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Sunshine Blog Appreciation Award

Today I  was awarded the Sunshine Award by Nuno of Vinyl Eraser….thank you, Nuno, I accept this award and am honored.  Nuno is a rising artist becoming accomplished rather quickly.I recommend you have a visit if you have not done so already.

This award comes with the typical list of questions. I will answer them,  although I may add a tidbit along with it so you get a better picture of my answers.

  • Favorite color: Crimson and white
  • Favorite animal: Lamb and (dog)
  • Favorite number: 1 and  3
  • Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Water and coffee
  • Facebook or Twitter: Twitter (only to choose one on of the two, preferably WordPress but am thinking of adding Google+
  • My passion: People, Art
  • Getting or giving presents: Giving, but getting is fun too
  • Favorite pattern: Never thought about it
  • Favorite day of the week: Today
  • Favorite flower: Any wild

Now my nominations of 11 Blogs…


My blog, my rules (for me, not you). So here are the changes. Everyone that visits me brighten my day. Every blog I visit that is on my blogroll makes me happy, or why would they be there. So my rule is…..I can nominate all the blogs I want.

Here is the amended list of blogs I nominate for the Sunshine Award…


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  1. Congratulations Debs! 🙂

    Very much deserved I think!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


  2. mysterycoach

     /  February 25, 2012

    Very nice 🙂 Congratulations!

  3. Congrats Deb. You truly deserve it 🙂 You know what would be cool? Sunshine yellow sheep. Can you feel it? I feel it. You could pull it off, too. Thanks so much for posting that link to my blog. Wishing you a wonderful weekend…

    • I linked you because I’m passing the award on to you too! This award is for you, Kathryn!
      Thanks for the congrats!
      Hugs xx

  4. That great Deb. Very Cool. Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks Jeremy! You keep up the good work too…your blog is looking better with each visit!
      Hugs, xx

  5. Raven of Leyla

     /  February 25, 2012

    You do deserve it you spread Sunshine everywhere you go 😀
    You answered the questions much like me, I am not so surprised 😉
    I am also tickled you nominated me for it, Thank you so much!!!
    Have a wonderful day, my sweet friend! Love you,

    • Thank you, Raven…you deserve it as much as I do! I want you to use it as you wish at http://burnt-toastncoffee.blogspot.com/ as well.
      It doesn’t surprise me that our answers are similar…we’re finding out all the time we have lots in common.
      You have a great day, and have fun doing it!
      Love you too, Raven!
      Hugs, xx

    • Forgot to tell you….I’ve had the trouble in the past too of not getting notified on new posts of blogs I am subscribed too. So how I remedies it was just re-subscribed.
      Hugs, xx

  6. Very nice ,Congratulations !!!!

  7. Gratuluję…. 🙂

  8. Congrats, Deb! 🙂
    And crimson and white? = luxury colors… (the national colors of Monaco) lol
    Hope you’re having a fab weekend.

    • Both are for purity. The crimson is the color of blood….The blood of Christ.
      I was going to nominate you, but I saw that the Vinyl Eraser had already nominated you….did you see that?

      Love and Hugs, Sweetie!

  9. Deb you so deserve all the accolades coming your way….A genuine warm person with amazing talent..
    am so grateful you thought of me . hugs 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Soma…You deserve this as much as I do, more even! Thank you for the congrats my friend, I love the gift you sent…I will always keep it!
      Hugs, xx

  10. congratulations… 🙂

  11. Congratulations Deb..this was such fun to read 🙂

    • I don’t know how I missed this comment you made the other day….I got er now though. 🙂
      Thank you, Tracy, and I hope you too enjoy that award…you deserve it as much as I do.!
      Love and Hugs, xx

  12. You’re welcome. And congratulations, you deserve it 🙂

    Thank you, Deb.

    • Hi Nuno! Thank you again for the award…I’m truly honored!
      I was at your blog a few times today looking for a way to subscribe to it so I would get notified of your new posts. The only thing I could find was the “Follow,” button on the top of your blog. That let me know I follow you, but it doesn’t let me know when you get new posts. Could you please put up a “Follow Blog Via Email,’ in your side bar? It’s in your widget section. I’d hate to miss your new posts…Thank you
      Hugs, xx

      • I had that widget but I removed it recently. Really you can subscribe to the blog via the Follow button. You can also select if you want to receive an e-mail (instantly, daily or weekly) and even an instant message in the ‘Read Blogs’ tab at wordpress.com (you must select ‘Edit list’ and you will see all these options).

