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    • No resort, just a little ole camp ground we found out here to keep our 5th wheel parked all year. We live this this little guy from March to November. Don’t be jealous….there is no need for that my dear friend. You are always welcome if you find yourself this way.
      Hugs, xx

  1. Love it, Deb, that’s our dream someday,too, to have a trailer or motor home to travel and see many places in our own country that we haven’t seen. We’ve always camped and still like it, but as we get older, just a bit of luxury sounds enticing! Enjoy your time! And yes, salads are good, especially with home grown veggies! xo

    • I told you that God is going to answer that prayer for you…you just wait and see. I completely believe He will. We would like to sell the house in WV and buy out here, then sell the camper.
      I love home grown tomatoes. I can’t stand those green house tomatoes in the grocery store…they’re tasteless.
      Love and Hugs, xx

      • I know you are dear…it’s my pleasure though.
        You must have a place to plant tomatoes…a yard, a deck, a porch? If you got a place to plant them. Then you treat yourself and go get yourself a plant.
        Love and Hugs, my dear friend! xx

  2. Tomato plants draw every kind of insect pest there is and they affect everything else. The leaf miners esp like pepper plants. Now a good way to control the insect infestation is to take an empty Windex spray bottle or the like and put several cigarette butts and wait till the water is color of iced tea. Spray every other day. It is organic and non toxic and does not hurt the fruit or vegetable in any way. You will be bug free. It is a good thing you do not live in South Florida. The roaches here are bigger that Buicks and would carry your house away.

    • I didn’t have any trouble with insects last year, but will keep what you said in mind if I do this year…thank you, Carl!
      Hugs, xx

      • Carl is right – Remember though to keep it off your skin and wear gloves.

        The active chemical is nicotinic acid and a full pack of cigarettes produces enough to kill a person pretty quickly… 😦

        Love and hugs!


      • Well I will certain keep this in mind if I get any critter on these plants here. Thank you both for the advice!
        Thank you, Prenin!….Hoping you feel even better today too1
        Hugs, xx

  3. I am coming over ..wait will get visa and tickets and i am done..i hope will get some of that yummy salad
    and I will bring loads of chocolates too 🙂
    the house looks fab n fun..you are so right about the home grown tomatoes they taste way better than the ethylene( or whatever) sprayed one we get in markets
    Wish you loads of fun and health
    hugs n love 🙂

    • Photobucket Hurry, I’m waiting! 🙂 And you can have all the salad you want, Soma! The camper is small, but since it’s full of love the walls are made of elastic so there is always room.
      I don’t know what the store bought tomatoes are sprayed with exactly either, but they sure do lack flavor, and are way over-priced too. I can buy a plant for the price of a pound of those things.
      Thank you for the fun visit, Soma….You always make my day!
      Love and Hugs, xx

  4. I love the topsy turvy 🙂 I agree, I need my salads, too! It looks and sounds like a perfect place! I’d love to live there year round, too. I love the ocean so much. hugs xx

    • They are nice for growing vegies. Yes, you need salad for health, and pleasure. Loving the beach is something we have in common, Autumn.
      Love and Hugs, xx

  5. It seems a really nice place! I’d love to know about plants. There is not difference between a tomato plant and other plant to me. I am only able to distinguish the pine trees 🙂

    • This place will suffices for us for our time at the beach.
      The difference in the tomato plants that have been discussed where “home grown tomatoes,” vs. “store bought tomatoes.” The ones that come out of the store are tasteless in comparison to home gown. The ones that come from the store are raised in green houses with lots of pesticides or other junk. The skins are tough, they are not very red and juicy, and are over-priced. Therefore, I like to grow my own. The other tomato plants I talked about were the Cherry tomatoes. Those are the little tiny tomatoes a bit bigger than a marble, give or take. I like them for my salads. and the larger tomatoes for my grilled burgers and sandwiches, or just a tomato sandwich with a bit of mayo.
      Just before I got here, I had pine trees all around me…sounds like you might too.
      Hugs, xx

      • Here it is the same. The store tomatoes, in general all vegetables and fruit, are tasteless. It is different if you go to the countryside. But in the big cities…

        Usually I run in a pine forest… Well, I run in many different places, I’m running all the day but I love to run there.

        And thanks for the explanation on the tomatoes and plants!

      • They just grow them yucky veggies to make money. These farmers and grocery store could careless if we get our nutrition, are free of pesticides and actually be able to enjoy eating them at a descent price. Like I mentioned to Lauren. I can buy 1 tomato plant for the price of a pound of tomatoes and grow them myself free of pesticides and very juicy and tasty….I hope you grow something to eat this year Nuno. Go get some plants…at least one.

  6. What a great place to stay for your holiday. Yep, gotta have those homegrown tomatoes. We grew a variety of Roma Tomatoes this season called “Bella” that an elderly lady at the nursery recommended to us. Take the flavour of the best tomato you’ve ever tasted & times it by 5. They are so flavoursome & nice & sweet. They are the only variety I will grow from now on.

    • I love Roma Tomatoes! I think I’m going to go get me one or two of those. Thanks for the reminder of how delicious and juicy they are!
      Hugs, xx

  7. Nice! Thanks for sharing, Deb. 🙂
    Tomato plants? That’s awesome. I could eat tomatoes everyday.
    It’s so delicious with pasta. But not only.
    For dinner I ate bruschette with fresh tomatoes, some salad and balsamic vinaigrette. Hmmmmm So easy, yet so good.
    I hate myself, I’m hungry now.

    • That dish sounds so tasty…I’ll fix it once my tomatoes are ready. And thanks to Tony…I’m going to go get a couple of Roma tomato plants today too.

