40 comments on “April What?

    • Aw, you are so sweet. I’m glad you found it to be funny, and it made you laugh. I wouldn’t want to do anything to upset anyone….just cause a smile or laugh. That is very cute image and tells me much of your reaction…Hugs, xx

  1. Ahah!!! I didn’t expect that, Deb! πŸ˜€ Thanks πŸ™‚
    Here in France, when the person you’ve pranked discovers the trick, you yell “Poisson d’Avril!” (which means “April’s fish”). And we also stick paper fish on people’s back. lol

    • Glad I caught you by surprise…fun huh.
      April’s fish…and paper fish on the back. This seems unusual to me. Maybe you can explain it to me if you see this comment.
      Love and Hugs, xx

  2. You’ve got my smile πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ . (My son had a great one too. He said he was going to do his homework. I believed him until I saw his huge grin. Don’t worry, he did his homework later πŸ™‚ ).

    • Oh go on and click it. Do you really think I would do anything so drastic to offend harshly…it’s just a little harmless fun!. Go on, enjoy it and get a chuckle.
      Hugs, xx

  3. LOL… Well you got Me Deb… I was sat waiting and waiting for that Rude noise LOL and creased up laughing at the April Fool.. LOL totally forgot it was yesterday and I shouldnt as My sister had her birthday yesterday LOl… and all her kids played joked on her… Loved this.. xxxx

    • I wanted to do something harmless and a little fun for April Fools Day. I’m glad you liked it.
      Is your sister’s birthday on April 1st!? Poor little thing must get teased every year….All in good fun though.
      Thanks Sue!
      Hugs, xx

        • Lol…I guess she gets her share of being ribbed by you all. Ha, and April Fool…too funny. I bet there is a small part of her that dread that day. lol πŸ™‚

          • Deb she too has a great sense of humour,, it saw her through Breast Cancer and she is just the best Sis.. a Dreamwalker could have… And she is grateful for every day.. Lots of Love to you Deb and enjoy April with Many Fools, for they make the world a brighter place πŸ™‚ xxxx

      • I’ve heard it said that laughter is the best medicine. She sounds like a real sweetheart. You two are blessed to have each other. I’m glad to hear she got through that ordeal as well. You give her a hug from me and tell her why!
        Hugs, to you too, my friend! xx

  4. LOL! I just had a chance to check out this post. At first, I was like, “WOW! This is nice” … then it just kept going and I was like – “OK … how long is this song. It’s kind of repetitive.” So, after like 20 minutes, I finally clicked the smiley. HAHAHA! That was good. πŸ˜€

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