        Anyway, I will put up the widget again!

        Thank you again!

        • Thank you, Nuno!
          If I click on the Follow button on the top the blogs I do not get the blog in my list of subscriptions for me to adjust them…WP hasn’t yet figure out why.
          I really appreciate you putting it up. I clicked on it.
          Didn’t mean to be difficult.
          Hugs, xx

  13. Congratulations Deb , well deserved
    Aussie Emu

  14. Thank you for nominating me for the sunshine award, my friend … I’m tickled pink ! Love, cat.

    • You are so welcome, my friend. You bring lots of joy and sunshine to everyone!
      Love and Hugs, xx

  15. Ras Alonso

     /  February 25, 2012


  16. I hope those aren’t your favorite animals to eat, or else Cassie may have something to worry about!

    • Ha ha ha…too funny! No, she won’t have to worry about that!
      Thanks for stopping in, Binky…I always enjoy and appreciate it when you do!
      Hugs, xx

  17. Thanks, Deb, very well deserved for you! And thanks for nominating me for this lovely award. I could use a bit more sunshine at this time. I also loved your answers and now I know you really do like lambs! 🙂 Hugs to you tonight!

    • Yes I do…lambs are very sweet and gentle creatures.
      You are welcome, my fried…you deserve it! And Thanks for the congrats too!
      Hugs, xx

  18. Congratulation for the Award Deb 🙂

    I would love to answer those questions too
    Favorite color: Blue
    Favorite animal: Used to be Cat but it’s turtle now 😉
    Favorite number: 8
    Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Water and coffee (same with you)
    Facebook or Twitter: Definitely twitter
    My passion: Book, Movie and Writing
    Getting or giving presents: Getting…I am not good in picking presents to give
    Favorite pattern: hmmm….
    Favorite day of the week: Sunday
    Favorite flower: Jasmine

    • Thank you, Novroz!

      You little stinker….answering those question here. Lol…I take it you don’t have time to do a post, eh.
      That’s okay, I completely understand.

      Sine you like gifts and you fave turtles here is a gift for you.

      I felt just like you about he patterns….hmmm, and came up with nothing…lol

      Love and Hugs, xx

      • Yeah…I am a bit tied up here…too many to write too little days to share 😉

        Ow…did you make that? so cuteeeeee!!

      • No, that is a photobucket find, chosen just for you. If I make something you would see my signature on it.
        Love and Hugs, my friend!

  19. Congrats, Ms. A!
    And so well deserved!
    Your work always brings sunshine, Deb!

    • Thanks Bob! But I’m not the only one…this award is for you too!…so congrats!
      Hugs, xx

  20. Congratulations Debbie!
    I like your rules 🙂

    • Thank you, Sabina!
      I have passed this award on to you as well…enjoy and congrats!
      Sometime rules need to be changed…lol
      Hugs, xx

  21. aaagh.. thanks Deb 🙂 I hadn’t realised your nomination for me, until just now.
    That is ever so sweet of you hun.
    Much appriecciated!
    Hugs Tracey

    • Yes Tracy, i nominated you.
      When I did this post I tried to nominate some folks that may not have had awards or had few, but later, as I was getting irritated with the rules, I went back to my post and amended the rules to my way. 🙂
      Hugs, xx

  22. Hi Deb, thank you too for always adding Sunshine upon your pages as I am always filled with a smile and enjoy all your posts and paintings…
    Forgive me for not getting around to view your Blog recently but Work demands and tiredness has taken its toll.. I have a backlog of awards to cope with, And I thank you very much Deb for nominated my own Dreamwalkers Sanctuary to share some Sunshine.. Will be back to sort it all out I hope soon..
    Love and Blessings dear friend.. xx Sue

  23. You truly are a ray of sunshine on here Deb.
    Thanks so much for also giving me this award.
    Big hugs, Nikki

  1. S is for Sunshine | Momma's Money Matters

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