78 comments on “I’m All Better!

  1. Oh my! I didn’t realize you were sick! I’m soooo glad you’re feeling better!!! Oooh shame… You look adorable today honey… ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure your mommy and daddy are very happy you’re feeling better too!

    • I was sick, real sick, but I’m better now from all those sharp things that I got stuck with every day for 2 weeks. Mommy and Daddy are very happy that I’m better.
      Thank you, Aunty Mystery….hey, that’s not an Aunty name.
      Hugs, Aunty!

      • oooohhhh shaaaame… look at you now though! You’re little ears are all up and you’re all alert and back to your hyper little self! I’m sorry you got stuck with those pointy things… (wrinkles nose at you) that’s icky.

        You can call me Aunty M if you like … Have you see the Wizard of Oz, Cici? Very cute movie and Dorothy had an Aunty Em!

        Tank euw for the hugs you little wiggle butt ๐Ÿ™‚

      • That’s name is easier Aunty M…I will call you that with great respect, like Dorothy had for her Aunty Em. Mommy showed me that movie. I saw how brave Toto was and wanted to be brave like that too…and I am. Mommy says I’m too brave sometimes for my own good.
        Thank you for making your name easier for me Aunty M.
        Doggie xo

    • Mommy say’s thank you for thinking I’m cute nip…me too!
      I’m a girl Aunty Sue. I just look like a boy because I’m am feisty….I think that’s why.
      Doggie xo

      • That’s okay, Mommy said I look like a boy because I have on a blue tee shirt in my avatar. i got that tee shirt when I was at the beach. Mommy needed something quick to help protect me from too much sun and there were no places to shop for pets on the Island, but there was a Dollar Trees Store there, but all they had was a blue tee shirt. I needed it though.
        I’m glad I’m even cuter now.
        Doggie xo

    • Aunty Soma! You knew I was not well….remember this post.https://adamsart.wordpress.com/2012/01/28/i-did-it-again/
      You read all about me not being well and wanted me to feel better and said so.
      I love my present…thank you. I will keep it forever.
      Don’t worry, I’m all better and have a good Vetman…even if he has stuck me with sharp things before. And mommy has pet insurance on me so she can take me to see him when ever she thinks I need to.

      Doggie Hugs, and kisses for you, Aunty Soma!

  2. Deb! So glad CiCi is feeling better! I have to confess I was very concerned when I first started reading though, I thought Gee, how could I have been so self absorbed to not know Deb had been sick? Then I got to the pooping part. And went ……Hold it a minute!! And went back and reread it! Rotflmao so glad you aren’t having to do poopy’s for the vetman.

    But sincerely, you must be relieved your little buddy is getting better, I can relate!

    • No Aunty Carrie, It’s me, Cici…my mommy’s baby…Brave baby, and a leader too. My mommy wouldn’t poop for a Vetman….she does that in a toilet…hehe. Isn’t she silly.
      I’m a girl too, even though I got blue on.
      Mommy wanted me to tell you this. “I’m so relieved that Cici is better and out of the woods now…She gave us quite a scare.”
      Doggie xo

    • Yes, Uncle Tom. I had been very ill, but Mommy took me to the vet so I could get better. They had to stick me a lot to get me better too.
      Thank you, Uncle Tom!
      Doggie xo

  3. That’s great news, Cici!

    A little one like you can’t afford to lose much weight, so it’s good to hear you’re eating well and gaining some weight. If you ever need to know how ho eat a lot, you can ask Winky for some tips.

    I’m sure mommy and daddy are quite relieved to have you getting back to normal, too.

    • I know…too many missed meals and I would shrivel up into nothing. I think I will ask Winky for some tips on eating alot, but I have to be careful not to over eat cos I’ll puke.

      Mommy and Daddy are very happy about me being better. Now they can think about heading to the beach next month. They weren’t going anywhere till I had a clean bill of health.

      Thank you Uncle Binky!
      Doggie Hugs

  4. 2 paws up & a yip-yip-yipeee for you feeling better CiCi!! that is wonderful news and you are looking healthy-fine too ;o) I am slowly getting better myself, so we gals have to stick together ! Hope you got some special yummys for fat tuesday too !

    • Hi Aunty Faythe,
      Thank you for coming in to say yip-yip-yippeee to me! I feel a lot better than I did. My stomach was eating me alive…it hurt a lot. I hope you get better real soon, too Aunty. Everyone misses you a lot…I miss you alot.
      Lots of Doggie hugs, Aunty Fathy, and love from mommy too.

