81 comments on “Binky Makes It to the Moon in Five Minutes

    • He’ll be back….with lots of dark chocolate.
      Hopefully, if he is not too busy up there he will stay in close contact with us to let us know how things are going.
      Hugs, xx

  1. Houston, the Binky has landed!

    Binky is definitely not just on the moon, but over the moon in this one!

    Yes, like you thought, I landed on the dark side of the moon and parked my rocket there. I’m mining as much dark chocolate as I can there before I return.

    And then everyone is invited to a party featuring your space art, and the dark side of the moon chocolate I’ll be bringing back.

    • Oohwee! A chocolate party!….I’ll be there with my pockets full of napkins to wipe the dark chocolate drool off the corners of my mouth! I take it the party will be Monday? I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough, and I won’t be late.
      You know, I kind of thought your rocket might be on the other side…Wow!…mining the chocolate. You are so smart Binky, no telling how much dark chocolate you will find!

      Glad you like it!
      Hugs, xx

      • Monday is the scheduled ETA back home as long as I don’t run into any chocolate monsters or any other unforeseen problems during my mission. Make sure to bring your appetite to the touchdown party!

      • Oh no, not chocolate monsters! Go to your control panel in the rocket. There is button there that says, “Binky’s Beach House Laboratory.” If you push it a large drop down menu with appear on the monitor. Choose “Chocolate Monster Laser Guns” then go over to the “Beam Me Up” machine and wait for them to arrive. They will be fully loaded with unlimited ammunition…..Stay safe, and protect our chocolate Binky. we’re all rooting for you for a successful mission.

      • Okay, that worked! I’m sure all the chocolate monsters now will steer clear of me. I’m leaving them some wine gums as payment for the chocolate I’m taking, so I think they should be pleased. But the lasers have proven to be helpful in mining more chocolate.

      • Glad to hear the lasers have worked, Captain Binky. We need you to be safe. Good idea that you brought enough wine gums to give to the chocolate monsters…it shall be a real treat for them. I’m surprised though….do the chocolate monsters own the mining area?…could it be a political government….never mind…I hate to talk about politics. Main thing is you have it under control and your safe.
        The lasers, can you laser the moon craters to get to the chocolate with them?…I trust you know what you are doing. Hurry home to us.

      • The chocolate monsters don’t own the chocolate, but the wine gums prove a good diversion. The lasers can be used to surgically cut out the chocolate deposits to a greater depth, so I should have a good haul for tomorrow’s return.

    • Earth to Binky, earth to Binky. Come in Binky. This is Dink, your nephew, I’ll am all ready for your safe return from the moon with the dark chocolate. I will be making extra room in my stomach for it by over-eating till your return to stretch out my stomach…there will be room for an abundance….Have a safe stay on the moon and don’t forget to take chocolate breaks to keep your strength up. I will await your return, and stand by for any important information you may need to report….over and out.

      • I’ll try to make sure I’m not chocolate deprived during my moon mission. If you could make sure the landing field is clear for my return, that would be a great help!

      • That’s good to know…I would want my genius Uncle Binky to get weak and fall into outer space.
        I will be inspect the landing field for your safe landing and keep all radio contact switch board turned on.

      • Here at your service Uncle Captain Binky! I have the landing field cleared. No debris in the area to interfere with your landing. All radio equipment working and clear. Tink was getting static when she tried to speak with you last evening and I had found some melted chocolate on one of the wires…all licked up now, so you come in loud and clear.

        At your service.

    • Come in Uncle Binky, come in. Much static from my end so I will do the talking. Have a safe stay on the moon and try not to work too hard…..nah, keep mining! I will be stretching out my tummy too for the big dark chocolate party, but please stay safe and have a safe trip back.
      Over and out.

    • Woof, woof, woof! Hey, my Uncle Binky made it to the moon!
      I knew you would get there. Be careful Uncle Binky. I will be waiting for your safe return too. I can’t have any chocolate though, but maybe you could bring me back a moon rock shape like a bone.

