64 comments on “An Evening Sunset

  1. You did it again. I got a good chill at first glance 🙂
    Hey, thanks for explaining some of what you did. I learn from it and will be better prepared for when I do one of my other life goals (paint)
    Nice work!

    • I think the B/W do it for you the most.
      I’m glad a few instruction helped. In this painting, pretty much all of the instructions. The same principles would apply to any medium, and of course, digital. You’ll be good at painting…I just know you will be. And when you do…I’ll be learning from you too.
      I’ll try in the future to address how I went about doing a painting. The thing is…I don’t always remember how I did it. I’d just get lost in my work.
      Thanks for the awesome comment on my painting, Scott!
      Hugs, xx

  2. That’s very nice. The mist/fog coming off the water looks very realistic. And the way it obscures the background trees gives it a lot of depth.

    • When I was blending out the clouds it came down toward the water…that must be how the mist came to appear.
      Thank you, Binky!
      Hugs, xx

  3. I would definitely call it a fury of the sky ( you are right its the black and white effect) just before the sunset sun leave a bright light on the horizon ….its beautiful specially the way you created the ripples in water
    brilliant reflection
    Hugs Deb you really paint magic 🙂

    • To add water ripple I would add darker strands over the lighter areas, and lighter strands over the darker areas, plus a little of both shades on both shades.
      When I’m at the beach during the summer I see a lot of skies like this over the horizon of the sea…most of the time it means nothing, but sometime….look out, there is bad weather coming!
      Thanks Soma!
      Love and Hugs, xx

  4. Hi Deb, this is beautiful.
    Instead of passing an award, I’ve put a link to your wonderful blog into mine.

    • I’m not sure how I’d manage a video while I painted but did try to explain how I did it in the post.
      What I forgot to mention what when blending the dark of the water inward toward the lighter area, to use straight strokes, keep the water level even, then had some texture over the top if desired.

      When you want to paint trees as seen in this drawing, use almost black or black first as an under paint, then add highlights by dabbing that it with your brush in a lighter color, then on more time in a color lighter….the possibilities are endless

      When you begin a painting, put in your sky first, then add the same colors on the bottom of your painting for the water leaving some light areas for reflection….make sure you keep your water line as straight as possible. You can add some land anywhere you want afterwards. To keep the land from looking like it is floating put in a water line under it, then take a clean dry brush and grab the water line and pull down. Once you have done that take the same clean brush and go over it once or twice going left or right….always toward the refection so it fades. Now go ahead and add some of the trees or shrubs in the water under the land copying the best you can (doesn’t have to be perfect), the once again, very lightly (gently now) go left or right on the those toward the reflection in the water. Wha la, you have land with a refection of it in the water.
      The more you practice that, the better you will get at it…I promise.

      Thank Bo!
      Hugs, xx

  5. You get more accomplished ‘rather quickly’ than I manage in whole days, Ms. A!
    (I particularly like that sweeping bank of clouds off in the distance… beautifully rendered, Deb)!

    • I like to paint in haste…that me, “hasty,” If it takes to long to paint, I get bored with it. The cloud made this painting…without them it was quite drab.
      Thanks for the great comment, Bob!
      Hugs, xx

  6. It has such a peaceful and calm feeling about this place. I like the trees still bare from winter. Won’t be long before spring is here 😀
    Love be with you,

    • I wish you could come with me to the beach this summer to see it….I’ll have to send you photo this year.
      Thanks Raven!
      Love and Hugs to you, my friend! xx

  7. Hej Deb..

    Det är roligt när du pratar svenska..Så idag ska jag svara dig på svenska..Stockholm har idag en grå klänning och det regnar på henne..men hon gillar det nog..

    Jag gillar inte regn så idag ska jag sitta vid datorn och svara på era komentarer..

    Önskar dig en fin dag min vän
    Kram Nicki

  8. very outstanding work Debbe. first time here. won’t be the last. discovered your site while leaving comment at Andreas. hope you don’t mind me stopping in to take a peak…

  9. I love the shades and the reflection of the light on the water. Another great art work from you Deb thanks for sharing 🙂 Have a wonderful and a creative day.

    • I don’t know why you haven’t been here. I just left your site and was wondering the same thing about myself. 🙂
      Thank you for such a nice comment on my artwork, MJ!
      Hugs, xx

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