44 comments on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Another nice paining, Deb. I like the bright central light.

    I’m surprised you have any time for painting with all the Wombie stuff going on around you place!

    • I know, but they’ve been rather helpful lately allowing me to focus on a painting. I can paint a digital painting much faster than I can paint one in watercolors or oil pastels, even charcoal. But I can paint an oil painting just about as fast as a digital, at lease the ones I’ve done anyway. If I’m not being interrupted at all, I can do one is an afternoon…most of the time, but with interruptions is will take much longer for getting my thoughts regathered and my mood re-set.
      Dink and Tink are a lot of help, and I really enjoy dressing them up. Did you do look at their photo page?

  2. Lovely painting and the rich warm colour mde the snow so inviting….You knwo Deb it looks like chocolate trees and mountain toppings on vanilla..yum now i want to eat that painting 🙂

  3. Hi Debs! 🙂

    Beautiful piece of work hun! 🙂

    The snow here is now mostly ice, it’s chilly and I’m going down with a cold, so the heating is on and I’m wrapped up in my dressing gown.

    I HATE being ill, but I have medicines ready for use and plenty of food in…

    Love and hugs!


  4. Beautiful… Snow always is inspiring and you have captured a lovely snowy scene here Deb.. Glad you had ‘Help’ and was able to get time to do what you enjoy doing.. The snow here melted slightly and the roads are clear just a little ice left on pavements etc and fields.. Stay warm! ~Sue xxx

    • Thanks, Sue!
      We have a lot less snow today, but what is here will stay today being 5 degrees now and it will struggle it’s way up to the high 20’s….so they say.
      You stay warm too, my friend!
      Hugs, xx

  5. I love this. It represents how I feel about Canadian winters. While most complain about it, I see such beauty and warmth in them. Everything is unified by the same blanket. Lovely piece, thanks for sharing.
    Peace & grace,

    • Thank you for stopping in, Gary…I was a bit worried about you for not seeing you around lately. Glad to hear you are good.
      Thank you too for the comment about my painting.
      Hugs, xx

  6. Wow Deb 3 inches of snow in one day seems like alot! It must look beautiful there, I love how it looks right after a snow fall, and your painting show that so well. Beautiful Deb.

  7. Another lovely painting…I love this coloring feels wintery 😀
    I imagine you are busy all the time of late with Cici and the new additions.
    Big warm feathery to all xox

  8. Believe it or not but I forget how it works in inches.. here everything is cm. Would it be 6 cm of snow has fallen.. wow!
    Beautiful art work Deb, love the trees the more the beter 🙂

  9. Really like the soft focus effect. And then the sharp outline of the mountain. I wish it was cold here. I’t hot, too hot, 29C/84F that’s too too hot for me. I’ve been out in the yard/garden all day & I’m completely zonked… Need cold beer but can’t be bothered driving to the pub to get any

    • Ever notice that the older we get the more sensitive we are to, too hot or too cold?
      Now if you don’t feel like going to the pub to get you a cold beer, then you must have really zonked yourself out working in the garden. Go a bit easier on yourself Tony.
      Thanks for the comment on my painting, my friend….You take it easy now.
      Hugs, xx

  10. Hello Debbie
    Thanks for the beautiful baby gift
    Happy valentines day!!!
    Yes I have been missing in action but am now back into full swing
    Everything is great ..
    wish you a lovely valentines day!!!!
    hugs Noelle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • There you are…haven’t seen you lately!
      Happy Valentines Day to you too, my friend!
      You’ve been gone for such a long time I was getting a bit worried about you. Glad you are here now and that you are in full swing!
      Hugs, xx

    • Yes, there are mountain all around me, and lots of trees. It sounds like you live in the city, Scott.
      Thank you for such a nice comment on my painting!
      Hugs, xx

  11. I love how you’ve drawn my eye into this painting, Deb…
    right to those distant majestic peaks
    (although between you and me I’m hoping it’s a bit warmer on the other side than it is outside my apartment right now)!

    • You still have some cold weather are you. It was nice here today, 48 degrees…much better than it had been.
      Thanks of the comment on my painting, Bob!
      Hugs, xx

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