurting all the time…most of the time. So it’s our duty as a good dog owner to take them in to get looked at.
      Yes Ed, I do the same. I take both of my dogs in at the same time. This is the only reason I waited for Cassie to get her shots…so her and Cici could have them that same time each year…and the rabies every 3 years. Except that Cici next Rabies shot comes due in 2015 and Cassie will be due in 2014, but all the rest they can get the same time each year.
      Thank you, Ed for taking the time to read about Cassie!
      Hugs, xx

  11. Just calling by for another look
    at little Snaggletooth, she is a
    lovely dog Deb 🙂

    Those Yorkshire Terriers are cute
    I had one of those and his name was
    Muffin, a beautiful dog he was too 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Aw really! I had one called Muffin over 20 years ago. She was one of the daughter’s to my Sarah Yorkie.
      Do you think you’ll ever get another one?
      Thanks for visiting, Cassie post! I send over directly.
      Hugs, XXx

      • I have been a cat lover for years, indeed I have just adopted one on Friday, she is two years old and I have called her Molly 🙂 I like dogs too though…

        Androgoth XXx

    • Hi Uncle Andro!
      Daddy calls me Snaggletooth too, but really, I’m Cassie. 🙂 But I don’t mind being called that at all.
      Thank you for telling me I’m lovely. No one has ever called me that before…You’re the best, Uncle Andro!
      I wish you’d get another Yorkshire. I think he or she would be good company for you.
      Thanks for coming to visit, Uncle Andro!
      Doggie Hugs!

      • Hey Cassie you never know, one day I might have another of your kind 🙂 And being that I live in Yorkshire it would be the right choice for me 🙂 Have a nice relaxing time on the beach and be good, I know that you will be though 🙂

        Uncle Andro XXx

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