  5. Hey Deb … Thanks for your valentine picture .. Now I have finished working for a while .. So hope I get some more time now to answer all of my friends on their comments .. Hope all is well with you .. Here in Sweden today it is only -1 Celsius feels good and all week we had a big sun .. have a good week now and take care hugs Nicki

    • You’re welcome, Nikki!
      You have been very busy lately…seems like for months. I’m sure everyone has been missing you….I have.
      Have a great week, Nikki!
      Hugs, xx

  6. Dear Little Cici –
    I didn’t realize you were sick. What a fright for you, Mommy, and Daddy. I so glad you are feeling better, and hope you can put a little weight back on too. You’re such a delicate little miss. Madam Lasagna sends her greetings. As one who gets a needle 2 x each day for diabetes, she feels for you. Keep getting better. More ear rubs and kisses from me! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Madam Lasagna! I thought you were my Aunty Nanina?….are too my Aunty Nanina!.. You’re just playing a game with me….I like games. Since I feel better now, and not having those bad stomach aches I feel like playing games all the time…okay, I have nap attacks in between.
      Two shot a day! Ouchy Aunty Nanina! My mommy would give me lots of hugs, and kisses after my shot. Her are some for you….Photobucket
      and thank you for the kisses and ear rubs too!

      • Cici! Thank you for the kisses!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, but I’m not funnin’ you. Madam Lasagna is MY dog. She’s much bigger than you, but dearly loves little dogs like you and has many toy breed friends. Madam L is diabetic and needs insulin 2 x a day. Fortunately Aunty Nanina doesn’t need them yet. I’m not sure sure I would be as brave.

        Continue you get better, Cici. Your Mom and Dad will feel better when they know you are truly fine.

      • Oh you are Madam Lasagna! I got confused because the avatar was the same as your mommy’s avatar. Can I ask my mommy to ask your mommy help you get your own avatar?…I know she would help, and it’s easy.
        2 sharp things a day! That’s a lot is pointy things poking at you, Madam Lasagna! I really feel for you. Do you get lots of special attention right after you get stuck? I bet you do. I’m glad your mommy isn’t the one getting those ole shots, but I wish you didn’t either.
        How’d you get your name?…Do you like lasagna?
        Doggie hugs,

    • Thank you, Uncle Tony, and Dixie and Angus! No, it’s not nice being sick…made be feel awful and mommy and daddy were worried about me all the time. But my test showed that there was not a trace of Clostridium left in me, which is why I’ve been feeling better now…plus I eat better too.
      Doggie Hugs,

  7. This is great news Cici and now mummy can buy
    you lots of treats as a lovely surprise ๐Ÿ™‚ You look
    really well little one ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now all you need is a wickedly sweet surprise ๐Ÿ™‚

    Androgoth XXx

    • Hi Uncle Andro!
      I feel much, much better now…my stomach was so bad for so long. I’m not allowed yet to have treats, just my prescription doggie food for now. But I get lots of extra love and cuddling from mommy.
      I like surprises!
      Doggie Hugs and kisses….Photobucket

    • I’ve been doing so much better now. My tummy is better, I don’t throw up when I do ear, and I keep my water down too. The love and hugs makes me feel better too….And a present! I like presents! Did you know I keep everyone of those presents you give me…Yep, I put them, well mommy does, on a special page for my gifts, and you give me the most.
      I wuv you, Aunty Soma! I hope you have a beautiful day!
      Doggie Hugs!

  8. Well that is certainly the best news in a long time!!! Gosh I have been so busy I haven’t been around much to see your Mom ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    You look so cute everytime I see you ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Love and a big warm feathery to you and your Mom
    Raven xox

    • Don’t feel bad, Aunty Raven, she has been behind in her visiting too. She still has me to look after with a close eyes…She’s still watches me close to make sure I’m not falling sick again. And she’s been painting alot…it relaxes her. But you just visited her a lot today. Wow, you left a lot of comments. I know she appreciates that..
      Doggie hugs, and kisses,
      ~ Cici

    • Thank you, Kame! I’m feeling much better. No tummy aches, no puking, and eating better now…and I play a lot like I use to before I got sick.
      Thank you, my turtle friend.
      Doggie Hugs!

  9. auugh dear, so glad she is doing much better now.
    Cute picture btw.. mmm she is so photogenic ๐Ÿ™‚
    looking good too and feeling beter, thankgoodness Deb
    Must be a weight taken of you there..knowing wee Cici is all better.
    Hugs Traceyxx

    • I do feel a lot better now that she is better. I still watch her close though because of it.
      She actually hates to have her pic taken…I got to catch her off guard or surprise her….little rascal.
      Thanks Tracy, I really enjoyed all your comments to day!
      Hugs, xx

  10. Hi Cici ๐Ÿ™‚ Good to know you’re feelin better and that the Vet thinks you’re on the mend ๐Ÿ™‚

    I lubbbb you ๐Ÿ™‚ โค Now give me those slurpy kisshheshshs ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh yes! I feeln’ much better now. I’m back to my ole feisty self again! And I eat like I’m suppose to too. The only thing is when I drink water I gulp and it makes me burp, so a spit a few drops of it right afterwards. The Vetman said that as long as I’m not spitting the water about 10 minute or more afterwards then it’s okay, otherwise it would mean my tummy would be rejecting it…But I’m good to go, Aunty Usha!!
      Kisses and presents for you….Photobucket

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