      It’s easy to get hungry when we talk about a dish we love so much. 🙂

  8. Lovely place 🙂 . Being near the beach, even when you don’t see it (just the sound or the soft smell) is wonderful. Hope you have a great season 🙂 .

    • I love the smell of the sea air here. I can’t see the beach from here, but can see the sound. There is only one main road that separates the sea from the sound here.
      Thank you, Hanne! We hope to have a great season this year. Last year Hurricane Irene decided to pound our area.
      Hugs, xx

  9. I never thought about it before, but you’re The Adams Family. Does Andro know about this?

    I hear those tomatoes attract some furry pests, too. Little begging Wombies. You’re lucky they’re not chocolate bar plants.

    It’s good that you seem all settled in, now. And now that I returned Cassie and Cici you can give them some human love. They had enough Wombie love here, but they did seem a little homesick.

    And of course your family can come over and stay at the beach house anytime you want.

    • Yes, we are the Adams Family! I’m pretty sure Andro knows…my blog is called “Debbie Adams,” which btw, may change to Deb…just thinking.
      Wombies are always welcome here no matter what they are hungry for. I always keep here in the camper lots of chocolate for my two… for all the wombies. I never know when they will be by since your beach house is just across the road on the beach side. You knew that right? I can see it from here. Maybe I’ll get a pick up to show you.
      Yes, all settled. I’m ready to give my girls all the human love they need. But I don’t think they were too homesick. Cici loves the beach too much for those thoughts to hinder here that soon. And Cassie is just a little timid still is all….I’m sure you figured that out when it was time to get her out from under the house. 🙂

      Actually, I was planning on calling you to see if you were ready for our company too. I thought I’d bring some steaks, with chocolate steak sauce, baked potatoes with sour cream and chocolate, and a big block of chocolate for all the Wombies to carve into and eat as they work on it. They could carve a chcolate Wombie the pretend they are Zombie Wombies and eat that too. What do you think?…you up for this anytime soon?

      • As soon as you can come over would be great! And no, we’re not rabid, we’re just all salivating!

        And it’s really nice to be on the beach here and be so close to you, too!

      • Send Dink, Winky and Fraz over here to my place today with their wagons….I think Dink shoved his under your house when he got there. Anyway, I have them all load up what they want at the grocery store today for treats and such. Then we’ll be over to have a nice BBQ with all the chocolate, spam and wine gums for all the fixings you all enjoy the most. Have you tasted BBQ spam yet….Dink and Tink are pros at fixing it. And this is a great day for it too. The sun is out…it will get warmer as the day does. and the wind is low.
        Rapid….why would I ever think that?….I know your all starved. It’s a constant belly condition for a Wombie. 🙂
        See you soon!
        Hugs, xx

      • You are right, we can’t do this on good Friday…no way.
        The young ones just finished loading up the goodies…We on our way over to your beach house now, and will be there in 2 minutes since your just across the way. Fire up the grill so we can get that spam grilled. It’s a bit cool and windy today so make sure the grill is not too close to the house.

    • I wish you could too, Novroz!
      They don’t have to be sea turtle to enjoy it here. There is land, foliage, dirt, and lots of sand everywhere. See in the picture. I am growing plants around my deck. And the area just left of the deck from your view is like and acre of grass…beyond that are trees. There is a canal down there too, but I think it comes in off the sound, which is salty water. But there are lots of fresh water ponds around here too. Your Kroten and Papoe would love it.
      Hugs, xx

      • The tress near the beach…you have a lovely place there, Deb….no wonder you visit it so often.

        Aha…a pond…they would love that, but I can’t set put them there, I might lose them 😉

        • Yes, trees here too. They wouldn’t have to go in the pond, but you can hold them and point to it for them to look at. 😉
          Hugs, xx

  10. Love the Summer home. The deck reminds me of the one I built around our mobile home where we live. I used to grow lots of tomatoes but I seem to be moving around too much to take care of them the way I need to now.

    • I guess you have…you’ve been so busy these day with others, and your jewelry lately
      Thanks Bo….Always good to hear from you…and I’ve missed you around here lately!
      Hugs, xx

  11. Looks really cosy Deb….I so love your deck, wish I had one too 🙂
    Love the tomatoes…might grow some myself this year. Well I actually buy the plant and then
    let it grow further here..abit of cheating mmm..

    What are those…? feeders on your deck for the birds..? goodness they are massive ones.
    Hugs Traceyxx

    • The green things you see hanging in the front corner are not feeders, they are Topsy Turvy Planters. They are for growing my tomatoes upside down so the plant itself always has moisture. I never have to weed them and bend over to tend to them. I water them from the top and the roots get water right away. The grow excellent tomatoes. Click here to read about them.
      Have your man build you some kind of decking around your place. They can be made anyway and size you want them to suit your needs. Use treated wood to the rain does not warp the boards.
      Love and Hugs, xx

  12. Many years ago we had such a home, a second home as it were, parked up close to the beach and like you, we had lots of family fun there 🙂 It was for everyone to enjoy and we certainly did, lots of wonderful memories are from that mobile home / caravan / statics as we call them here in the UK 🙂 🙂

    Have some lovely beach time and a wonderful holiday too 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • We will certainly try to get all the fun in we can, while we can. Because you and I both know…all good things must come to and end at some point. I’m glad you had your chance to do this once…it is rather fun!
      Thanks Andro!
      Have a wonderful night, my friend!
      Hugs, XXx

    • It’s very roomy, and my husband built that deck once we rented the space…We do enjoy it here.
      Thank you, Scott!
      Hugs ♥ xx

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