63 comments on “7 x 7 Award

  1. Thanks so much, my friend Deb … as soon as the “wheel of work” lets go of me … I will establish a special awards segment in my blog … Love you for your thoughtfulness, Deb … Your bring sunshine into my life … more than you’ll ever know. Thank you. Love, cat.

    • You don’t know how happy it makes me to know I bring you happiness, Cat. I wouldn’t want it to be any other way my friend. You deserve all these awards my friend. You’re the greatest!
      ♥Love♥ and Hugs, xx

  2. I particularly enjoyed seein you win this award, Deb…
    because it was such a great excuse to go back and look at those pieces you’ve linked-up again!
    You should be awarded something like this every day!

  3. Thank you Deb, you deserve this award and anyothers that are out there. And awarding this award to all those in your bloglist, wow…. all I can say is a big thank you……

  4. Congrats Deb 🙂 . I find the portrait of your mother is a very special piece. I loved seeing it again (and the others). Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you,Hanne! I felt like a million buck when I finished that piece on her. I wised she had still be around for me to give to her….I know she would have loved it.
      Thank for the congrats! And you too, Hanne!…This award is for you as well.
      Hugs, xx

  5. Congrats Deb. I knew almost all the old posts you referred in this one. The new ones have been a great discovering, specially the portrait of your mother. Thanks for sharing.

    btw, did you change the theme and colors of your blog, isn’t? I like the blue.

    • Thanks Nuno! I’m so happy to know you were already familiar with those pieces!…thank you for all the looking you do!
      Yes, I got tired of my theme again so changed it to a new one for a change.
      Thanks again, Nuno!
      Hugs, xx

    • Blue? You must have caught me with this theme as soon as I choose it…it’s default color is blue. I love blue too though!
      Thank you for the congrats. You deserve this as much as I do, and look forward to seeing you 7 special posts too!
      Love and Hugs, xx

      • I looked at it again, I love it!!! I got the post done 🙂 You will maybe get a laugh about my first one 😉 Deb, you just make me smile with you awesome humor and kindness!! love and hugs xx

        • You are so fast at getting a post up! Golly darn-it I wish I had that talent! I’m glad, you make me smile with each comment and post you make!
          Love and Hugs, xx

          • I am fast 🙂 what talent, huh? lol, I am lucky I can type so fast, it does come in handy with my poems and stories and all. My hand writing is not good at all. I’m glad you’re smiling with my posts and comments 🙂 love and hugs xx

            • Yes you are fast…not fair…lol
              You always make me smile, Autumn!
              Love and Hugs, my friend!

            • I make typos, too. You make me smile, too 🙂 you are the bestest friend around!! I’m very blessed that we met, “I won, I won” 😉 lol love and hugs xx

            • Oh sure. Remember the one I told you I missed when I was typing out the phrase….men are far worse? Well I didn’t catch my typo and it posted as….men fart worse. Yep, I did that and it didn’t get corrected either by the owner of the blog since they got such a hoot out of it….I win, I win!…lol
              I forget to add “r” to the word “you,” so I sound like a hick. I have other strange quirks like that too.
              I met you through Soma and am so glad I clicked on your link. Now you are one of my best friend, and I love ya!
              Love and Hugs, xx

            • Ha ha , I do remember that typo 🙂 that’s the fringe benefits of typos !! lol I’m grateful to Soma she is just like you, one of the all time best 🙂 I really always believe it’s supposed to be that way, for us to meet. I love ya heaps 🙂 love and hugs xx

            • That was funny…lol. I’m grateful you commented on her blog that day for me to find you too! Things happen for a reason. And God does answer our prayer in His time. Love you you more… nana, nana, nan, a…:-)
              Love and Hugs, xx

    • Everyone that came here seemed to love that post…lol They are cute aren’t they!
      Thanks for the congrats, but don’t you leave without realizing you have been nominated for this award too!
      Hugs, xx

      • Ohhh yesss I’m sorry! I forgot to thank you. Such a shame!!!! (C’est une honte!!!)
        THANK YOU, Deb!! 🙂 🙂
        I was so excited to talk about Binky’s Beach House!!! lol
        You know what, I was supposed to study tonight but I had enough and painted a new portrait instead! Ahah
        Can’t wait to have a real break.

        • No problem. I’m use to Binky and the gang stealing the show…lol. It’s okay, Cha. I know you!
          A study break is sometimes needed just to retain info a bit better. You have fun. I’ll swing by your blog and see if you got anything I’ve missed.
          Hey, I bet you are looking forward to a long summer break…are you going to take the summer off?
          Hugs, XX

      • Well we warned you about us! You’re just lucky Fraz hasn’t figured out a way to hijack your site and start charging admission to see your art!

        • Well if he does…have him send a few dollars this way, would ya.
          I know I was warned, and I have no regrets about it either!
          Love and Hugs, xx

  6. Congrats Deb, and I know what you mean about nominating friends
    as all our friends in blogroll are worthy otherwise we wouldn’t have them
    Cheers and have a great week
    Ian aka Emu

    • I’m finding that more and more people are seeing it this way, Ian!….thank you for sharing that with me! And congrats to you too!
      Thank you,
      Hugs, xx

    • I built one. It’s up top with the rest of the pages. Blog Award It right next to My Wombies But I think you may have a better idea. I could get some excellent prints of them, have them framed and put in a showcase built with my husband’s own two hands.
      Hugs, xx

  7. I am doing a flyby as I am pressed for time at the moment. I cannot wait to come back and look at the ones you chose. This is one of my favorite awards because I love the pieces bloggers choose. Always, there are gems in the mix otherwise I would not have found. Congrats! You deserve this one ❤

    • Yes, a new look, but don’t get attached to it…I change them a lot, and I emphasize the words “a lot.” lol
      It was fun to do and am thankful you nominated me for this award, Novroz!…thank you!
      Hugs, xx

  8. Congratulation Deb, my I have had some catching up to do.. everyone been so busy blogging and posting over the Easter Hols.. Lol.. xx out of breath, but catching UP lol hehe.. 🙂

    • George?…not sure if your interested, but if you go in the dashboard of you blog, and click on the drop down menu that says, “My Blog,” you can make the blog you use the primary so that when you leave a comment people will have the link to your site.
      I changed your link for you in this comment for now.
      Hugs, xx

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