32 comments on “Raven of Leyla

  1. This is lovely, Deb. I miss her. I hate I missed her last post. By the time the email came through, the blog was already down. I hope she is all right. </3

    • I was in transition of coming to this Island when she closed them down. I heard through the blogoshere she posted her farewell….and I missed it too.
      Hugs, xx

  2. Hi hun! 🙂

    Yeah I miss Raven too – she is a lovely person, but i don’t know why she went, she just announced she was quitting and when i went to her blog it was no longer there… 😦

    Love and hugs!


    • I know, she was one of the best….I miss her too. I know she had a pretty full plate with family illnesses. She may have just needed time and blogging can take up a lot of it. Hard to say…I only speculating.
      I hope only the very best to touch her life, and hope maybe one day she will return to us.

      Love and hugs, xx

    • I remember how you called her that when you posted to her…”my feathery sista.” I like to think that she thinks of us too from time to time.
      I hope she reads this post too, Cat.
      Love ya, ooxx

    • If you had the opportunity to have, you would have loved her as I did. She is kind, thoughtful, funny as anyone could be. She has a heart of gold. She loves her family so very much. and when she would reply of visit someone, she would really take her time to put thought into it….showed her loving spirit in each comment….I know you would have loved her as I do.
      Love and big hugs, xx

        • She is. And if she ever comes back to WP, I will be sure to let you know so you could get to know her too…you wouldn’t be sorry.
          Thank you so much for the healing hugs, I feel better already…really I do.
          Love and Hugs, xx

  3. Oh Deb i miss her too , by the time I clicked that mail link she had closed the blog …i hope she reads this beautiful message and comes back..
    I wish her all the happiness and health
    you are so sweet Deb to write this beautiful heartwarming poem
    love ya you are the best
    HUgs and big hugs and then bigger ones too

    • I know you knew her too. I’ve seen you comment on her blog. So you know too what a sweet and loving person she was.
      I hope she come to my blog one day soon and sees here how much we all miss her. Maybe one day she will join us again.
      Thank you for the extra hugs today, Soma!….I need that. I wish we could give her some hugs right not too.
      Aw, the graphic, Soma!….thank you so much. You are so very sweet and good to me, Soma!
      Love and big hugs, xx

  4. Sorry to hear your friend has gone from Wp Deb.
    That is always a hard thing to swallow especially when dear friendships are built.
    Have been through the same with a few friends from spaces back then.

    Hugs Traceyxx

  5. Deb, this is a wonderful tribute to our mutual friend Raven, I will miss her.. But I think as she had her sister and mother so ill, I think maybe she is wanting healing and space in which to heal… Just my own thoughts, I think she and her family have been through much.. So I keep her in my prayers as you have done Deb and send her my healing thoughts and love.. Lets hope one day she may return to WP and fill our hearts with her humour once more, I hope so.. For she has a wonderful generous Spirit..
    Love this post to her.. Blessings to you Deb xx Sue x

    • Those were my same thoughts too, Sue. I just never thought she would delete her blog, but maybe post a “Time Out” post or something.
      I know you miss her too, and we can both prayer for her that she and her family heal in body and spirit. I believe that God loves prayers when there are two or more that agree….and responds to them.
      I do hope that one day she will return to WP and am happy to hear you share the same hope with me, my friend. She loves you, you know, Sue. I could tell by the way she would talk with you.
      She is funny isn’t she. She could always make me laugh…really hard laughs too. Yes she does have a wonderful generous Spirit….I can feel her now in my Spirit.
      Thank you for commenting here. I hope one day she returns.
      God bless you, Sue!
      Hugs, xx

    • Thanks Sabina! I miss her. If she returns you will love her very easily as the rest of us that know her…I’m sure of it!
      Hugs, xx

  6. Our Sweet Raven of Feathery Leyla might return one day, I surely hope that she does as her delightful energies lifted many that followed her Nesticles of Wickedness, I know that I am fond of her that is for sure, but as to whether she will return in reality, well I guess that we can only hope that she does… I Androgoth wish her well and send her my most wicked of vibes, cheeky Vampy smiles and the flapping of her washing line as the burlesque dancing oozes naughtiness from her garden of joviality 🙂 Hey she knows what I mean 🙂 lol

    Thank you for adding this one Deb you are a true friend 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • If she reads you comment she will love it so. I know she would know what you mean…I even know what you mean, and it is beautiful, Andro. I’m with you though, we can only hope she will return to use when her energy has lifted once more so she can spread her wings and sore back into our lives.
      Thank you for commenting, my true friend!
      Love and Hugs, XXx

      • I hope that she does return Deb,
        and time will tell on this one but
        hopefully we won’t have to wait
        for too long 🙂

        Androgoth XXx

  7. I didn’t know her very well, but we exchanged a few comments and she seemed like an interesting person. Then I found her blog was gone. I hope she’s well and will return one day.

    • She is an interesting person. I know you would have enjoyed talking with her. Maybe she will return one day so you have the chance to know her better.
      Thank you for your comment, Binky!
      Hugs, xx

    • Hard to know for sure since she did not give a reason for her leaving, but we that knew here fairly well have our own thoughts as what her reasons may have been.
      I hope and so do many that she may come back to us one day!
      Thank you for the award, Novroz…I accept and am honored that you would consider me for this!…thank you.
      Did you pick up the awards I passed to you?…Here and here.
      Hugs, my friend! xx

      • I also hope my friend will come back again.
        It might sound silly to people who don’t blog, but we bloggers have a strong relationship despite the fact we never met each other.

        Not yet 🙂
        I am just about to catch up with all your posts now 🙂

        • I understand how you must feel. I hope your friend returns, as I hope Raven returns.
          I also understand how people that don’t blog do not understand the relationships that develop from blogger…They would have to walk in our shoes to understand this.
          Hugs, xx

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