109 comments on “Fraz’s Private Island

    • I’m with you on that one, Scott. 🙂
      I created it rather quickly, but I hope Fraz likes it.
      Thanks, Scott!
      Hugs, xx

      • I thought you might like the idea of owning your own Island. Even Binky doesn’t own his own Island, just his beach house property.
        Hugs, xx

      • Binky and the others can visit me on the island, but I kind of hope they don’t! At least for awhile. I like it out here all alone!

      • That’s quite alright, Fraz. It is your island and you can decide who and when others may come over there. This is your sanctuary. And one day when you are ready we will build on it for you to be the way you want. And you know the best part of all this Fraz is that you make all the rules. You are the King of the island. The president of your goverment.

      • No, but maybe some popcorn and potatoe chip will be good. They’re veggies of the betterkind. But of course that is completely up to you, Fraz. I do think you should get goat to help keep your island tidy so you don’t have to tend to it so much.

      • Yeah, popcorn and potato chips are okay! I think they’re actually required!

        A goat might be fun. I’ve never had one before!

        • Yes, but you have to keep your food out of it’s site, or it will eat it. Goats will eat anything. Hmmm, maybe we ought to skip the goat for your safety.

      • No, we don’t want that Fraz…we will skip the goat and find you another way to keep the grounds with little to no work on your part.

  1. ha ha ha Fraz looks so cute in that island..Am sure he will have a wonderful time there knowing there is a smart phone with Binky on speed dial,just googled Hatteras island, looks a cool place
    what a lovely island you have painted, loved the shadow of palm tree
    I loved this new blog theme Deb, wanted to tell you earlier but comepletely forgot.
    That header from the purple sky painting looks so beautiful.
    It always so much fun reading Wombie posts
    Hugs n love 🙂

    • Don’t get too attached to this theme. I may change it again. I have a tendency to change a theme like underwear…okay, maybe not every day, but I’m thinking already of having a test run of another…lol
      Fraz sure is a little cuties, and deserves to have the things he wants. But he must learn to be a good little Wombie and listen to his elders…well, maybe.
      Well Fraz’s Island is not Hatteras Island, but off the coast of it, also known as an area of the Outer Banks. We’re on Hatteras Island and so is Binky’s Beach House
      Thank you, sugah!
      ♥Love♥ Hugs, and xx

  2. YAAYY!!! My own private island at last!! I thought I might never get it!

    Thank you Dink & Twink and Debbie! It’s just what I wanted.
    I like to be alone out there, but you guys can come visit me any time!

    I think I’m going to try surfing those waves!

    • Well Binky, it was rather a quick sale and a quick image for you, but I’m sure in time, you princeness that I will be able to come up with one that has a closer view for for you.
      Now you don’t want to be alone for too long as one time. Your cheese….well, your cheese could slip of your cracker, so to speak. But with the Smart Phone behind the tree you are able to summon for anyone you like to come for you, or visit you. I will arrange for a boat to come see how things are going for you.
      Hugs, xx

      • I’m okay by myself! Don’t worry!

        I saw the smart phone, so I can stay connected and use it for imporatnat stuff like ordering pizzas and chocolate.

        I hope the boat you send is a pirate ship!

        • Well of course Fraz, there happen to be one parked in the marina on Ocracoke Island, the island with a history of Blackbeard and his pirates. Most of the Hatteras and Ocracoke local are descendents of pirates you know. So I’m sure a pirate ship will not be a problem to send you with a pizza…I would imagine you would want an exlarge chocolate, spam and wine gum combo.

      • Yeah, that pizza sounds good! But I bet any pizza delivered by a pirate ship would be pretty good!

        I’m going to start looking for pirate treasure on my island!

        • Remember your tree…it’s magical. Go behind it and tell if you need a small boat…not too small. So you can take it across the sound over to Ocracoke Island. You will find lots of Blackbeard’s buried treasure over there is all kinds of spots…It was where he and his pirate stayed for years. But be careful of the spirit of Blackbread’s headless body. We don’t want you to get haunted by him.

        • Can’t wait to learn of all the riches you find. Maybe you will find the Islands true treasure that Blackbeard may have not yet found. But of course there is still his buried, unfound treasure.

      • Keep digging. Dumb rich woman wear their diamond rings to the the beach so they can watch it shine all day, but then sometimes lose the diamonds in the sand making sand catles….happens all the time.

    • Yes, I see, but Fraz has explained if you were to follow the link that he would like to a place to go to alone at times. But I’m sure he would welcome all his friends when he wants company. But he gets to make all the rules on his Island, and it’s magical too…sort of like Binky’s Beach house.
      Love and Hugs, xx

    • Sometimes I just have to goof around. In this instance, Fraz got the best of it…lol
      Glad I made you, smile, Hanne!
      Hugs, xx

    • I’m not surprise, Carl…it up everywhere making next to impossible for homeowners to see their homes without giving them away….it’s a shame.
      Thanks Carl!
      Hugs, xx

        • I know just what you mean…we can all use hugs. I know I do!
          Thanks Barb…you’re so sweet!
          I wish I could talk you into a blog, even if the only page you had was a guestbook page. Then I could send you virtual hugs…..pleeeze.
          ♥Love♥ and Hugs, xx

            • I can accept that for an answer. You take your time thinking it over. Having a blog of your own is not a whole lot different than when you talk on others blog…it just on your too. There are endless things you could blog about. Mine started out as an art blog, then my dog got in on the deal, then the wombies, then another dog. Sometime a write a poem now and then. So anymore, my blog is about whatever is want to stick up here. I figure it’s my blog, so I’ll do what I want. You can do the same…what you want, that is to say.
              Hugs, xx

    • Lately yes.
      Lol…Yes you can…on virtual money. When you have virtual money you never run out…like the rest of us poor ole folks. 🙂
      Thanks, Ian!
      Hugs, xx

  3. How cute is this 🙂 I love it Fraz has his own island! Yay. I’m just now getting my emails with new blogs. I have off work Wednesday 🙂 YAY! You are just entertaining me at this early hour, Deb. Thank you. You rock!!! hugs xx

    • Ah, I see I’m not the only one awake this early in the morning. In my case, my dog is keeping me up from the windy and rain storm…since 1:30am, but will try to get some sleep now since she seems calm.
      Fraz is a little love bug. Have you been to the comic site? You ought to check it out. I go often and have a great time there talking with him.
      Off Weds?…Yay! day off is good.
      Glad I got you smiling this early, Autumn. It’s a great way to start the day!
      Love and Hugs, xx

  4. Fraz is sure lucky that Dink & Tink helped come up with the funds, even tho is was in foreclosure! It’s hard not to give in to him, he is the smallest & one of the cutest 😉 I can just imagine the first pirate chocolate pizza party now!

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  6. This is brilliant and will give Fraz an opportunity to
    learn some Vampire flying skills, I am still having a
    few problems on the washing line take-offs but as
    there are none on his Island he can practice taking
    off from the palm trees 🙂

    How wicked Deb you’re a star 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

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