      • Oh boy, moon Rock!…Yippee I ay! and cheese maybe too!…thanks Uncle Binky. I will help Dink keep the landing clear with my trusty nose.

  2. It looks like Binky finally made it to the Moon
    and with a happy smiling face too, well he did
    eat a large bar of chocolate just before you
    brushed him into position, how cooooooool 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

    • Hi Dr. X!…Glad to see you here.
      Like this one do ya….I think Binky is a bit fond of it too.
      I enjoyed your comic…think I’ll link you.
      Thanks for coming in!
      Hugs, xx

    • He should be able to return home safely. He thinks there is a possibility of Chocolate Monsters to get in his way, but he has access to the Chocolate monsters Laser guns from his laboratory which is in a wing of his beach house on an Island. All he has to do is beam them up to him…He should be safe.

      God bless you too!

  3. Binky i am coming wait for me and then i will help you collect chocolates too 🙂
    Deb you are just awesome…your take on wombies always make me smile
    hey hope you had a lovely fun birthday, did Cici and Cassie woof and sing too ?
    hugs n love 🙂

    • Stay tuned, I think Binky may contact you on the radio from his rocket on the dark side of the moon….Possible chocolate reports.
      Had a great time. And yes, Cici did her share of barking, enough for her and Cassie both. Cassie just looks at her like Garfield looks at Odie….lol
      Thank you for the bouquet of smiles, Soma!….I love it!
      Hugs, my sweet friend!

    • Yes, all the Wombie relatives and my pooch are all staying in close contact with Binky. They are all concerned for his welfare and the chocolate Binky is mining for.
      Thanks Autumn!
      Hugs, xx

    • Oh yes, Binky is from Wombanina. You can find him everyday at the following address.
      Right now he is on a very important mission mining for dark chocolate on the moon. It has been his dream for a very long time as he has worked so hard on the design and function of his rocket. And now…he is finally there.
      Thanks Ian!
      Hugs, xx

    • Yes, chocolate in outer space. Right now it has been located on the moon…dark chocolate Binky is mining for it now. His ETA home will be Monday, and hopes to have much chocolate with him. Moon chocolate. He will be having his chocolate party on Monday if he returns as scheduled. To get to the party you will be going to the following addresss

      Love and Hugs, xx

  4. I’m sure Binky’s singing “Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars”
    I love it, Deb!!! I didn’t see this one coming 🙂 What a great surprise!!!
    Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend,

    • On his way, I’m sure he was singing a tune….A dark chocolate tune. He’s up their mining now. This is is last night of the moon mining for it too. He is expected home tomorrow and plans on having a big chocolate party at his place….Don’t be late, and don’t forget your napkin.
      Thank Cha!
      Hugs, xx

    • He rocketed himself to the moon…in five minutes.
      Milky way made of chocolate…I don’t know, we will have to wait till Binky takes a break from mining the chocolate on the moon, which I’m sure he is working overtime now since this is his last night to mine. His ETA for home is early Monday Morning.
      If you try to contact him from here on the radio he may come in and discuss this important matter about the Milky Way.

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  6. How charmed!!! I am so envious of Binky and he had Moon Chocolate??? Is there no end to his joy! LOL LOve the pic of him on the moon…he looks good in Moon Glow 😀

    • Yes, he got there quick…faster than anyone ever has or ever will make it to the moon. But I don’t think he’ll see you if you wave at him. His ETA for home was this last Monday morning and he arrived safely with lots of moon chocolate that he mined for while he was there. Go to his Monday post to see if he is still having the chocolate party.
      Thanks Tony!
      Hugs, xx

  7. Hi Aunt Deb….I came to introduce myself 🙂

    Binky remindsme of an old song mommy had just played: fly me to the moon and….sorry I am only few week old, I forgot easily 😉

    • Hi Papoe! So nice of you to come visit your Aunty Deb….Me love that sweetie!
      So you should heard a song that reminds you of Binky? You’ll have to tell Binky that…he’ll love it!
      Hugs, Aunt Deb xx

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